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5 Trivia Facts about Rome

Cheapest car rental Rome, ItalyWith human settlement spanning over two millennia, it’s easy to see why Rome has been nicknamed the Eternal City. Even the locals back in ancient times believed that Rome would somehow last forever! Ultimately embracing the “all roads lead to Rome” proverb with our extensive selection of cheap Rome car rentals, the Italian capital is the second-most visited EU city after Paris with between 7–10 million annual visitors, sometimes double during holy years.

Between the Roman Forum, Catacombs, Colosseum, the Vatican, and other famous landmarks, there is history and folklore emanating from every corner of Rome, especially when you travel with a cheap Italian car rental from Kemwel. Embedded into every structure or roadside attraction is a myth or story dating back to primordial times, making Rome one of the most legendary places to visit in Europe.

Before you take your cheap Rome car rental to Lake Como while avoiding all of the tourist traps, be sure to appreciate some of the city's fascinating history during your stay! Below is a special blog post about some of Rome’s fabled roots ranging from pasta, cats, mythological heroes, and so much more! Furnished with a vehicle from one of our top-rated car rental providers such as Hertz, Europcar, and Avis, you’ll be able to see all of the gems mentioned in this informative article!

The mythological founders of Rome are Romulus and Remus

Legend has it that a she-wolf raised the original founder of Rome, the prolific Romulus. Abandoned by the Tiber river alongside his twin brother Remus for supposedly being threats to the king, the demigod duo allegedly grew up with this mythological creature before being raised by shepherds. Together the twins were originally going to build the city until a land disagreement resulted in Remus’ murder and Romulus becoming Rome’s first ruler in 735 BC. Today the mascot of Rome is this she-wolf nursing the brothers as infants.

Feral cats have the right of way in Rome

As far as Rome’s law of the land goes, cats are not to be bothered, even the estimated 300,000 feral ones living on the streets. Matter of fact, it’s actually against the law to forcefully remove the cats, so don’t be alarmed to see legions of them lounging around the Colosseum or Forum ruins. For many Italians, cats represent part of Rome’s ancient heritage, especially since they were historically used as pest terminators. In particular, the cats residing around Torre Argentina (home of a cat sanctuary) and other relics are considered to be part of Rome’s “bio-heritage” as of 2001.

Rome has its own pasta museum

Known as “Museo Nazionale delle Paste Alimentari” in Italian, Rome’s pasta museum is a popular off the beaten path destination within the city. Here is where visitors will discover how vehemently Italians associate pasta with their culture. While the Chinese technically invented the traditional noodle, Italians were the ones that revolutionized “dry pasta” that could be stored for an indefinite amount of time and exported across the world. Some theories entertain the idea that Marco Polo brought back the noodle after his voyages in China during the 13th century.

The world’s smallest independent state exists inside Rome

Some people may be surprised to know that the Vatican is actually an autonomous country, despite its tiny size! Every year tourism grows by the millions within this micronation, sometimes reaching over 20,000 daily visitors in the summer! Many come to gaze at the fresco-painted ceilings at the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest church ever constructed. There is even a secret passageway from the Sant’Angelo Castle next door that is also full of frescoes and even has a museum of the former prison. Maybe you’ll run into the Pope in the process!

Trevi Fountain makes bank

Ask any tourist who has gone to Rome if they have thrown a coin into the Trevi Fountain and the answer will probably be yes. Some sources say that this landmark collects over 3,000 euros a day, all of which is donated to a local Catholic charity known as Caritas that uses the money to help local families in need. This wonder dating back to 1732 also happens to be the largest Baroque-style fountain in the city, not to mention of the most iconic fountains in the world visible with a cheap Rome car rental from Kemwel!

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