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Cheap Car Rental Italy

Cheap Car Rental ItalyTake a tour of Italy's Tuscany region with a discount car rental from Kemwel. View the latest fashions in Milan's famed shopping district. Visit the ancient city of Pompeii. The art, cuisine, design and culture of Italy are available to you with an inexpensive car rental from Kemwel. We have countless cheap car rental locations in Italy, including Sicily. We also have  many vehicle types  available so you can be sure to find the right vehicle for any location you wish to travel to in Italy. Kemwel offers more than just cheap car rentals in Italy. We are a one stop shop offering Italy hotels, airfare, and GPS rentals to ensure you get the best prices on your next trip to Italy. Book in advance to take advantage of great deals on cheap flights to Italy.

Popular Locations to Pick-Up Your Cheap Rental Car in Italy

Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. With unique cuisine, welcoming people, and historic art and architecture, it is no surprise that Italy attracts tourists from all over the globe. With so much to see an affordable rental car is a must for the adventurous traveler. Kemwel makes it easy to pick-up and drop-off your cheap rental car by providing car rental services at the most popular airports and rail stations in Italy. Compare rental rates by location and supplier to find the best price for your rental car today!

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Cheap Car Rental Rome Fiumicino Airport FCO  Cheap Rental Car Fiumicino Airport Cheap Car Rental Milan Linate Airport LIN  Cheap Rental Car Milan Linate Airport
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Cheap Car Rental Venice Airport VCE  Cheap Rental Car Venice Airport Cheap Car Rental Vienna International Airport  Cheap Rental Car Vienna Airport

Tour with Cheap Rental Cars in Italy

Italy has a longstanding reputation for producing some of the most talented and prolific artists in the world. Because this beautiful country has such an extensive history, much of the artwork and sights are spread throughout the country. Whether you are in Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome or one of our many other locations, be sure to make the most of your time in this amazing country. With a discount car rental in Italy from Kemwel you and your travel partners can plan the perfect vacation. Even if you have visited Italy before, a road trip at your own pace is a truly unique experience. If you have questions about driving in Italy our driving information page can help!

Cheap Car Rentals in Italy with Kemwel

Start your vacation plans now by booking a cheap Kemwel car rental online today. With world class suppliers such as Hertz and Europcar, you can be sure that you are receiving the highest level of service. Be sure to read our frequently asked questions page if you have questions about your rental or rental process. Of course, our friendly staff is always willing to talk with you if you would rather speak with someone personally. You may contact us at 1-877-820-0668.


Choose the Best Cheap Car Rental in Italy for Your Trip

Economy Car Rental in Italy

When you want to maximize your budget during your trip to Italy, an economy car rental could be the perfect choice for you! They are the perfect vehicle for the budget-minded traveler looking to traverse the small streets ubiquitous among Italian cities. Zoom from museum to gelato shops easily and smoothly in your economy car and take in the best of Italy at your own pace.

Compact Car Rental in Italy

A compact car rental is perfect for navigating the small Italian city streets in style. For couples or those who travel light, a compact car is easy to drive and park, while saving you money with superior fuel economy. Often with slightly more legroom than economy cars, compact car rentals strike the perfect balance between budget and comfort.

Midsize Car Rental in Italy

The midsize or family size car rental is ideal for families or parties of four adults traveling to Italy. Cars of this size are especially nice when you plan on spending more time driving, allowing everyone to stretch their legs and enjoy the beautiful Italian views. If you are planning an Italian road trip or driving longer distances, a midsize car rental can make for a smoother experience.

Luxury Car Rental in Italy

For a quintessentially Italian experience, a luxury car rental is a must. Nowhere appreciates style and class quite like Italy, so treat yourself to the memorable experience that only a luxury vehicle can provide. Imagine cruising by the Vatican in a Mercedes, touring the Amalfi Coast in a Ferrari, or impressing a Milanese client in a BMW. When you book with Kemwel you know you're getting the best price possible for luxury!

SUV Rental in Italy

Renting an SUV in Italy is a great option for those who need ample storage space and leg room. A 4x4 vehicle is also handy if you're planning on visiting the mountains in the North. Book an SUV to visit ski resorts in the Italian Alps and fit your skis and luggage comfortably while handling the snowy roads. Enjoy the comforts of home amongst during your Italian adventure!

Van Rental in Italy

A van rental is the best choice when groups of family or friends travel together. Kemwel offers the lowest rates available for all classes of vans: mini, midsized, and full size vans for your group trip to Italy. Be sure to book your rental van early however! These tend to sell out as you get closer to your travel dates.


