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Cheap Car Rentals Across the Baltic States

Affordable international car rentalPristine beaches, tranquil forests, bohemian cities and ancient villages are ubiquitous aspects of Baltic culture in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. While the trio share similar terrain, numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites and close proximity, the small European nations exude their own distinct cultural heritage, language and respective histories. Known for their plethora of architectural styles ranging from medieval, Baroque, Gothic and Art Nouveau, not to mention many national parks and gorgeous cathedrals, all three of these destinations can be discovered via car rental from the Kemwel search engine!

Cheapest car rental LithuaniaBeginning with a Vilnius car rental in Lithuania and journeying north to the charming Estonian capital of Tallinn across the way from Helsinki, one can most definitely look forward to immersing themselves within the top tourist attractions in the Baltic States. From meandering through the Lithuanian sand dunes of the Curonian Spit inhabited since pagan times, to wandering through the Old Town with a Riga car rental in Latvia, or even island hopping around Estonia, this region offers an adventure for every type of curious traveler! Around this unique part of Europe, the Kemwel booking engine can also streamline nearby car rentals in Finland, economic leasing options in Sweden, as well as affordable car leases in Poland

Popular Destinations for Cheap Baltic Car Rentals

As a testament of our partnerships with the world’s leading car rental providers, the Kemwel team can furnish globetrotters with low-cost car rentals in over 20,000 active pick-up and drop-off locations. For added convenience and accessibility, these even include hundreds of airports from across the globe and the Baltic region! While our associates distribute the actual automobile, we guarantee the cheapest car rental rates paired with award-winning customer service. In the end, we ensure the most hassle-free car rental experience abroad, especially in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. With no hidden fees or cancellation costs within 72 hours of scheduled retrieval, below are some of the most popular car rental locations in the Baltic States through Kemwel. To plan an exciting itinerary, be sure to take a peek at the Kemwel travel blog for some ideas and inspiration!

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Reserve a Cheap Baltic Car Rental over the Kemwel Booking Engine

Low-cost car rental LatviaLanguage barriers, unfamiliar road systems and different driving laws can certainly intimidate people from renting a car abroad. This is where Kemwel really strives to lighten the load with our useful driving guides that provide all of the essential information you need for a seamless rental experience, ranging from driving speeds and how to read road signs! On top of the most economic car rental rates and rules of the road, we at Kemwel also strive to achieve the highest levels of convenience and transparency with our 24/7 customer service team in case of any concerns or questions. Whether you’re in the beginning stages of planning your Baltic vacation or prepared to find a reliable car rental, our amicable agents can be easily reached at +1-877-820-0668 to assist you!

Along those lines, we have the ability to accept debit card payments for foreign car rentals! While this truly depends on the car rental company, our multifaceted search engine knows which suppliers permit this option. Through our same platform, we can even lend a hand in regards to convenient and efficient chauffeur services, as well as insight in regards to the International Driver’s Permit! At the end of the day, our clients have much to look forward to with renting a car in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania!

Cheap Car Rental in Baltic Cities
  • Tallinn
  • Riga
  • Vilnius
  • Kaunas
  • Palanga

Specialty Car Rental Models in the Baltic Region

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Specialty Transportation Services in the Baltic Region

Depending on your interests and nature of the trip, car renters in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania can anticipate some unbeatable rates for specialty car models. No matter if you’re traveling for fun or pure business, these models can surely add an extra layer of excitement for your upcoming adventure. Simply use the booking engine located at the top of the page to start comparing rates and available leases!

Luxury Car Rental in the Baltic States

Luxury Car Rental in the Baltic States

With top-shelf brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, the Kemwel team shows that luxury car rentals can be affordable and easily obtained with the guaranteed cheapest rates. No matter if you prefer an automatic or manual transmission, the Kemwel search engine has just the model for you!
Motorhome Rental Baltic States

Motorhome Rental in the Baltic States

If you envision yourself driving through the Estonian countryside ior cruising around Latvian lake country, an RV motorhome rental will certainly enable you to be closer to nature! Not only are they a portable hotel but also an effective means to immerse yourself in some gorgeous landscapes!
Van Rentals in the Baltic States

Van Rental in the Baltic States

Ideal for family excursions, van rentals are among the most diverse in terms of various sizes and passenger capacity! If you are seeking comfort and convenience, then a van rental purchased through Kemwel may be the best solution! In the end you won’t need to sacrifice precious luggage space for comfort!
Car Rental in the Baltic States