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addCar Rentals in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

addCar logoFounded by Kristian Kirchheiner, addCar began in 2005 in conjunction with airBaltic. Ever since then, this Riga-based car rental company has developed a strong franchise with dozens of global locations, many of which are available over the Kemwel booking engine! What Kemwel and addCar have in common are transparency and optimal pricing! With its Baltic origins, addCar enhances any trip to Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania with a car rental from its fleet! 

Whether you hope to take your Baltic car rental to the Lithuanian countryside to go hunting, bobsledding in the Latvian forests, kayaking around the Estonia archipelago, adventures await you when you reserve through Kemwel! No matter what you’d like to put on your travel agenda, our trusted partner addCar is one of the best in regards to unforgettable European road trips

Where does addCar operate?

Cheapest car rentals on the web Most active in the Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, addCar also offers rental services in dozens of other international locations. These include: Albania, Argentina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Jamaica, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Peru, Poland, Romania, Serbia, St. Martin, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates, at least according to its website. Thanks to Kemwel's cohesive partnership with addCar, customers can also take advantage of our unbeatable one-way car rental deals in Europe! Similarly, we also have great options at various airports and railway stations throughout our growing network!


Car Rental Fleet with addCar

Ranging from low-cost luxury sports cars to spacious multi-passenger vans and heavy-duty motorhomes for some wilderness exploration, addCar maintains a diverse car rental fleet for our customers. Based on addCar’s website and search results over the Kemwel search engine, some popular models Kemwel cheap car rentals include VW Golf variants, Opel Vivaros, Renaults, among many others.

addCar Rental Insurance

Included in your booking reservation with addCar includes 24/7 roadside assistance in case of unforeseen circumstances as well as third party liability protection. In other words, drivers are covered in case they’re threatened with lawsuits for physical injury or damage to somebody else’s property. Extra protections entail collision and damage insurances, not to mention provisions against theft, meaning replacements are easily available. Other insurance protections can be purchased at addCar, in addition to children seats. Side note: addCar rentals also come with unlimited mileage for no additional cost!

What to bring for addCar Pick-Up

Affordable car rental KemwelAt the end of the day, trips abroad require levels of preparedness and research, especially when it comes to international car rentals. Keeping that in mind, the following items will ensure smooth sailing at addCar while picking-up or dropping-off your rental. These include: credit or debit card in the primary driver’s name, a valid US driving license, as well as an International Driver's Permit in certain countries. To err on the side of precaution, it would also be advisable to have a copy of your Kemwel voucher.


Frequently Asked Questions about addCar rentals

Does addCar offer vehicles with automatic transmission to rent?

Like other European car rental companies, manual transmission vehicles are far more common (not to mention adored) than self-shifting models. addCar isn’t any exception, but fortunately, the company does offer some automatic options within its diverse car fleet. At the moment, these entail VW Passats, VW Polos, VW Golfs, Opel Corsas, Honda CRVs and Skoda Superb Wagons.

How old do drivers need to be to rent a vehicle with addCar?

Being an international car rental company, the necessary age of drivers renting a vehicle through addCar varies by country. That’s to say, each location and car group enforces different age restrictions. Simply inquire via the Kemwel search engine to receive more detailed information. All the while, drivers between the ages of 18 and 25 will incur additional charges through the Young Driver Surcharge. At least at addCar, drivers need to have credentials valid for a minimum of two years.

Can clients add an additional driver to their addCar rental?

Yes, addCar allows renters to list additional drivers on their reservation for a fee. Just keep in mind that these individuals must also have a valid driver’s license and be included in the formal rental contract.