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Best places in Europe for dog travel

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Many folks fantasize about traveling the world with their canine companion but may be overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and legal obstacles to make it actually happen. Well, the Kemwel team is here to tell you that dog travel in Europe is possible, not to mention easier when booking a pet-friendly car rental through our search engine! This blog post will demystify this process as clearly as possible with some useful tips and information about the European countries where dogs and their owners will feel the most accommodated.


How to travel with a dog in EU

Dog travel Europe

Let’s first get the logistics out of the way. Any traveler from outside the EU intending to bring their dog into the bloc will need to have an EU-certified microchip for their animal companion at least 21 days and no more than 12 months before the trip. A common brand name for this 15-digit microchip, either 11784 or 11785, is HomeAgain. As long as the dog has the microchip at least 21 days prior to flying, then you should be good to go. Also keep in mind that the microchip must be done before the most current round of rabies and tapeworm vaccinations, if necessary.

Equally important is that dogs receive a rabies vaccination between 12 months and 30 days before the trip begins. Be sure to show the vaccination documents to customs since this is one of the biggest requirements for entry. All the while, it’s crucial that traveling dog owners find the appropriate veterinarian to fill out all of the necessary paperwork, such as the ANNEX II form. The USDA must certify this document no later than 10 days prior to travel.

Such a stringent time frame means that travelers ought to organize the final vet exam a day or two beforehand and have the results shipped overnight. Moreover, it will be essential for travelers to perform some research on airline policies, especially if you’re trying to avoid putting your dog in cargo during the flight. This is why it’s critical to weigh the pros and cons of traveling with a dog because this is oftentimes the most difficult part for the pet and owner.

Find dog-friendly hotels plus pet-proof car rentals

Travel dog Europe

Not only should you consider the logistics of renting a car with a dog but also dog-friendly hotels accommodations. Understand earlier than later that not every establishment welcomes dogs, and sometimes it also depends on the breed. To simplify this, Kemwel can help travelers book affordable hotels across Europe on top of providing the cheapest car rentals on the web!

When traveling in Europe, though, one of the most probable barriers you will encounter is the lack of pet-friendly transportation, whether that be trains, buses, taxis, etc. Some of the most dog loving cultures in Europe as shown before still have some limitations in terms of urban dog mobility. In this sense, renting a car in Europe is one of the most guaranteed ways to travel with man’s best friend! Many of our car rental partners like Hertz, Enterprise, Avis and dozens of others allow dogs to hop on board, so this is some serious food for thought!

From dog enthusiast Berlin to canine paradise London, continue reading to learn more about some of the most pet-friendly cities in Europe where dog owners will have all of their bases covered from lodging to recreation to transportation.

Dog travel in France with car rental

Don’t be surprised to see large dogs accompanying their owners on metros when traveling with a rental car in Paris. Despite the formal policy saying no dogs allowed on trains, Parisians often overlook this and simply travel with their pups when it’s no rush hour. This also applies to the frequency in which locals bring their canine companions to restaurants and cafes, both of which are ubiquitous parts of Parisian culture! Of course we think of the French Bulldog when thinking about breeds but others include the Basset Hound, Great Pyrenees, Brittany, among other beauts.

Dog travel in Germany with car rental

On top of unbeatable Berlin car rental deals, the Germany capital is a reputable haven for foreign dogs! Right off the bat, dogs of all shapes and sizes can travel on public transport as well as German rental cars. Even restaurants like the Five Elephant cafe offer a dog-friendly cheesecake to satiate any pup’s sweet tooth. Moreover, the Gorki Apartments do a great job at accommodating pups with their very own beds, bowls, among other essentials. Berlin is also an exceptional place for dog walking based on its abundance of parks and green spaces. While we all know about the German Shepherd, some other German breeds are the Rottweiler, Boxer, Great Dane, and Dachshund.

Dog travel in United Kingdom with car rental

Some statistics say that there are over 8.3 million dogs in Britain alone! This makes sense considering that British families are known for cherishing their pets or critters and treating them like one of their own! Animal owners can definitely travel at ease while renting a car in the United Kingdom, whether that be traveling to Scotland or vacationing in Wales. Perhaps you will run into a few corgis or beagles bobbling along the way! Once you have settled in with your London car hire, for example, you can look forward to taking your dog for a walk along the River Thames, hiking around the White Cliffs of Dover, or taking a cruise on Lake Windermere!

Dog travel in Croatia with car rental

Did you know that the Dalmatian dog breed originates from Croatia in the region of Dalmatia? Not only can you rent cars in Dubrovnik or lease luxury vehicles in Split but also have an amazing holiday with your pup! After all, there are over 1,000 pet-friendly hotels in Croatia, making this Balkan country one of the best for dog travel. Swim alongside your dog in the azure waters of the Adriatic or maybe go hiking up some of the Dinaric Alps where dogs are permitted!

Dog travel in Belgium with car rental

Between native breeds such as the Belgian Shepherd, Bloodhound and Schipperke, the Belgian are known for their dog loving culture, especially in Wallonia with an array of pet-friendly parks, hotels, plus pet-accessible transportation. Bring your dog along with your Charleroi car hire to a nearby campground or off-leash park. Perhaps you may even want to rent a van in Mons or a short-term SUV lease in Liege to bring the pup along for a road trip across Europe!

How to get an EU pet passport?
  • First you will need to microchip your dog
  • Next up is a rabies vaccination at least 21 days before travel
  • Keep in mind that the animal needs to be at least 12 weeks old for the rabies vaccination
  • Expect to wait up to a week for turnaround
  • Both chip installation and rabies vaccines are administered on the same day

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