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Cheap Car Rental in Svolvaer

Cheap car rental Svolvaer, Norway

Quaint fishing villages, arctic fjords, secluded beaches, rugged mountains begging to be climbed, and surprisingly warm weather for being near the Arctic. Rest assured, visitors to Svolvaer will surely encounter these astounding scenes with their Norway car rental. Located in the archipelago of the Lofoten Islands in the north, the bustling town of Svolvaer is a central location to organize a Scandivania rental car, especially when it comes to witnessing the Northern Lights or enjoying the Midnight Sun in one of Norway’s most scenic regions. It receive approximately 200,000 visitors every year, many of whom come to enjoy the mild winters. Take advantage of our assorted selection of cheap Svolvaer car rentals to explore this unique part of the world by using the Kemwel search engine located at the top of the page! Also feel free to take a look at Kemwel's driving information page to get more information about car rentals in Norway.

Svolvaer Airport Rentals Svolvaer Airport 

Tour Svolvaer with a Cheap Car Rental

Svolvaer is usually the first island that tourists visit before journeying to the rest of the Lofoten Islands. To accommodate so many visitors, the town offers many hotels and cabins available for rent, not to mention a great selection of restaurants serving fresh local seafood. Even though Svolvaer lies within the Arctic Circle and 2,420 km away from the North Pole, this area boasts a surprisingly mild winter due to its contact with the Gulf Stream. Moreover, this community is also home to the World Cod Fishing Championships held every March where over 600 contenders from 8 countries compete. Other local attractions include the Lofoten War Museum, the contemporary North Norwegian Art Centre, the Magic Ice bar full of frozen sculptures, plus the Lofoten International Arts Festival.

Book your Svolvaer car rental with Kemwel

No matter the travel occasion, we at Kemwel strive to simplify the booking process for international car rentals in all 20,000 of our locations, including Svolvaer and its local airport! With no hidden fees and free cancellation within 72 hours of scheduled pick-up, we take pride in safeguarding the lowest car rental prices on the web, not to mention our superior customer service team that can assist travelers in paying for Norway car rentals with a debit card!

What’s more, we also offer affordable complementary travel items to our customers, such as low-cost Norway lodging thanks to our hotel partnerships! With fewer travel logistics to worry about, customers can sit back and relax as they prepare for the Norwegian journey! In the meantime, feel free to call us at +1-877-820-0668 or view our frequently asked cheap car rental questions page. From Monday to Friday from 2 a.m. to 9  p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from  8 a.m. to 4 p.m., one of our agents will gladly assist you with enhancing or modifying your voucher, whether that be adding affordable hotels or flights to the package!

Speciality car rentals in Svolvaer for a low price

Ranging from SUVs to convertibles, the ideal car model is waiting for you on the Kemwel booking engine! While the appropriate car type depends on the nature of your trip, we are confident that newcomers to Svolvaer will be in good hands to journey across Norway or the rest of Northern Europe. Whether you aspire to tour Oslo via rental car, see the best museums in Norway, or even embark on a road trip to the largest cities in Scandinavia, there will be plenty of options to choose from over our booking platform!

Cheap luxury car rentals in Svolvaer

Cheap luxury car rentals Norway Kemwel Despite its geographic isolation and proximity to the North Pole, Svolvaer boasts some impeccable infrastructure and is pretty well-connected. Along those lines, this means that a luxury sport car rental will be totally doable, especially in terms of visiting nearby towns! Coming with unlimited mileage, a vehicle such as a Volvo V60 Wagon can bring visitors up close and personal to Northern Norway full of mesmerizing landscapes and breathtaking nature.


Cheap van rentals in Svolvaer

Cheap van rentals Svolvaer Norway KemwelThere are two primary reasons why people flock to Svolvaer; its nature and recreational outlets, especially hiking! For travelers heading to Svolvaer with the whole family or many friends, you may want to consider obtaining a spacious van rental through the Kemwel search engine for extra space and comfort. This way, you can bring some gear and plenty of food as you summit Svolværgeita, a 150m (490ft) granite rock wall and one of the most famous landmarks in Norway!