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5 Must-See Oslo Museums with your Norway Car Rental

Rent a Car in Norway

Home to half a million people and mesmerizing fjords is the capital of Norway, Oslo. Founded on the northernmost end of the Oslofjord surrounded by densely forested hills, this popular Scandinavian city for car hire is one of the world’s most livable places and full of Oslo car rentals! Besides its high quality of life and immense fjords (otherwise known as long, narrow and deep ocean inlets surrounded by high cliffs), the scenic community also boats over 40 islands and 340 lakes within the city proper. For outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers, there’s no doubt that renting a vehicle in Norway will provide comfortable means to experience its wilderness and other cultural attractions. 

Named the European Green Capital of 2019, not only is Oslo full of greenery and sustainable urban planning but also an impressive collection of educational museums. Ranging from fine arts to cultural heritage, these national and private institutions can be found in downtown Oslo and around its outskirts, all of which will be accessible with your cheap car rental in Oslo. For those wanting to mitigate any confusion or added expenditure around using public transportation to visit these gems, a Norway car rental from Kemwel will ultimately ensure that travelers can save time and money. Behind the wheel of your own rental car, you'll definitely be able to tour Oslo and its cultural institutes at your own leisure!

Viking Ship Museum (Vikingskipshuset)

Considering Norway’s iconic Viking heritage, some consider Oslo to be a gateway into the bygone world of these ancient Norse people. At least this is made evident with its celebrated Viking Ship Museum. Once known for their powerful sea vessels and fierce warrior culture, today visitors can interact with the world’s best-preserved Viking ships at this location. To be exact, the venue stores the antique Gokstad, Oseberg and Tune boats, all of which date back to the era when Vikings were flexing their might and charting new territories in North America.

However, what makes these boats truly different is the manner in which they became tombs for deceased warriors. That’s to say, all of them roamed the ocean before reaching land to be buried alongside their past owners as part of the Viking afterlife rituals. Over the years, archaeologists have discovered some of the most precious Viking artifacts at burial mounds across Norway, many of which are on display at the Viking Ship Museum. Due to its size and preserved state, Oseberg is perhaps the best-known burial ship in the world available for viewing at this space.

Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (Norsk Folkemuseum)

If you’re curious about Viking architecture, the Folk Museum is the place to be. Situated on the Bygdøy peninsula across from downtown Oslo, this cultural history museum showcases artifacts from across Norway. Nonetheless, it's most famous for  its open-air museum established in 1894 where visitors can admire conserved and highly-ornate Viking structures. In total, there are over 150 buildings comprising the open-air museums, including stave churches and traditional homes from the Viking era, many of which were physically relocated from towns.

Commonly referred to as the Museum Peninsula of Oslo, the Bygdøy peninsula is where several top museums can be found. Not only do these include the Viking Ship Museum, the Folk Museum and the Fram Museum, but many others. Some of these include the Kon-Tiki Museum, and the Norwegian Maritime Museum, all of which are easily accessible with your Oslo car hire from Kemwel.

Munch Museum (Munchmuseet)

When it comes to expressionism painting, many would say that the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch is a pioneer in this genre. Being a local legend in Oslo and by far the most famous Norwegian artist, Munch was the creative mastermind behind the world-renowned motif, “The Scream.” Dedicated to his fascinating life and legacy work, the Munch Museum is where visitors can appreciate over half of his creations that he bequeathed to Oslo following his death in 1944.

For any fine art appreciators, this gallery space provides access to over 1,000 paintings, 6,800 drawings, 18,000 graphic prints, six sculptures, 500 plates, and over 2,200 books, to be exact. Be mindful, though, that "The Scream" is located at the nearby National Gallery. Back in the day, all of these items were cramped-up in a storage space before being transported to the current space founded in 1963 within the Sofienberg area of Oslo. Presumably within the next year, all of the items will move once again when the museum inaugurates its much-anticipated new venue by the waterside area of Bjorvika.

Fram Museum (Frammuseet)

Launched in 1936, this polar exploration museum commemorates Norway’s most venerated explorers, including the likes of Fridtjof Nansen, Otto Sverdrup and Roald Amundsen. As history recites, Nansen and five companions made history by becoming the first people to cross the interior of Greenland. Together, they spent six weeks skiing across the ice caps where they lived in Nuuk for the winter before returning to Norway. In addition to relics and items from these expeditions, there are also exhibits of polar fauna, including polar bears and penguins.

As far as attractions go, one of the museum’s highlights includes Gjøa. Back in 2009, this institute collaborated with the Norwegian Maritime Museum to exhibit this ship, the first vessel to traverse the Northwest Passage. Specifically, Amundsen and his crew of six embarked on the three-year journey to accomplish this mission, making history in the process. For added fun, the Frammuseet has also assembled various visual stimulations of the ocean by the boat installations, providing the ambiance as if you were out on sea!

Vigeland Museum (Vigelandmuseet)

Named in honor of Gustav Vigeland, Norway’s most renowned sculptor who lived from 1869 to 1943, this museum used to be his studio and residence. Following extensive renovations, today the facility attracts hundreds of visitors to the sculpture garden on the premise. Attached to the quaint Vigeland Park, this is where tourists and locals alike can appreciate Vigeland's signature human forms carved from stone. Abstract but also realistic, these pieces celebrate the human form and all of its intricacies. Even better, the building itself is one of the best examples of neoclassical architecture in Norway.

For the art connoisseurs en route to Oslo, one of the most well-known pieces is “The Monolith” which stands 14.12 meters high and took over 14 years to complete. Highly symbolic, it represents humans’ urge to connect with the divine among its 121 intertwined carved figures. On the third floor of the building is also Vigeland’s former apartment that has been refurbished to appear in its original state. 

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