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Cheap Car Rentals in Romania

Rent a Car in Romania

Kemwel has plenty of cheap car rental locations in the Balkan Peninsula and Romania, so picking up your rental vehicle is simple. We offer a variety of inexpensive rental vehicle options for your convenience. Whether you wish to rent a car in Bucharest and find the delights of urban Romania, explore the charming countryside, or the refreshing coastline, Kemwel can take you where you want to go. Book early to take advantage of deals on cheap flights to Romania.

Tour with a Cheap Car Rental in Romania

Visit Romania's beautiful coastal Black Sea region, full of resorts, beaches and healing waters. See the beautifully intact medieval towns Romania is famed for, with castles and towers galore. Bram Stoker's Dracula was based on Bran Castle, located just outside of Brasov. Peles Castle in Sinaia is probably the most well known of the medieval castles in Romania, and the visitor will not be disappointed. With ornate architecture, extensive murals and carvings, this castle is one of the best examples of architecture in all of Romania. With an affordable rental from Kemwel, you can experience Romania up close! If you have questions about driving in Romania, our driving information page can help.

Cheap Car Rental in Romania with Kemwel

When you book a cheap rental car online with Kemwel in Romania, the freedom to explore the natural beauty and historic preservation of this accomplished nation is yours! We utilize high quality suppliers such as Europcar to ensure a seamless rental process. Kemwel's frequently asked questions page will address any questions you may have regarding the rental process. You may also call Kemwel's helpful staff toll free, at +1-877-820-0668 Monday to Friday 2 a.m. to 9  p.m. and Saturday to Sunday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Also be sure to check out competitive car rental rates in nearby Turkey as well as GreeceRomaniaBulgariaNorth Macedonia, CroatiaSerbia, Bosnia and Albania to explore of this fascinating part of Europe!

Romania Driving Overview

General Information
If you love ancient castles and historic architecture then you will not be disappointed when traveling to Romania! This lovely country is nestled in the heart of Southeast Europe and is home to the infamous Bran Castle said to be where Bram Stoker’s Dracula was based. A cheap car rental from Kemwel will allow you to see all this and much more! We at Kemwel would like to make sure that you have the safest trip possible, therefore we have compiled a detailed list of important information regarding renting and driving in Romania.

In order to rent a car in Romania you must be at least 21 years old, however minimum age requirements can change depending on the vehicle category. Certain car suppliers may have maximum age limits requiring you to be under the age of 70. You must have had your driver’s license for at least 1 year, but some specific categories you may be required to have held your license for 2 or even 3 years in some cases.

Speed Limits
The speed limits in Romania are as follows: city 50km/h (31mph), major roads 90 km/h (55mph) and highways 120km/h (74mph)

Rules of the Road
Vehicles are required to travel on the right side of the road at all times. When in a roundabout all vehicles entering from the right have the right of way. Romania has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Gas and Diesel
Gas stations located in central city areas in Romania are usually open from 8am to 6pm with some stations staying open 24hrs. Cash is the best form of payment as not all stations accept international credit cards.

In Romania you will encounter a toll when traveling into Bulgaria from the city of Giurgiu and when crossing the Danube River.

When parking in Romania all vehicles are required to park in the direction that traffic flows and along the right side of the street only.

Romania Car Rental Insurance Information

General Information
When traveling and renting a vehicle in an unfamiliar place it is always a good idea to find out what the insurance requirements are for vehicle rentals in that specific country. When renting a car with Kemwel in Romania your rate will include any mandatory insurance necessary. Insurance details specific to your rental will print in the terms and conditions area of your rental voucher.

At this time we at Kemwel would like for you to take a moment to read about the following insurance guidelines that may apply to car rentals in Romania.

Required Coverage
In Romania all vehicle rentals are required to have third party liability and fire insurance coverage. Kemwel has made getting this insurance easier then ever for third party liability and fire insurance are automatically included on all basic rental rates in Romania. Third party liability provides unlimited insurance coverage to any damages to property or injury to people outside of the rental vehicle (pedestrians, buildings, other vehicles). Fire insurance provides an unlimited coverage in the event the rental vehicle is involved in a fire.

Optional Coverage
For rentals taking place in Romania Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and theft protection are optional. Kemwel provides CDW and theft insurances on all inclusive rental rates in Romania generally at an advance purchase discount. If you decide to decline the CDW and theft protection in order to take advantage of coverage provided by your credit card we strongly suggest for you to contact the credit card company to learn the specifics of the coverage. CDW and theft can be purchased locally, the cost for CDW is approximately $16-25 USD per day and theft is about $7-$17 USD per day, the cost of both insurances is dependent on the vehicle category. Most car suppliers in Romania will have a deductible on the CDW and theft protection that you will be responsible for that ranges from $320 up to $960 USD. Personal accident insurance is an optional form of insurance that is available locally at the rental counter for about $34 USD per day and will provide death and disability coverage for the driver and passengers of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Select car suppliers only provide optional insurances; cost and coverage can change without notice at anytime. Please contact Kemwel at +1-877-820-0668 Monday to Friday 2 a.m. to 9  p.m. and Saturday to Sunday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m with any questions.

Rental Restrictions in Romania

General Information
If you are planning rent a vehicle and travel outside of the country you are renting it is generally a good idea to check with Kemwel ahead of time to see if it is permitted and if there are any restrictions. At this time only certain vehicle categories are allowed to travel outside of Romania. In order to travel outside of Romania most suppliers require that CDW and theft to be purchased ahead of time through Kemwel and the purchase of “Green Card Insurance” locally (approximately $30-$55 USD depending on vehicle category).

Restricted Countries
Rentals commencing in Romania cannot travel into the following countries: Albania, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Greece and Turkey.

One-Way Rentals
Domestic one-way rentals are available between locations in Romania at an additional fee. At this time international one-way rentals are not available.