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Bargain car rentals in the Balkan Peninsula

Balkan cheap car rental From the legendary Acropolis of Athens to the chic resorts on the Croatian island of Hvar surrounded by the Adriatic Sea, car rental tourism is a booming sector throughout the Balkan Peninsula! Composed of dozens of distinct yet intertwined cultures, this primordial part of Europe has always been a crossroads of East and West among the multiple ancient empires that have shaped the rugged yet undeniably enchanting terrain. Between the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Yugoslav relics and well-preserved ruins, visitors will undeniably be equipped to visit the area’s most renowned cultural heritage sites with an automobile from the Kemwel booking engine! Whether you envision yourself gliding down the turquoise-colored Neretva River in Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina or touring the famed Dracula Castle in Romania, easy mobility will be a surefire way to effectively see the many treasures that this region holds.

Top Kemwel car rental destinations in the Balkans

Being a melting pot of different cultures, each Balkan country has something different to offer newcomers in terms of language, food, music, arts, not to mention a myriad of car rental options! This is especially true in metropolitan capital cities such as Belgrade, Sofia, Zagreb, among others, where Kemwel even provides optimal car rentals at major airports and rail stations. Now that Kemwel has developed a network of over 20,000 pick-up and drop-off locations for foreign car rentals with partners such as CarWiz, the following locations are where you will have superb access to some of the Balkans' most beloved destinations. Whether you want to summit mountains in Theth National Park with your Albania car rental or reach a rustic log cabin in the Julian Alps with your short-term Bled car lease in Slovenia, the Kemwel team has you covered!

Balkan country car rentals

Balkan city car rental

Balkan airport car rental

Secure your Balkan car rental today with Kemwel

There’s no denying that renting a car abroad can often be complicated or potentially overwhelming. All too aware of this, the Kemwel team commits itself to streamlining the process for international travelers with its simplified booking process. Price optimization paired with a customer service hotline distinguishes us from our competitors, not to mention our ability to accept debit card payments for foreign car rentals! With no hidden fees and free cancellation within 72 hours of pick-up, we provide a dynamic platform not only to rent affordable cars but also essential travel amenities ranging from cheap flights to Europe, affordable hotels, and chauffeur services. Let us not also forget about our growing travel blog for some ideas and inspiration while travelling in Southern Europe. Keeping all of this in mind, below you find our unbeatable specialty car rental rates in the Balkans!

Specialty Car Rental Models in the Balkan Region

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Specialty Transportation Services in the Balkan Region

Depending on your interests and nature of the trip, car renters in the Balkan Peninsula can anticipate some unbeatable rates for specialty car models. No matter if you’re traveling for fun or pure business, these models can surely add an extra layer of excitement for your upcoming adventure. Simply use the booking engine located at the top of the page to start comparing rates and available leases!

Luxury Car Rental in the Balkan States

Luxury Car Rental in the Balkan States

Whoever said that renting a luxury car in the Balkans would cost a fortune has never heard of Kemwel! If you would like to cruise around the Metropolitan cities of Athens, Belgrade, Sofia or Zagreb in a sleek sports car, then Kemwel has a model just for you!
Motorhome Rental Balkan States

Motorhome Rental in the Balkan States

The hills are alive in the Balkans! Nature enthusiasts will adore the Balkan Peninsula for its many stunning conservation areas, ranging from Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia to Triglav National Park in Slovenia. Such an abundance of greenspace and scenery will go well with an RV motorhome rental from the Kemwel search engine! These robust vehicles allow travelers to bring the hotel along with them wherever they go!
Van Rentals in the Balkan States

Van Rental in the Balkan States

Family beach vacations in the Balkans and diverse spacious van rentals are a match made in heaven! After all, the region is home to some of Europe’s most beloved beaches such as those found on the Greek islands of Mykonos, Crete and Corfu! Perhaps the radiant Dalmatian Coast in Croatia is also calling your name! Safe to say, the more space the merrier during your time hopping from one Balkan beach to another.
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