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Tour Lake Como with a Milan or Lugano car rental

cheap car rentals lake como italyShining like a pearl nestled in the Alps lies the radiant “Lago di Como” in Italy’s acclaimed Lakes Region of Lombardy. As azaleas, wisteria, rhododendrons, camellias and bougainvillea blossom throughout the summer season, the Lake Como resort area is certainly one of the most popular vacation destinations in Europe. With its numerous charming villages and towns, newcomers often come equipped with an Italian car rental or even a cheap Swiss car hire to effectively navigate the lands! Yet no matter where you begin your journey, the Kemwel booking engine can provide the perfect vehicle to explore this luscious part of the world!

Rent a car for Lake Como Travel with Kemwel

Based on Lake Como’s geographic location in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, a huge bulk of lakeside visitors come furnished with a Milan car rental purchased from Kemwel. At the same time, the Italian-speaking city of Lugano in Switzerland is another place where many travelers originate from. Find out more about these urban hubs below and how to reach Lake Como with a Milan or Lugano car rental, whether they be luxury models, multi-passenger vans, among other unbeatable options!

Lake Como road trip with a cheap Milan car rental

Known for its fashion week and thriving automobile industry, not only does the Italian metropolis of Milan rouse visitors for its cosmopolitan flair but also proximity to some of the most splendid nature in continental Europe by Lake Como! Being the capital of Lombardy and the second-largest city in Italy after Rome but with less tourist traps, this industrial hub dating back to 600 BC has a population of around 1.4 million within the city proper. However, the metropolitan area is home to over 3.26 million people. Due to its expansive infrastructure, it makes sense why so many locals and visitors flock to Lake Como with a Milan car rental, especially to these popular towns:

Distance from Milan to Como: 56 min (49.4 km/31 mi)Cheap car rentals in Milan, Italy

Distance from Milan to Bellagio: 1.5 hrs (78.2 km/49 mi)

Distance from Milan to Varenna: 1.5 hrs (84.4 km/52 mi)

Distance from Milan to Menaggio: 1.5 hrs (82.6 km/51 mi)

Where to pick-up or drop-off Milan car rental

Lake Como road trip with a cheap Lugano car rental

Not only is Lake Como a popular vacation spot for Italians but also leisure-seeking Swiss with a Lugano car rental. In case the name doesn't ring a bell, Lugano is one of Switzerland's most prominent banking centers and tourism centers with a population of around 53,000. Considering that Lugano is part of the Italian-speaking region of Ticino, this historic town shares many cultural similarities with neighboring Italy. Although this community also boasts its very own Lake Lugano, many Swiss and visitors alike also enjoy heading south to Lake Como for a quick nature getaway in the Italian Alps. Fortunately, the most frequented towns around LCheap Car Rental Switzerlandake Como are all under two hours away!

Distance from Lugano to Como: 45 min (33.2 km/21 mi)

Distance from Lugano to Bellagio: 1.25 hrs (34.5 km/21 mi)

Distance from Lugano to Varenna: 1.25 hrs (32.5 km/20 mi)

Distance from Lugano to Menaggio: 45 min (28 km/17 mi)

Where to pick-up or drop-off Lugano car rental

Due to our collaborations with the top-rated car rental suppliers on the market, we at Kemwel can offer the guaranteed lowest car rental prices for those heading to Lake Como. Whether you intend to acquire a car rental in Italy or reserve a vehicle in Switzerland, our network includes over 20,000 worldwide locations! Upping the ante, our team can assist those considering to rent a hotel near Lake Como or even arrange cheap airfare to Italy for a holistic travel experience! Start browsing through our competitive rates or simply give us a call at +1-877-820-0668 to get the ball rolling for your next foreign adventure!

