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Cheap car rental Evenes, Norway

Cheap car rental NorwayRemote yet undeniably pristine, Evenes is a municipality in the snowy Nordland county of Norway where Kemwel offers bargain Norway car rentals. Composed of Liland, Tårstad, Dragvik, and the village of Evenes, outdoor enthusiasts often come to this area excited to experience life in the arctic hinterlands of this mountainous country. Common activities range from hiking through the dense forests, sea fishing along the rocky coastlines, camping around the surrounding fjords, plus visiting sites that showcase Evenes’ strong Sami heritage. One way or another, this part of Norway is an outdoor paradise waiting to be explored with a car rental from the local Harstad Narvik Airport!

Understanding that international car rentals can often be a complicated or unclear process, the Kemwel team has streamlined the entire procedure with our dynamic booking engine located at the top of the page. No matter if you’re planning to road trip to Evenes from Oslo or drive to Evenes from Bodø next door, our dynamic platform has a cheap one-way car rental with your name on it! Start browsing the guaranteed lowest rates today or give us a call at +1-877-820-0668 to personally speak with one of our booking agents!

Airport and Rail Station Car Rentals
Where to pick-up Evenes car rentals?
Before you trek up the Rombaken fjord or take the Fjellheisstasjonen Narvik cable car into the mountains, first you will need to pick-up your Evenes car rental! As you will see over the Kemwel booking engine, our rates are specifically located at the municipal Harstad Narvik Airport. Close to the Svolvaer and Bodø Airport, these facilities are part of over 20,000 global locations within the growing Kemwel network! Better safe than sorry, just be sure to have your passport, driver’s license, and Kemwel voucher upon arriving at the locations below! In no time at all, you will be able to hit the road and start traversing Evenes’ enchanting landscapes!
  • Avis
    Flyplassveien 68,
    Evenes, Norway 8536

  • Hertz
    Flyplassveien 68,
    Evenes, Norway 8536
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Your Vehicle Rental Options in Evenes
What type of vehicle do you need?
Whether you are intending to spend time outdoors or tour urban spaces around the Evenes Municipality, we at Kemwel provide competitive rates for a wide range of vehicles, including low-cost specialty cars! Ranging from luxury automobiles to vans with plenty of trunk space, our search engine provides easy access and affordability to an assortment of models. Other car types include minis, SUVs, midsize vehicles, in addition to compact and wagon options.
Book your Evenes car rental with the Best Suppliers
What supplier is best for your trip to Evenes?
If it weren’t for our cohesive partnerships with the industry’s leading suppliers, we wouldn’t be one of the leading car rental aggregates on the web! While our associates such as Hertz, Budget and Avis distribute the physical vehicle, we promise the cheapest car rental rates plus unbeatable customer service. On our platform you will also see vehicles with both automatic and manual transmissions, not to mention cheap complementary items such as car seats and much more!

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Travel ideas in Evenes with a Kemwel car rental

For some travel inspiration, one major aspect of visiting Evenes is its indelible ties to the Sami, the northern semi-nomadic people of Lapland. If the name sounds familiar, this European indigenous group is famous for herding reindeer between Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. In Evenes, you will find the Sami Center known as “Várdobáiki” that entails an open-air museum and lots of fascinating resources to learn about Evenes’ culture. All the while, be sure to consider checking out these other epic locations across Scandinavia during your stay in Norway!

Norway Travel Blogs Popular Travel Routes
  • Evenes to Oslo: 20 hours, 1,403 km/648 mi
  • Evenes to Bergen: 23 hours, 1,536 km/950 mi
  • Evenes to Tromsø: 3.5 hours, 259 km/160 mi

Common questions about car rentals in Norway

What is the age requirement to rent a car in Norway?

You must be at least 19 years old to rent a car in Norway, although this may vary depending on the desired car category. Along those lines, renters need to have a valid driving licence with at least one year of experience. However, drivers under the age of 25 wanting to rent a vehicle will incur a young driver charge between $10-$20 USD a day. This surcharge is typically capped at a 7 or 10-day maximum.

Can I pay for an Norway car hire with a debit card?

Although this payment method varies among car rental suppliers, the simple answer is yes, travelers can use a debit card to reserve their Norway car rental. Fortunately for those without credit cards, we at Kemwel know which companies accept debit card payments for international car hire! Click here to find out who they are!

Do I need to apply for an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) in Norway?

While encouraged, it is not necessary to apply for an IDP before traveling to Norway, meaning US residents can simply use their own driver’s licence to acquire a car rental. As a side note, however, travelers planning on staying for more than 90 days may need to acquire Norwegian driving credentials. Moreover, if you’re planning on traveling south to places like Italy, Greece or Spain, it would be recommended to earn an IDP since it’s a requirement in those countries.

What is the speed limit in Norway?

When driving in Norway, the following speed limits apply unless speed limit signs state otherwise: 50 km/h in the city, 80 km/h on open roads and 90 km/h on the highway.