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Cheap car rentals in Estonia with Kemwel

Estonia car rental KemwelFollowing millennia of foreign influence, the small yet influential European country of Estonia has emerged as one of the most trending tourist destinations in the Baltic region. From its many UNESCO World Heritage sites and charming eclectic architecture, Estonia is known for its dense forests that comprise 50% of its landmass. With national parks like Lahemaa in the north and a field of meteor craters known as Kaali on the island of Saaremaa, Estonia can certainly be considered a nature lover's paradise easily accessible via car rental! All the same, many hail this country as one of the most digitally advanced in the world. For example, Estonians have been voting online since 2005 and even the software developers behind Skype come from this enchanted land! With Finland to the north across the gulf, Russia to the east, while Latvia and Lithuania lay south, an Estonia car rental will be your golden ticket to explore the road less traveled in Northern Europe. Whether you’d like to explore the mysterious crater fields on Saaremaa island or tour the Old Town of Tallinn, there’s something for everybody in Estonia on the Kemwel search engine!

Where can I find cheap car rentals in Estonia?

By using the Kemwel booking engine located at the top of the page, travelers will have access to more than 20,000 tactful locations to pick-up or drop-off their international car rental. Such coverage is a result of our strong partnerships with the most recognized car rental suppliers! As more visitors arrive to Estonia every year to learn about this unique forward-thinking culture, we’re happy to share our superb car rental rates in Tallinn as well as the Tallinn International Airport!

With models ranging from luxury sports cars to versatile vans, the award-winning customer service team at Kemwel can certainly help turn your dream vacation in Europe into a reality! Call us anytime, any day at +1-877-820-0668 to take advantage of our customer service and guaranteed lowest rates not only for car rentals but add-on items, like booster seats! For even more convenience, we also know which car rental providers accept debit card payments for car rentals for those without credit options. To make the most of your time in the Baltic states, we invite you to also take a peek at some of the best priced car rentals in Latvia as well as short-team vehicle lease in Lithuania!

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What are the most popular tourist attractions in Estonia?

Considering that the Swedes, Germans, Danes, Poles and Russians have all ruled Estonia at least once throughout history, one of the most captivating aspects of touring Estonia is its history, especially in terms of being able to drive from one medieval site to another. Among the most famous structures is the Kuressaare Castle dating back to the 1300s. While this relic is located on the island of Saaremaa, another great aspect of visiting Estonia is enjoying its undeniable island culture. Including lakes, this small country boasts over 2,000 islands full of history and European charm! Some of the most popular ones include Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Kihnu, Ruhnu and Vormsi with common activities ranging from kayaking, canoeing, swimming in the summer months, hiking and so much more! Such geography serve as a reminder that bygone glaciers certainly did a splendid job shaping Estonia’s landscapes!

Cheap luxury car rental in Estonia

Best priced luxury car rentals in Estonia

Time to roll down the windows, let down your hair and let the music play! With a luxury sport car rental in Estonia, you can cruise around the streets of Tallinn or other towns in humble yet opulent style! Affordable and easily accessible over our booking engine, we at Kemwel prove that luxury car rentals don't cost a fortune! Ultimately, we guarantee the lowest rates on prestige car rentals in locations across Estonia and the rest of Europe!


Cheap van rental in Estonia

Cheap van rentals Estonia

By renting you a spacious and versatile van in Estonia, you are pretty much ensuring that all of your passengers can travel in comfort without having to sacrifice leg room or luggage space! In the end, this should make driving time that much more relaxing for everybody! To make sure that all of your needs are met, Kemwel offers a varied selection of minivans to choose from so you can find the most appropriate size and price!


Cheap motorhome rental in Estonia

Affordable RV motorhomes Estonia

Due to so much nature in Estonia, a robust RV motorhome rental from Kemwel will surely prepare you to explore all of the sights and sounds within this Baltic nation! From visiting all of the scenic national parks to camping in the meadows, renting a motorhome will allow you to stop and rest at your own leisure. For a guaranteed adventure, consider renting your Latvia motorhome rental today!


Frequent questions about car rentals in Estonia


What is the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Estonia?

People can rent vehicles as young as 19 years old in Estonia, while the official policy may differ among car rental suppliers. Similarly, renters are expected to have at least one year’s worth of driving experience to purchase a short-term or long-term car lease. All the while, those under 25 may accrue a younger driver surcharge, which is essentially an extra layer of insurance added to your reservation costs.

Do I need to purchase car rental insurance in Estonia?

Every car rental company operating in Estonia will require travelers to purchase fire and third-party liability insurance for their respective car rental. Specifically, these mandatory insurances include fire and third-party liability for the rental unit, regardless of the model. On the bright side, third-party liability insurance comes with unlimited coverage to protect you in the event of damage or injury to people or property from the outside.

Is it easy to find parking and pay tolls in Estonia

Like other parts of Europe, there aren’t any highway tolls in Estonia. When it comes to parking, Estonia also enforces a “pay and display” parking system where drivers purchase a ticket from a meter to place on their windshields. Those parked illegally may risk getting towed or find a wheel clamp once they return.

Do I need to get an International Driver's Permit in Estonia?

Estonia doesn't require foreigners to obtain an IDP. As long as you have a valid driver’s license and meet the age requirements with necessary driving experience, you will not need to apply for one in Estonia. The following countries require an IDP to rent a vehicle: Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Serbia, United Arab Emirates. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding your IDP.

What is the speed limit in Estonia?

  • City: 30mph/50kph
  • Open Roads: 60mph/100kph
  • Highways: 54mpg/90kph