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5 must-see car rental cities in Finland

Rent a Car in Finland

Crystal blue lakes, replenishing saunas, indigenous reindeer herders, dense forests, Santa Klaus; these are things that you’re bound to see after booking a car rental in Finland from Kemwel! Called Suomi in Finnish, this Northern European country boasts 40 national parks ranging from island archipelagos, pristine woods, to the arctic hinterland where the local Saami herd reindeer across the countryside. Culturally, Finland is also very unique since it shares more linguistic similarities with Hungary than its Scandinavian neighbors as it belongs to the Finno-Ugric language tree. Considering that there are over 187,800 lakes in Finland, not to mention more than 75,800 islands, there’s no doubt that a Finnish car rental from the Kemwel booking engine will provide you with the most efficient means to explore the picturesque lands of Finland. Between the Baltic Sea and Arctic Circle, Kemwel can help you see it all!

Why travel to Finland?

Nicknamed the Land of a Thousand Lakes, the superlative for the country with the most water in relation to landmass (in the whole world) goes to Finland! Equally impressive, over 70 percent of Finland is covered in forest, making it the most forested European nation. Safe to say that tourists come to Finland to experience its emblematic nature, especially the Aurora Borealis up north while enjoying a road trip in Lapland!

On top of consuming the most coffee out of any other country, another accolade for Finland is having the most saunas per capita in the world with over 3 million across the nation. So, after a day of skiing or ice fishing, you can look forward to stoking the coals at a sauna near you! Perhaps in the interim you will also compete in a "wife carrying race" where the husband sprints to the finish line with the wife dangling off his shoulders. This sport originated in Finland and is by far one of the world's quirkiest!

With so much to offer in terms of interactive tourism, the following cities are some of the best places in Finland for car rentals on Kemwel! Whether you reserve a van for the whole family or decide to travel solo in a luxury sports car rental, experience Finland to the fullest by exploring these places in the comfort of your own vehicle. 

Helsinki car rental

Rent a Car in Finland

Sleek architectural design, playful cuisine, and plenty of wilderness in between; what is there not to love about Helsinki? While the Temppeliaukion Church and Sibelius monument are some of the Finnish capital’s most famous landmarks, one place to check with your discount Helsinki car rental is the Suomenlinna island fortress dating back to the 18th century. Not just one island, though, since this UNESCO World Heritage Site comprises eight! Another local attraction is Nuuksio National Park where visitors can go lake hopping and breath in some of the freshest air in the world. 

Turku car rental

Students from across the world relocate to charming Turku to immerse themselves in Finnish culture and its distinctive topography, such as the bogs and medieval forests at Kurjenrahka National Park. Located in southwest Finland by the Åland Islands, this bustling university city has a diverse selection of Finnish car rentals available for pick-up or drop-off. especially for Turku student car rentals! Also common in Turku is its world renowned cuisine and gastronomy experiences between the Market Hall and the city's exceptional restaurants. Turku is such a foodie haven that it even offers a Food Walk event where people can purchase an all-access card for special deals at various restaurants. Exploration around the River Aura, Turku Archipelago Trail, and Turku Castle from the 1280s should also be on your agenda

Tampere car rental

When it comes to scenic cities, Tampere is among the most beautiful in Finland considering that it was founded on an island wedged between two massive lakes and surrounded by rivers and ponds. The two lakes, Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi, offer an extensive network of walking, running and biking trails for both locals plus tourists to enjoy. Upon renting a car in Tampere, see all of the surrounding landscapes by climbing to the top of the Pyynikki Observation Tower! Aesthetically, this is a community that’s also full of industrial brick warehouses, many of which have been converted into multi-dynamic chic spaces! Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to check out the Särkänniemi amusement park!

Kemi car rental

Head north to the city of Kemi founded on the windswept Bothnian Bay to take the road less traveled in Finland! Situated near the Finnish-Swedish border, locals take pride in maintaining the largest snow castle in the world rebuilt annually since 1996. Every year comes a new version of a chapel, restaurant, and even a hotel that attracts thousands of visitors. This could very well be the palace of the Snow Queen or Elsa from Frozen! Even more of Finland's great outdoors can be enjoyed at the Bothnian Bay National Park where visitors can anticipate memorable boating, hiking, fishing, plus other outdoorsy activities made easier with a low-cost Kemi car rental from Kemwel!

Ivalo car rental

For a little sub-arctic exploration, venture even further north to Ivalo for another unbeatable wilderness experience in Finland. Camping and the Northern Lights are two of the primary things that attract visitors here, especially those traveling with a Ivalo rental car for optimal warmth plus comfort! Heck, these two are even better experienced together at campsites such as Ukonjarvi. Places such as these are also great to experience the midnight sun phenomena when it’s perpetual daylight for days at a time in the summer. Another claim to fame for Ivalo is serving as the gateway to the Northern Lights Village in Saariselkä and Levi where Finns go to ski, hike, as well as relax in spas for days at a time. From Ivalo, also be sure to go visit Santa Klaus in Rovaniemi!

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