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Munich vs Berlin: Best Cities in Germany

Munich vs. Berlin

Munich and Berlin are two of the best cities in Germany, and both have a lot to offer. But when it comes to choosing a German city to visit will it be Munich or Berlin? We have put together the pros and cons of each city to help you decide between the exciting German cities of Munich or Berlin:


Attractions in Germany

Berlin, well known for its division into east and west sides during the Cold War, has modern history that is still palpable throughout the city. Walk through any street in the east side and trace the remnants of the Berlin Wall covered in stunning graffiti. Visit the museums dedicated to the history of the people living in the German Democratic Republic, such as the Stazi Museum that has every record of every person living in east Berlin, and everything they said and did.

While in Berlin a number of historic buildings were destroyed by the GDR, Munich is still home to a number of traditional German buildings and churches that are worth a visit. The capital of Bavaria, Munich has a walkable old town, with centuries-old historic buildings, a central square and a town hall that has a popular Glockenspiel show.

Munich vs Berlin?

Munich. If you want a unique living and breathing history then Berlin has it. But if it is old Germany you are after, it has to be Munich.


Eating & Drinking in Germany

Berlin’s nightlife is famously impressive, known as the techno capital of the world, as the place where the genre comes from and is still hugely popular today. With Berlin’s makeshift bars, rule-less raves and warehouse clubs, Berlin has been called the best clubbing city in Europe; a place where music and dance is a religion. For food in Berlin, you can get everything here. From traditional German to burgers, and most of the options come at a very reasonable price.

Famous for Oktoberfest, the annual beer festival takes place in Munich every September to the first weekend in October and usually lasts around 16 days. During the festival large tables are assembled, people don traditional Bavarian attire and a lot of beer is consumed from the classic German steins. Throughout the festival, and all year round, beer halls are popular places to both eat and drink in Munich, offering two-pint steins and traditional German food.

Munich vs Berlin?

Berlin. If you are looking to drink beer and eat traditional food Munich is the place for you, and ideally during the exciting Oktoberfest. However, if you want a taste of an exciting, diverse music scene then Berlin wins hands down as the most exciting city in Germany.

Getting around

Getting around Germany

Berlin is three times larger than Munich and has the transportation to match, with an efficient overground and underground train system covering most of the city. Berlin also has buses, trams and metrotrams if you prefer to see more of the city on your travels around.

The smaller city of Munich can be negotiated by foot but does also have both an underground and overground train line, buses and trams to help you get around. You can buy one ticket for all forms of transportation.

Munich vs Berlin?

Tie. While a car rental in Germany will offer you the best way to get around the broader area, public transportation is best for shorter trips within the downtown center. Both cities offer an excellent standard of cheap transportation around the cities that Germany is famous for.


Culture in Germany

With its thriving arts scene, Berlin has been recognized as a city for culture and creative industries. It’s home to 700 art galleries, Universal Music Group, and was even named the “City of Design” in 2005. The vibrant and diverse culture is what is truly great about this city.

Unlike Berlin, Munich maintains a traditional Bavarian culture. While Berlin could be described as a diverse metropolis, Munich harbors more of what you might imagine from a traditional German city. Famous for its renowned football team Bayern Munich and Oktoberfest beer festival, it can be difficult to locate the authentic culture of Munich and get past these archetypes.

Munich vs Berlin?

Berlin. With it’s exhilarating nightlife and expanding art, design and music scene, it has to Berlin!

So, which is the best German city to visit?

Best Cities in Germany

All in all, both German cities are incredible places to visit and offer and insight into German history both modern and traditional. However, Berlin has the most unique recent history that can still be felt in the city today, and the city reacted to the changes by creating a thriving music and arts scene that must be explored, while you still can. So it has to be Berlin!

Regardless of which city you choose, trust in Kemwel to find you the best prices on your public transportation while visiting either of these magnificent metropolises. Whether you need a car rental in Berlin, a Munich rental car, or even a car rental right form the Munich Airport, we offer the most affordable options with some of the best deals you’ll find anywhere. Check out your options online or give Kemwel a call, toll-free at 1-877-820-0668, to speak with one of our travel experts and begin planning your tour of Germany today!

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