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Discount Car Rentals in Canada

Cheap Car Rentals in Canada

Canadian Car Rentals at a Great RateThe road trip of a lifetime beckons in Canada - a vast nation with pristine wilderness, well-maintained highways and warm and welcoming cities. Pick up a discount Canadian car rental in Vancouver or Calgary and traverse the Trans-Canada highway in your cheap Kemwel rental car, making stops in global cities such as Toronto and Montreal. Renting a cheap rental car in Canada is the perfect choice for travelers looking to explore this diverse nation, from verdant wilderness to metropolitan cities.

Tour with a Cheap Car Rental in Canada

When visiting a nation as expansive as Canada it's a good idea to have transportation that's both efficient and comfortable, which is why a cheap Canada rental car is such a popular option among travelers! Discover all the vibrant culture and magnificent sights during a Canadian road trip. With a cheap car rental from Kemwel you can free yourself of the limitations and restrictions of public transportation, instead discovering Canada at a pace that best suits you. The highway system in Canada is smooth and expansive; the perfect venue for your next holiday road trip through the scenic country.

Cheap Car Rental in Belgium with Kemwel

If you're seeking the best value for car rentals in Canada, let Kemwel assist you with your travel plans. With our three-step booking engine, it only takes a couple of minutes to rent a car through our website. For more information, you can check our car rental FAQ page, or call our toll-free number at 877-820-0668 to speak with an agent about renting a car in Canada.

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Canada Driving Overview

Canada is host to terrific scenery and efficient roadways as well as the famous Trans Canada highway, the longest highway in the world. Rent a car from Auto Europe today to relish in all that Canada has to be offer, but be leery regarding its vastness, as the country spans six different time zones.

Car Rental Requirements

In order to rent a car in Canada, you must be at least 21 years old and have held your license for a minimum of one year (restrictions may vary upon the car rental category and supplier). Drivers under 25 may incur a young driver surcharge while children between 22 and 40lbs must be secured in a forward-facing child seat. Seatbelts are mandatory for all age groups.

Speed Limits

Canadian speed limits are detailed below:

  • City: 37-44mph/60-70kph
  • Residential Areas: 25-30mph/40-50kph
  • Two-lane Highways: 50mph/80kph
  • Multi-lane Highways: 75mph/120kph

Rules of the Road

Similar to the United States, traffic travels on the right in Canada. However, due to the diversity of each province, Canadian road signs may be difficult to understand. A road sign featuring "90" does not necessarily indicate a speed limit of 90mph, for example. Therefore, it is recommended that a French phrase book be brought along to help interpret these signs. In addition, please be advised that speeding fines run extremely high.


Most gas stations along Canada's highways are available 24 hours and accept both cash and credit.


There are few toll highways in Canada.


Avoid street parking whenever possible as cars are frequently towed when left in prohibited areas. Signs marked with a green "P" indicate municipal parking and prove to be best option.

Canada Car Rental Insurance Information

All of Kemwel's car rental rates include fire and third party liability insurance. Inclusive rates are also available at an advanced purchase discount and provide collision and/or theft coverage. You may decide to decline these additional items, but as these insurances are in fact mandatory, you would need to ensure you are covered by your credit card. These offers are individually specific, so please contact your card issuer directly for details. Precise insurance information, as well as your rental details, will be printed on your confirmation voucher upon payment of your rental.

Required Coverage

Fire and third party liability insurance is required and is included in all rentals in Canada. Fire insurance covers the vehicle in the event of a fire whereas liability insurance covers damage or injury to people or property outside of the rental car. Collision and theft insurances are also mandatory and may be purchased locally. You may also choose to use your credit card for coverage should this is be an option allotted to you from your card provider.

Optional Coverage

Other insurance options available locally are Personal Effects Protection and Personal Accident Insurance. The former refers to insuring the client's belongings inside the car while the latter covers injuries to the persons inside the rental vehicle. You may also request tire and windshield coverage locally with select suppliers for an additional charge.

Rental Restrictions in Canada

Due to insurance regulations, there are strict restrictions on certain car categories and on travel into specific countries. Please note all desired countries of travel during the booking process to ensure that you are provided with the appropriate car class.

Restricted Countries

Rental vehicles in Canada are not allowed to travel into Alaska, Yukon or Mexico. Travel may be permitted into the US, however, provided the rental is not commencing from Toronto, Niagra Falls, Oakville, Mississauga, or a Windsor location. Travel to New York City and Boston is prohibited with all vehicles.

One-Way Rentals

Domestic one-way rentals are available, depending upon the supplier, the associated car category, and the length of the rental; additional fees may apply. International one ways, however, are not permitted at this time.

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