Discount Car Rentals in France

Cheap Car Rental France

Cheap Car Rental France

France is one of the best nations in Europe to explore. On the edge of Western Europe, France is a perfect country to begin or end a European tour. Kemwel offers the cheapest car rentals in France and pick up locations at all major airports and railway stations throughout the country, so finding a place to begin your rental is simple.  Whether you decide to start your journey in metropolitan Paris or picturesque Annecy, a cheap car rental France will provide you with the flexibility to see the country's iconic sites at your own pace. We also have a variety of inexpensive rental car types  to choose from, so the traveler can be sure to rent the right vehicle at the right price. Book in advance to find great deals on cheap flights to France.

Tour with an Affordable Car Rental in France

Take a day trip to Versailles, the palace of Louis XIV (the Sun King) and be amazed by the Hall of Mirrors and stunning gardens. Visit Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower. Tour the French Riviera to the south. With the extensive history and culture of France, there is never a lack of sightseeing or entertainment to be had. Experience the charming atmosphere of Aix en Provence, the stunning mountains of the Alps, the extensive network of vineyards, or the timeless feeling of the French Riviera. No matter what direction you travel in, the charming cities and towns of France will amaze you. If you have questions about driving in France please visit our informative driving information page.

Beyond the famous Cote d'Azur and day trips out of Paris to Versailles or other charming nearby cities, a discount rental car in France allows you to discover more - spending more of your time enjoying its historic coast, cities and vineyards and less time waiting for a bus, train or taxi. The French countryside lends itself to driving and visitors from around the world race about the beauty of its pastoral landscapes and fabulous beaches. Plan a day or two in which you dine in local taverns, enjoying local wines, fantastic savory dishes and freshly made cheese. When you rent with Kemwel you're free to see the best of this popular destination at a pace which suits you - pausing to linger at your new favorite destinations and getting off the beaten path - free to explore and see more with the comfort and flexibility afforded by a cheap car rental in France. 

Popular Locations to Pick-Up Your Cheap Rental Car in France

France has ranked among the top countries to welcome tourists year after year. With historic landmarks, warm people, and romantic getaways, it is no wonder why France draws travelers from all over the world. With so many attractions and experiences to be had, France is the perfect location to rent an affordable car. With Kemwel, you are guaranteed a great rate and 24/7 support throughout your trip. Compare rental rates at the most popular rental car locations in France today!

Cheap Car Rental Lyon Saint Exupery Airport LYS  Cheap Rental Car Lyon Airport Cheap Car Rental Marseille Provence Airport MRS  Cheap Rental Car Marseille Airport
Cheap Car Rental Nice Cote d'Azur Airport NCE  Cheap Rental Car Nice Airport Cheap Car Rental Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport CDG  Cheap Rental Car Charles De Gaulle Airport

Cheap Car Rentals in France with Kemwel

Book a cheap Kemwel rental car online and discover how easy and inexpensive it can be to tour France at your own pace, using our world class suppliers. Visit our frequently asked questions page with questions about booking online or renting in general. Our staff is also available to answer your questions at 1-877-820-0668. Rent with Kemwel and experience just how affordable and carefree your vacation can be!

Choose the Best Cheap Car Rental in France for Your Trip

Economy Car Rental in France

An economy car in France is ideal for the budget-minded traveler. Perfect for a couple or friends who travel light, an economy car can navigate narrow French roads and is easy to park in crowded cities.

SUV Rental in France

An SUV car rental can provide excellent leg room and luggage space for your trip. If you're planning on taking a longer car trip, an SUV can provide the comfort necessary to keep everyone happy and relaxed.

Convertible Car Rental in France

Renting a convertible in France is a fun way to enjoy the warmer months in this gorgeous country. Imagine being enveloped by the scent of lavender while driving through Provence or soaking up the Mediterranean sun as you drive from beach to beach in the Cote d'Azur.

Luxury Car Rental in France

The French have an unmatched flare for style and sophistication. Why not join in their discerning taste with a luxury car rental? Treat yourself to a tour of Paris' 7th Arrondissement in a Mercedes, or add to your wine collection with a BMW rental in Bordeaux.

Van Rental in France

If you're traveling to France with a group of friends or family, then a van rental is the best way to accommodate everyone. Kemwel offers all sizes of vans, from a traditional minivan to a 12-passenger full-sized behemoth.

Cities with Cheap Car Rental in France

Aix En Provenc

















Le Havre








Monte Carlo












St. Malo




France Driving Overview

General Information
Kemwel offers cheap car rental locations all over France from Lille in the north to St. Tropez in the south and hundreds of other locations in between! You will be able to tour all the wonderful places in France however you see fit! When traveling to another country especially one where the language is different then what you are normally used and planning to rent a car it is generally a good idea to learn as much as possible about rules of the road, traffic laws and what is expected when operating a motor vehicle in that specific country. Kemwel wants to see that its clients practice the proper etiquette of the country they will be traveling to ensure their utmost safety. Below we have compiled a list of items that should be taken into consideration when operating a vehicle in France.

