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Cheap Car Rental AltaAlta is a town and municipality in Finnmark county, Norway, with a population of around 18,000 inhabitants. Though Alta only became a true city in 1999, there are traces of settlement and society that date to 4200 BC in the area. In 1979 there was a demonstration called the Altasaken that happened here where the inhabitants protested the building of a hydroelectric dam, which brought the area to international attention. The dam was built regardless, but the salmon fishing remains as good as ever, which was the main concern. With cheap car rental locations all over Norway and a large variety of discount rental cars in Alta, there is no better way to tour this stunning region than by rental car!

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Alta has many things to do and see, and has a unique place to stay as well. Europe's northernmost ice hotel is located in the municipality, the Alta Igloo. There are also the rock carvings at Alta, dated to between 4200 and 500 BC, the location of which is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since the average annual rainfall in the area is around 400 mm per year, the clear skies make Alta one of the best places in the world to see the Aurora Borealis. If you have any questions about driving in Alta, visit Kemwel's driving information page for the answers.

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