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Day Trips from Oslo: The Coolest Way to See Norway

Day Trips in Norway

Few of the world cities offer the kind of magic and marvel that Oslo provides. Overlooked to some extent when compared to some of Europe’s more famous cities, Oslo is set in a lush landscape of natural beauty.

Oslo is also surrounded by some of Norway’s most wondrous forests, valleys, rolling hills and mesmerizing lakes. With all of that, as well as a plethora of other quirky and interesting cities and villages to see, day trips from Oslo will be your best way to see Norway. To help you plan your Oslo adventure, here’s some of the best day trips:

Northern Lights by Car

Northern Lights, Tromso

If you really want to experience the beauty of Norway’s wintry mountains and picturesque countryside then take a trip on a real life polar adventure and head north. If you give yourself enough time you will be able to marvel at the Christmas magic in Lapland and fill your winter fantasies with snowshoeing, dog-sledding, and even skiing. Wind up in the northern town of Lofoten where you might be able to catch one of nature’s most incredible sights; the Northern Lights.

Western Fjords

Western Fjords, Norway

Once again there can be no better way of taking in the true splendor of Norway’s visually incredible countryside than heading out to the Western Fjords. There are so many ways to take in these incredible pillars of stone and ice once you reach the western town of Voss. You’ll be able to choose between cruising along the meandering icy rivers or just walking amongst their chilly embrace – either way it’ll be a day to remember!

Kongsberg Silver Mines

Kongsberg Silver Mines, Norway

The Buskerud region of Norway contains some of the country’s best historic sights and none are better than the Kongsberg Silver Mines. The mines themselves were active until 1958 when extraction stopped but all of the machinery, tunnels, and buildings became available to intrepid explorers ready to be amazed at what was one of Norway’s least known industries. This is known as the “King’s Mine” and is the biggest in the region at 1,830 feet below sea level. You’re bound to get some very unusual photos and be left with the kind of wonder that has been wowing 40,000 visitors every year!


Holmenkollen, Norway

What could be more “winter wonderland” than taking a day out of the hustle and bustle of Oslo and basking amongst the Vestre Aker borough of Holmenkollen. Here you will be met with a shimmering of fresh snow and an excellent range of outdoor activities, including a large ski hill which gives you an insight into why Norway always does so well at the Winter Olympics. Closer to the base of the ski hill there is a delightful town which surrounds a Royal Lodge; home of the Norwegian Royal Family during holidays like Christmas and the annual Ski Festival. Being very close to Oslo, this is one day of activity and a discovery that will bring you closer to a side of Norway you never expected. Also for fans of the novel The Snowman – this is where it is set!

Planning Your Own Day Trips from Oslo

If you’ve been planning a visit to Norway, why restrict yourself to only those attractions accessible by public transportation? An affordable car rental in Oslo will enable you to set out and explore on any number of day trips or road trips with convenience and ease! Kemwel offers a number of exclusive travel deals on more than just rental cars; check out our great rates on airfare to Europe, comfortable hotels, and more.

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