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Bargain car rentals in Latvia with Kemwel

Cheapest car rentals in Latvia available on the Kemwel search engineThere are three guarantees when visiting Latvia: rapid internet, lots of trees, not to mention affordable and reliable car rentals through the Kemwel booking engine! As far as connectivity goes, Latvia’s average internet speed is 13.8 M/B compared to 11.9 in the US, all while being one of the greenest nations in Europe with 54% of its landmass covered in forest! Resting between Lithuania and Estonia via car rental, this seaside country is a rising star within the Baltic tourism sector, especially in regards to car rentals to easily navigate between prominent attractions! From touring the acclaimed medieval and Art Nouveau architecture of Riga to hiking, boating, skiing and cycling at Gauja National Park, this country has something to offer for everybody! Accompanied with an economic luxury car or versatile van, the Kemwel team is here to make all of the travel logistics in Latvia go as seamless as possible!

Where do I find the cheapest car rentals in Latvia?

Over the Kemwel search engine, prospective travelers to Latvia can enjoy our 30% discounts on Riga car rentals! Often called the “Paris of the North,” the capital city boasts over 800 highly-detailed and captivating Art Nouveau buildings in the Old Town sector. Additional car rental options around the capital are also available at the Riga International Airport, just one of 20,000 strategic locations where Kemwel collaborates with the most trusted car rental suppliers, such as the regional all star provider, addCar!

All too aware that renting vehicles abroad can be a daunting task, we are proud to provide our clients with outstanding customer care in case any questions come up throughout the process, such as renting a car with a debit card! Feel free to call us anytime, any day at +1-877-820-0668! Besides top-notch car rental rates in Latvia and superb help staff, we can even lend a hand in terms of providing some travel inspiration with our emerging blog section!

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What is Latvia known for?

Often viewed as an “enticing mix of old and new,” the Baltic country of Latvia has a complex and deep history between foreign rulers, WWII and even being part of the former Soviet Union until 1990. Since then, this country has been on an upward trajectory! Nowadays, folks from across the world come to this peaceful corner of the world to enjoy its Baltic coastline at places like Jurmala Beach and Kemeri Park. On top of all the Art Nouveau buildings in Riga, the capital city also has an array of baroque and Gothic structures that visitors love to frequent.

Cheap luxury car rental in Latvia

Cheapest luxury car rentals in Latvia via KemwelWith the windows rolled down and music playing, you can cruise around the streets and towns of Latvia in humble yet opulent style in a luxury car rental through Kemwel! Affordable and easily reserved over our booking engine, we at Kemwel prove that luxury car rentals don't cost a fortune! Ultimately, we guarantee the lowest rates on prestige car rentals in locations across Lithuania and the rest of Europe!


Cheap van rental in Latvia

Cheap van rentals in LatviaWhen you rent a van in Latvia, you are ensuring that all of your passengers can travel in comfort without having to sacrifice leg room or luggage space, making your driving time that much more relaxing. To make sure that all of your needs are met, Kemwel offers a varied selection of minivans to choose from so you can find the most appropriate size and price!


Cheap motorhome rental in Latvia

Affordable motorhome rentals in LatviaWith a versatile RV motorhome rental from Kemwel, one can freely explore all of the sights and sounds of Latvia! From visiting all of the scenic national parks to camping in the meadows, renting a motorhome will allow you to stop and rest at your own leisure. For a guaranteed adventure, consider renting your Latvia motorhome rental today!


Common questions about car rentals in Latvia


What’s the minimum age requirement to rent a car in Latvia?

Travelers can rent vehicles as young as 21 years old in Latvia, while they may differ among car rental suppliers. Similarly, rents are expected to have at least one year’s worth of driving experience to purchase a short-term or long-term car lease. All the while, which is essentially an extra layer of insurance added to your reservation costs.

Do I need to buy car rental insurance in Latvia?

Every car rental company operating in Latvia will require travelers to purchase fire and third-party liability insurance for their respective car rental. Specifically, these mandatory insurances include fire and third-party liability for the rental unit, regardless of the model. On the bright side, third-party liability insurance comes with unlimited coverage to protect you in the event of damage or injury to people or property from the outside.

Do I need to apply for an International Driver’s Permit in Latvia?

Like its neighbors, Latvia doesn't require foreigners to obtain an IDP. As long as you have a valid driver’s license and meet the age requirements with necessary driving experience, you will not need to apply for one in Estonia. The following countries require an IDP to rent a vehicle: Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Serbia, United Arab Emirates. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding your IDP.

What is the speed limit in Latvia?

  • City: 31mph/50kph
  • Open Roads: 55mph/90kph
  • Highways: 62mpg/100kph