Discount Car Rentals in Germany

Cheap Car Rentals in Germany

Cheap Car Rental Germany

A cheap car rental in Germany is the ideal way to tour this beautiful country. Whether you are looking to experience the scenic landscape and adventure found in the Black Forest region of Germany, or soak up the historic and cultural ambiance of cities rich with the heritage of both Western and Eastern European nations, Kemwel's car rental service lets you see more. You can begin your trip almost anywhere with an affordable car rental in Germany - Kemwel has many convenient cheap car rental locations and many cheap car rental options in our fleet. Kemwel offers more than just cheap car hires in Germany too. We are your one stop travel shop for Germany airfare, hotels, and GPS rentals as well! Renting a car in Germany has never been this easy! Book in advance to find great deals on cheap flights to Germany.

Set Your Own Pace with Cheap Rental Cars in Germany

Experience the nightlife of Munich. Tour historic Berlin. Visit the amazing zoological and botanical gardens of Stuttgart. There is no better way to experience Germany than by car. With your cheap car rental in Germany you can easily make your way from one city and attraction to the next without having to worry about catching a train or purchasing tickets in advance. You set the schedule when you rent with Kemwel.

As a former home to the World Cup championship, Germany is the perfect destination to catch an exciting game of soccer (be sure to call it football when you're there!) If you have questions about driving in Germany please see our convenient driving information page.

Cheap Rental Cars in Germany with Kemwel

At Kemwel we do our best to make your travel and car rental experience as inexpensive and easy as possible. Our website is designed to make you feel at home, wherever your destination may be. You can even book your cheap car rental in Germany online. At Kemwel you will find a list of destination cities as well as a variety of world class suppliers, such as Avis or Europcar, to suit your travel needs. If you feel more comfortable speaking with us over the telephone our experienced and helpful staff is available toll free, 24/7 at 1-877-820-0668.

Cities with Cheap Car Rental in Germany

Baden Baden

Frankfurt Oder



Driving a Discount Rental Car in Germany

General Information
Whether you’re going to the World Cup or to simply check out the thousands of historic sights a cheap car rental from Kemwel in German is the way to go! Germany has thousands of miles of well connected roadways making it easy and convenient to tour this incredible country by cheap rental car. Before you travel try to find out as much as possible about the country you are planning to visit. Below we have compiled a list of important information pertaining to driving and renting a vehicle while in Germany.

The minimum age to rent a car in Germany is 18 years. Drivers ages 18-24 must purchase CDW and Theft insurance and may be subject to a young driver surcharge of approx $12-$17 USD per day. An international drivers license is highly recommended and most rental suppliers require you to have held your drivers license 1-3 years depending on car category. All vehicle occupants must wear a seatbelt at all times. Cell phones are prohibited when operating a vehicle unless using a hand free device and headlights must be on at all times. Drinking and driving is strictly prohibited Germany; if you are caught with a blood alcohol level .05 % or more you can be fined and possibly banned from driving in Germany all together.

Child Seats
Children under the age of 12 or smaller the 1.5 meters tall are prohibited from traveling in the front seat of a vehicle unless they are in a proper child safety seat. When sitting in the back seat of the vehicle children under 12 years or age or smaller then 1.5 meters must be in an appropriate child seat for their age and weight.

Speed Limits
Speed limits for Germany are as follows: City 50 km/h (31 mph), major roads 100 km/h (62 mph), 2 lane roads and highways 130 km/h (80 mph). Please pay attention to signs in the country you are traveling as speed limits may vary.

Rules of the Road
Traffic travels on the right side of the street and passing on the right is prohibited. Be careful when traveling on autobahns as traffic in the far left lane often travels at speeds exceeding 161 km/h (100 mph).

Gas and Diesel
Gas stations are generally open from 8am to 8pm with some staying open 24 hours.

The only tolls in Germany are for large trucks on Autobahns.

A sign with a 'P' indicated parking on the street is permitted; check the sign to see if restrictions apply. If you see a sign that says 'nur mit parkschein' meaning you must have a parking pass. Passes can be obtained from ticket machines in the area.

Germany Car Rental Insurance Information

General Information
When traveling and renting a vehicle in an unfamiliar place it is always a good idea to find out what the insurance requirements are for vehicle rentals in that specific country. When renting a car with Kemwel in Germany your rate will include any mandatory insurance necessary.

All of our rental rates in Germany will include third party liability and fire insurance. In Germany CDW and theft protection are optional and can be added to your rental at anytime prior to the pick up of your rental vehicle. Some car suppliers require drivers the ages of 18-24 to purchase the CDW and Theft in Germany. In the event CDW and Theft are declined in order to take advantage of coverage offered by your credit card Kemwel asks for you to contact your credit card company to learn the specifics of your insurance coverage. Insurance details specific to your rental will print in the terms and conditions area of your rental voucher.

At this time we at Kemwel would like for you to take a moment to read about the following insurance guidelines that may apply to car rentals in Germany.

Required Coverage
Third party liability and fire insurance are required and are provided in all of Kemwel’s basic rental rates. Fire insurance provides unlimited coverage in the event of a fire. Third party liability provided coverage to injury to people and property outside of the vehicle, coverage ranges from $515,000 USD up to an unlimited amount depending on rental supplier.

Optional Coverage
For renting taking place in Germany collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft protection are optional and are included in all of Kemwel’s inclusive rental rates at an advance purchase discount. CDW is available locally for approximately $30-$54 USD per day depending on car rental supplier and car category. Theft protection is also available locally for approximately $9-$15 USD per day depending on car category and rental supplier. Many of the suppliers that we work with will still have a deductible that you will still be responsible for that ranges from $475-$1500 USD for CDW and Theft. Super CDW is a supplementary insurance that is available locally to help reduce the amount of the deductible, it costs about $12-$19 USD per day reducing the CDW deductible from $95-$400. Personal accident insurance can be purchase locally for about $5-$8 USD per day, which will provide death and disability coverage up to a set monetary amount for the driver and passengers of the rental car. Optional insurance is available with certain suppliers only and prices are subject to change without notice, please feel free to contact Kemwel toll free at 1 877 820 0668 for further details.

Car Rental Restrictions in Germany

General Information
Many of the vehicles rented through Kemwel in Germany can travel throughout Western Europe without any restrictions. There are some vehicles; due to insurance regulations that may not be able to travel into certain countries some of the vehicles include luxury vehicles, automatic vehicles and vans. Due to Kemwel’s great relationship with its suppliers has allowed for the creation of a special program that will allow for travel into select Eastern European countries. An additional surcharge may apply for rental vehicles being taken into Eastern Europe and not all vehicles are permitted. When planning your itinerary please take into consideration if it will be possible with the category of car you are planning to rent.

Restricted Countries
Vehicles rented in Germany through Kemwel cannot travel into or through the following countries without prior notification and approval from Kemwel and our suppliers: Africa (Morroco, Tunisia, Algeria etc) Albania, Bosnia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Turkey and the Ukraine.

NOTE: Travel into most or all of the countries listed above can possibly be arranged with advance notification to Kemwel for specific car categories. Additional surcharges may apply please contact Kemwel for details.

One-Way Rentals
Domestic one-way rentals are available and are generally free of charge unless advised otherwise. International one ways will incur additional surcharges. Not all vehicles are permitted on one ways (international or domestic).

Useful Terms for German Travelers

Detour - Umleitun

Diesel - Diesel

Entrance - Eingang

Exit - Ausgang

Forbidden - Verboten

Four Lane Highway - Landstrasse

Gasoline - Benzin

Motor oil - Motor oel

No parking - Parken verboten

One-way - Einbahn

Police - Polizei

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