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Lamezia Terme














San Remo










Italy Driving Overview

General Information
With over 5,600 kilometers of superhighways, (locally called “Autostrada”) and thousands of miles of other highways, city streets and small town roads there is no better way to see all of Italy then by cheap rental car provided by Kemwel! In Italy driving conditions, rental regulations and rules of the road can be severely different then what you are normally used to. Kemwel wants for you to be as informed as possible when driving in Italy, so we have compiled a list of things that we feel you should know about when operating and renting a vehicle in Italy.

To rent a vehicle in Italy you must be at least 18 years old and have had your driving license for at least 1 years, however some suppliers depending on the car category may require you to have had your license for up to 3 years. An international driver's license is mandatory in Italy, if you are stopped by the Italian police and fail to present one you will be subject to a fine. The use of a cell phone while driving in Italy is illegal, those who fail to oblige are subject to being fined up to $125 USD.

Child Seats
If you are traveling with children under the age of 3 years they must sit in the back seat of the vehicle and in a proper child safety seat. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 can only travel in the front seat of the vehicle if in a child seat suitable for their age and weight.

Speed Limits
The standard speed limits in Italy are: City 50 Km/h (31mph), major roads 90 km/h (55mph), 2-lane roads 110 km/h (68mph), highways 90 km/h (55mph).

Rules of the Road
Vehicles travel on the right hand side of the road in Italy. Drive with caution as bicycles and scooters are very popular forms of transportation and some roadways in Italy can become very narrow making it hard to share the road.

Gas and Diesel
Many gas stations in Italy are closed on Sundays and are open from 7am to 12pm and from 3:30pm to 7pm during the week.

All superhighways (Autostradas) require you to pay a toll. The tolls are dependent on the distance traveled and the vehicle category.

In most Italian cities parking is strictly on the right side of the street. Some cities practice Blue Zone parking where you will need to acquire a timed parking disc available at gas stations and tourist offices.

Italy Car Rental Insurance Information

General Information
When traveling and renting a vehicle in an unfamiliar place it is always a good idea to find out what the insurance requirements are for vehicle rentals in that country. When renting a car with Kemwel in Italy all rentals come equipped with all mandatory insurances.

Required Coverage
For all rentals commencing in Italy, collision damage waiver (CDW)and theft protection are mandatory. To make the rental process easier Kemwel includes these insurances on all rentals in Italy. Most car suppliers that we work with in Italy have a deductible of $0, for the CDW and theft protection. Third party liability and fire insurance are also included in all rental rates in Italy. Third party liability provides approximately between $3.1 million and $32 million USD worth of coverage for any damage to property or injury to people outside of the rental vehicle. Fire insurance provides and unlimited amount of coverage to the rental vehicle in the event of a fire.

Optional Coverage
Personal accident insurance (PAI) is available to purchase locally with select supplier for approx $19 USD per day or a flat fee of $280 USD providing death and disability coverage up to a set monetary amount for the driver and passengers of the vehicle. Personal effect coverage (PEC) is another optional insurance available locally for approximately $8 USD per day or a flat fee of $120 USD providing coverage up to a set amount for damage or loss of personal belongings in the rental car. Optional insurance is available with certain suppliers only and prices are subject to change without notice, please feel free to contact Kemwel toll free at 1 877 820 0668 for further details.

Rental Restrictions in Italy

General Information
Many of the vehicles rented through Kemwel in Italy can travel throughout Western Europe without any restrictions. There are some vehicles; due to insurance regulations that may not be able to travel into certain countries some of the vehicles include luxury vehicles, automatic vehicles and vans. Due to Kemwel’s great relationship with its suppliers has allowed for the creation of a special program that will allow for travel into select Eastern European countries. An additional surcharge may apply for rental vehicles being taken into Eastern Europe. When planning your itinerary please take into consideration if it will be possible with the category of car you are planning to rent.

Restricted Countries
Vehicles rented in Italy through Kemwel cannot travel into or through the following countries without prior notification and approval from Kemwel and our suppliers: Albania, Bosnia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey and the Ukraine.

NOTE: Travel into most or all of these countries can be arranged for specific car categories with advance notice to Kemwel additional fees may apply.

One-Way Rentals
Domestic one way rentals are available, some one-ways may incur fees ranging from $0 to $1500 USD. International one-way rentals are available, additional fees will apply. Not all vehicles are permitted on one-ways and minimum rental lengths may apply.

Useful Terms

Gasoline - Benzina

Diesel Diesel

Motor Oil Lubrificante

One-way Senso unico

No Parking Vietato parcheggiare

Four lane Highway Autostrada

Exit Uscita

Entrance Entrata

Detour Deviazione

Forbidden - Proibito

Police Polizia
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