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Cheap Car Rental Colmar

Cheap Car Rental Colmar

Nestled at the border between France and Germany, Colmar is the perfect city to rent a cheap car from Kemwel and explore the Alsace region on your own schedule. German influence is still seen in this region, though French influence is most prominent with a vast majority of citizens today speaking French. Kemwel offers a large fleet of cheap rental cars in France  allowing you to rent the right vehicle to suit your needs from one of our convenient and cheap pick up locations.

Car rental tour in Colmar

Colmar offers the charm of a Bavarian town with the drier climate that is unique to the Alsace region, receiving as much rain as parts of the Middle East. Since the city has changed from German control to French control a number of times since the original settlement in the 9th century, aspects of both cultures are prevalent. Older parts of the city are distinctly German, with Gothic styled churches that date back to as early as the 16th century. Situated near the German border, Munich's Oktoberfest is only a short drive away if the taste of German culture in Colmar isn't enough for your vacation.


Discount car rental in France with Kemwel

Book a cheap car in Colmar online with Kemwel and your vacation can begin. Our helpful staff is available toll-free at 1-877-820-0668 to answer your questions about cheap car rental in Colmar. We also offer a driving information page to help make your cheap car rental a smooth and easy process.