The minimum age to rent a car while in France is 21 years, however if you are between the ages of 21-24 a young driver surcharge of approx $21-$31 USD per day may apply depending on the rental supplier and car category. Most car rental supplier require a driver to have had their driving license for 1 year and a credit card in the drivers name must be presented at time of pick up. Seatbelts are required to be worn at all times. If you are caught talking on a cell phone while operating a vehicle you can be fined up to €40 ($50 USD). Headlights must be turned on if the visibility is poor during the day. The use of a radar detector is illegal in France, fines and confiscation of the vehicle can occur if caught with one. 

Child Seats
Children under the age of 10 years must sit in the back seat of the vehicle using a seatbelt or approved child seat for their age and weight. Babies and children up to 9 months old can travel in the front seat of the vehicle providing the vehicle does NOT have an airbag and they are in a rear facing child seat.

Speed Limits
Speed limits in France are as follows: City 50 km/h (31 mph), major roadways 90 km/h (55 mph) and on 2-lane roadways 110 km/h (68 mph). Speed limits are approximate please consult speed limits signs in the country you are traveling.

Rules of the Road
Traffic travels on the right side of the road. Vehicles in roundabouts and those entering an intersection from the right have the right of way unless otherwise specified.

Gas and Diesel
Many gas stations are open 24 hours in the larger cities in France.

There are many toll roads in France, most of which are marked with a blue sign. Toll amounts are based on the length traveled determined by a ticket you are given when entering. Green signs represent roadways without tolls.

Metered parking is popular throughout France. Watch for signs that read 'stationnement alterné semi-mensal' meaning parking is allowed on one side of the street for the first half of the month then the other side the second half.

France Car Rental Insurance Information

General Information
When traveling and renting a vehicle in an unfamiliar place it is always a good idea to find out what the insurance requirements are for vehicle rentals in that specific country. When renting a car with Kemwel in France your rate will include any mandatory insurance necessary.

All of our rental rates in France will include third party liability and fire insurance. In France CDW and theft protection are optional and can be added to your rental at anytime prior to the pick up of your rental vehicle. In the event CDW and Theft are declined in order to take advantage of coverage offered by your credit card Kemwel asks for you to contact your credit card company to learn the specifics of your insurance coverage. Insurance details specific to your rental will print in the terms and conditions area of your rental voucher.

At this time we at Kemwel would like for you to take a moment to read about the following insurance guidelines that may apply to car rentals in France.

Required Coverage
For rental commencing in France fire and third party liability insurance is required and included on all of Kemwel’s basic rental rates. Fire insurance provides unlimited coverage of the rental vehicle in case of fire. Third party liability provides coverage to damages to people and property outside of the rental vehicle; the coverage can range from 1.7 million USD up to an unlimited amount depending on rental supplier.

Optional Coverage
For renting taking place in France collision damage waiver and theft protection are optional and are included in all of Kemwel’s inclusive rental rates at an advance purchase discount. CDW is available locally for approximately $14-$21 USD per day depending on car rental supplier and car category. Theft protection is also available locally for approximately $6-$9 USD per day depending on car category and rental supplier. Many of the suppliers that we work with will still have a deductible that you will still be responsible for that ranges from $650-$5,200 USD for CDW and for theft ranges from $995-$7,700 USD. Super CDW is a supplementary insurance that is available locally to help reduce the amount of the deductible, it costs about $5-$10 USD per day reducing the CDW deductible from $0-$400. Personal accident insurance can be purchase locally for about $4-$10 USD per day, which will provide death and disability coverage up to a set monetary amount for the driver and passengers of the rental car. Optional insurance is available with certain suppliers only and prices are subject to change without notice, please feel free to contact Kemwel toll free at 1 877 820 0668 for further details.

Rental Restrictions in France

General Information
Many of the vehicles rented through Kemwel in France can travel throughout Western Europe without any restrictions. There are some vehicles; due to insurance regulations that may not be able to travel into certain countries some of the vehicles include luxury vehicles, automatic vehicles and vans. Due to Kemwel’s great relationship with its suppliers has allowed for the creation of a special program that will allow for travel into select Eastern European countries. An additional surcharge may apply for rental vehicles being taken into Eastern Europe and not all vehicles are permitted. When planning your itinerary please take into consideration if it will be possible with the category of car you are planning to rent.

Restricted Countries
Vehicles rented in France through Kemwel cannot travel into or through the following countries without prior notification and approval from Kemwel and our suppliers: Africa (Morroco, Tunisia, Algeria etc) Albania, Bosnia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey and the Ukraine.

NOTE: Some suppliers restrict travel to Italy and the French Island of Corsica for certain vehicles. Travel into most or all of the countries listed above can possibly be arranged with advance notification to Kemwel for specific car categories. Additional surcharges may apply please contact Kemwel for details.

One-Way Rentals
Domestic one-way rentals are available and are generally free with exceptions to rentals under 3 days or to Biarritz & high altitude locations. Additional fees will apply to international one-ways. Not all vehicles are permitted on one ways.


Useful Terms

Car Rental Agency - agence de location

Detour - detour

Diesel - diesel

Embassy - ambassade

Entrance - entree

Exit - sortie

Expressway - autoroute

Forbidden - defense d'entree

Highway - route nationale

Hospital - hopital

Gas Station - Station Service

Motor oil - huile

One-way - sens unique

Parking - parking

Police - police

Police station - gendarmerie

Toll - peage

Toll Road - route a peage

Unleaded Gasoline - essence
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