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Cheap Car Rental Cognac

Cheap Car Rental Cognac

Cognac is located on the Charente River in the region of Charente, with a population that has hovered around 20,000 inhabitants for the last 40 years. The town itself is built along both banks of the river, with the majority of town built on the river's left bank, and the smaller area of building becoming the district of Saint Jacques on the right bank. The jump start to the economy which helped this city grow was in the form of Francis I granting Cognac the right to trade salt along the river in the 16th century. Also of note is that Francis I was born in Cognac, and there is a square and statue dedicated to him in the city center. With cheap car rental locations in Cognac and a large variety of discount rental cars trhoughout France, there is no better way to tour France than by car!

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Cognac is known world wide for its production of its namesake drink. Cognac can only be produced to a high degree of refinement, and can only be produced in a few select regions around town. There are of course tours of some of the factories that can be taken for the Cognac connoisseur. The town's economy is heavily influenced by all aspects of the production of Cognac. Also of note is the fact that Cognac is where glassmaker Claude Boucher invented the glass blowing machine, thereby reducing the need to hand blow all of the glass bottles used in bottling. If you have any questions about driving in Cognac, visit Kemwel's driving information page for the answers.

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