Find the cheapest car rentals around Lake Como

With an area of 56 sq mi (146 sq km) close to the Swiss border, the Y-shaped Lake Como is the third-largest lake in Italy following Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore. Publications such as The Huffington Post have previously hailed this body of water as the most beautiful lake in the world, especially due to its special micro-climate paired with grandiose villas for an opulent retreat. Some of these include Villa Olmo, Villa Serbelloni, and Villa Carlotta. What’s more, around the lake are some of Italy’s quaintest villages, such as the namesake Como, Bellagio, Varenna, as well as Menaggio.

In addition to the village of Como, other trendy towns known as the “Golden Triangle” are also easily reachable with a car rental from the Kemwel booking engine. All vivid, colorful and explored within a matter of hours, this trio includes the small communities of Bellagio, Varenna, and Menaggio, all of which could be experienced in one day if you plan accordingly! Each of the authentic places also showcase quintessential Italian architecture, well-preserved cobbled streets, scenic promenades by the water, not to mention plenty of dining and lodging for tourists.

What are the most popular towns around Lake Como?

Explore Como

Situated by the southwestern corner of the lake is the actual town of Como, which will most likely be your port of arrival if arriving from Milan. Along those lines, Como car rentals are also readily available for Kemwel clients over our dynamic booking platform! Rest assured that this locality has the most amenities ranging from vintage streets, palatial villas, verdant botanical gardens, shopping, great dining and unbeatable views.

In regards to must-see attractions, there is a bounty of sites to be seen in Como! For religious architecture, the 14th century Como Cathedral and the Basilica di Sant’Abbondio. The Basilica is even older than the cathedral, dating back to the 11th century and constructed by the Benedictines. Within the Palazzo Giovio, visitors will also discover the Como Archeological Museum with artifacts from the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. Even better, the weekly open-air market by Porta Torre will be an ideal time to shop for souvenirs or other mementos!

Explore Varenna

Small and undeniably charming, visitors to Lake Como should be able to experience Varenna over the course of a few hours. The town’s main attractions include the picturesque harbor with an assortment of nearby cafes and gelato shops, not to mention the San Giorgio Plaza. This is where you will encounter the Chiesa di San Giorgio, a 16th century Benedictine Church in its vibrant Renaissance style.

For must-see local attractions, we recommend paying a visit to Castello di Vezio perched on a nearby hill with its epic ruins and ancient stone tower. Within the tower there is even an informative exhibition centered around the Lariosaurus, an ancient sea reptile from the Middle Triassic period that supposedly once lived in Lake Como.

Explore Bellagio

The early bird gets the worm in Bellagio! In other words, this town tends to get progressively more crowded throughout the day based on its popularity, so best to arrive before 9 am to avoid the masses. After all, many consider Bellagio to be the most gorgeous town around Lake Como due to its optimal location. Specifically, it is perched by the intersection of where the three arms of Lake Como meet. From La Punta promenade, folks will have unbeatable views of the lake from practically any vantage point.

Ultimately, the earlier you arrive at Bellagio, the better. Fewer people will allow you to easily maneuver around the narrow streets, go window shopping, pay a visit to the Basilica of San Giacomo as well as the Melzi Gardens, not to mention enjoy a tasty meal at one of the many outdoor cafes. Nearby is also the fishing town of Pescallo for more local perspectives, not to mention an assortment of artisan shops, botanical gardens, plus many restaurants.

Explore Menaggio

Famous for recreation and its enchanting promenade on the western shore of Lake Como north of Bellagio, another must-see town is Menaggio. On top of incredible views from the ferry port, this town also has an underground tunnel for motorists and drivers to utilize. In the end, such convenient infrastructure definitely helps to prevent traffic congestion while helping travelers reach their destinations in a more timely manner.

One of the most popular activities in Menaggio involves taking a private boat cruise around the azure waters of Lake Como. Compared to other towns around the lake, Menaggio also attracts more young people since it has the only youth hostel in the area, La Primula. Another prominent pastime is shopping for local crafts on Via Calvi or attending the annual Menaggio Guitar Festival every summer.

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