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Rome to Tuscany by Rental Car: Driving Tours of Italy

Rome to Tuscany by Car

Welcome to freedom. The roads across Italy give the driver the easiest and most wondrous way of experiencing the famous old country. Driving across country makes moving from one wonderful region to another a truly memorable experience of itself.

Whenever you choose to tear yourself from the ancient city of Rome your heart will be craving immediate satisfaction. This is why traveling from Rome to Tuscany by car is best way to leave the city. You have two options for your driving tours of Italy – both are excellent and provide you with heavenly insights into Italian life within its small towns that you would have otherwise missed. Your hardest decision will be whether to take the coastal road or take the hill top pass in your affordable Rome car rental.

Coastal road

Porto Ercole, Italy

Your first option is to pick up a cheap car rental in Rome from Kemwel and take to the stunning coastal road heading along Italy’s western coast through the Roman region of Lazio and into the Tuscan province. Along the way you will pass some truly delightful and quaint seaside towns that are definitely worth stopping in.

Aside from the intoxicating beauty of the sheer cliffs and beautiful blue water beside you also get to experience the area in all its glory by stopping at some interesting towns. Whilst passing along the Lazio coast make sure to spend a few hours across in Ponza. Here you will find ancient history living side-by-side with modernity in this quintessential Italian small town. As you get further along the coastline and you enter Tuscany, be sure to spend some time in Porto Ercole in the province of Gosseto. This small port town is the resting place of Caravaggio and makes a great entry point for discovering the rest of Tuscany.

Hilltop road

Orvieto, Italy

For a more earthy experience head out of Rome and straight into the hills. Here you will find old hilltop towns with fog lingering on them, adding to a sense of mystical beauty. Head for Orvieto and discover its medieval beauty and mystical atmosphere. You cant help but feel part of another age in this magical place and the town makes a great stop of for a quick rest or a long stay.

After Orvieto head for Bagno Vignoni and its incredible hot thermal springs. You will fall in complete love with this ancient town and will swear to come back. To cheer your sadness at leaving this haven on the hill, remind yourself that next is Siena. The Gothic majesty of Siena is like an open air museum and will take your breath away with its impossible beauty.

Whichever route you decide to take you will be able to enjoy all of what you see along the way in your own time. Traveling from Rome to Tuscany by car is one of Italy’s best road trips. With the freedom to stop off and enjoy the views and relax in some of the quaintest and most poetic settings you could imagine. You will thank your lucky stars that you did not choose to go by train and turn all of this into one big blur whizzing past the window.

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