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Drive Munich car rental to Berchtesgaden National Park

Germany car rental KemwelHome to the ethereal Alps, the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest, among other idyllic mountain ranges, many Germans are natural-born hikers, especially in Munich that's close to some prime hiking spots like Berchtesgaden National Park!

While easygoing Munich is celebrated for its Oktoberfest, the capital of Bavaria and Germany’s third-largest city also serves as a gateway to some of the most epic hiking locations in Europe. When it comes to the perpetual "Munich vs Berlin" rivalry as Germany's hippest city, Munich definitely wins in the nature department, at least according to Kemwel

Outside of Munich, for example, mountains such as Ettaler Mandl, Hirschberg and Jochberg are within easy reach both by public transportation as well as our German car rental selection over the Kemwel booking engine. Being a team of travel enthusiasts ourselves, we believe that one of the best locations to take your Munich car rental is Berchtesgaden National Park. Ranging from rugged Munich van rentals or inexpensive sports car, among other models, our customers will be ready to embark on a leisurely road trip to one of the most unknown travel destinations in Germany

Where is Berchtesgaden National Park in Germany?

Berchtesgaden National Park Germany photo There is no shortage of nature at Berchtesgaden, which is less than two hours away with your bargain Munich car rental. Located at the southernmost part of Bavaria and straddling the Austrian border, this park was formally established in 1978 to conserve the pristine landscapes around the Berchtesgaden Alps.

So much nature certainly contributed to its designation as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1990, which has been helping allure visitors even since. Today, Berchtesgaden attracts over 1.5 million annual visitors who come to appreciate its verdant green hills, extreme snowy peaks, not to mention cultural attractions. One of these includes the Church of Saint Bartholomew situated on the western shore of Lake Königssee. Travelers often make a pilgrimage through the park to reach this venerated structure.

While European car rentals and nature outings may not seem like a match made in heaven, we at Kemwel believe that having your own set of wheels provides the highest levels of ease, comfort, not to mention convenience! Whether you’re a student studying abroad in Munich or visiting for business, weekend car rentals in Germany are readily available over Kemwel's platform! Call us at +1-877-820-0668 to book your Munich car rental or other travel item today such as cheap one-way car rental deals!

How to reach Berchtesgaden via Munich car hire

Munich skylineLike most hiking destinations, the most hassle-free mode of transport to reach Berchtesgaden would be renting a car in Germany. Granted that buses 841 and 842 operate around Berchtesgaden, cars are the most reliable means to navigate around the park that spans over 207 square kilometers (80 square miles). Suffice to say, you’ll see more in less time compared to walking around the park all day or depending on buses. No matter the season that you’d like to visit, there is always something for visitors to do at Berchtesgaden National Park. Being an outdoors paradise, there is plenty of mountain climbing, hiking and lake swimming to do in the summer while sledding and skiing happen in the winter.

Cheapest car rentals in GermanyAt the same time, hiking is among one of the most popular activities in the area, especially between June and September. Be mindful that this isn't any ordinary hiking. That's to say, Berchtesgaden is where you’ll find Watzmann, the third-highest mountain in Germany measuring at 2,713 meters (8,901 feet). Whether you’d like to visit for a half-day or full-day, this destination offers travelers dozens of treks with various levels of difficulty. From walking across the meadows to traversing rocky slopes, visitors will discover a range of landscapes to explore.

Hands down, arriving at Berchtesgaden equipped with a Munich car hire will provide the reassurance that you’ll get home safe and comfortable after a long day of mountaineering! Even better, you can look forward to saving some energy with your own vehicle before the hiking festivities begin! Below you’ll find all the information you need about the park's primary attractions.

Continue reading to learn how to reach these natural wonders with your car rental from one of our many well-known Munich car rental locations. Besides our plentiful partnerships with downtown suppliers, don't forget that we also have rates for short-term vehicle leases from the Munich Airport as well as car hire at the Munich Central Station. Let us not forget about our bargain Munich Pasing Station car rentals either, all of which are available today over Kemwel's growing travel platform! Read what our past satisfied customers have to say about their experiences with Kemwel by reading our Munich car rental review page!

Top destinations at Berchtesgaden National Park for Munich car rentals

Begin hike to Watzmann Mountain from Ramsau

Located entirely in Berchtesgaden is the third-highest mountain in Germany, the Watzmann. Even as the highest point within the Eastern Alps, this massif (a compact group of mountains) is certainly awe-inspiring, particularly in Ramsau where many trails begin. In a unique formation, Watzmann consists of three main peaks including Hocheck, Mittelspitze (Middle Peak) and Südspitze (South Peak). Certain trails reach around 2,740 meters (9,000 feet), making it one physically demanding adventure.

To reach these peaks, first you'll want to head to the village of Ramsau near the actual town of Berchtesgaden with your low-cost Munich car rental. Many hiking trails begin here and will lead trekkers up to Watzmann Hut at 1,928 meters (6,325 feet). Depending on your hiking speed, this can take up to four hours, yet more experienced hikers can do it in under three.

Go to Hockeck, Mittelspitze, and Südspitze from Watzmann Hut

Hikers often camp at the Watzmann Hut refuge for the evening before reaching the Hocheck summit the next morning. On average, this typically takes two hours. From there, trekkers can either return to the hut or continue marching towards Mittelspitze followed by Südspitze. This is when things may start to get even more rigorous, so travel with caution and know your limits!


If you’re up for the challenge and intend to hike the whole circuit, you can plan on eventually descending into the Wimbachgries valley. This will lead folks back to Ramsau, requiring a total of between 12 and 17 hours of walking from start to finish. Since much of this route is exposed, it’s paramount that it’s done in good weather.

Switch gears at Lake Königssee

When it comes to alpine lakes and more relaxing outings, this park is especially renowned for its emerald green waters, such as Königssee. With your Munich car rental from Kemwel, you will want to venture towards the town of Schönau am Königssee that’s technically located outside of the park. Parked at the Königssee Parkplatz across the street from McDonald’s is where you’ll park your vehicle before going to the boat dock. Don’t forget to pay at one of the self-serve pay stations and to put the receipt on your dashboard!

From the dock, purchase your Salet Obersee return ticket before being ushered across Lake Königsee. With the gargantuan peaks of Watzmann surrounding this iridescent body of water, newcomers can even rent a paddle boat across the lake and truly appreciate some serene nature.

Check out Rothbach Waterfall and other spots near Königssee

Königssee just so happens to be a revered place since it represents the final part of a pilgrimage that many hikers perform in reaching St. Bartholomew. Around the tranquil waters of Königsee is where the boat leads pilgrims to this church. The boat man plays a trumpet during every boat crossing, always making it a special occasion.

In terms of potential hiking trips around Königssee, one of the most popular is the route to Rothbach Waterfall, the highest in Germany with an astounding vertical drop! It has an elevation gain of 2,270 meters (7,450 feet), making it a little more challenging but worthwhile for some hikers.

Another spot that you most definitely won’t want to miss is the Archenkanzel scenic lookout. Head to the northeastern part of the massif for an incredible view of St. Bartholomew's Church and Lake Königssee at about 1,346 meters (4,416 feet).

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