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Tour Lapland with a car rental in Finland

Rent a Car in Finland

As Ned Stark would aptly say, winter is coming! Well, it’s only September, but winter is definitely around the corner in places like Lapland in Northern Finland where subartctic and continental climates collide to create mild summers followed by heavy winters. Although not quite in a perpetual state of snow and frost, over the years Lapland has become one of the most popular winter travel destinations in Europe due to its numerous ski resorts and Christmas-themed attractions, including Sant Klaus’ village in Rovaniemi.

While there are handfuls of exciting Finnish cities, why not get into the holiday spirit by renting a car in Finland to experience all of winter festivities in Lapland?

From reindeer sled rides through pristine valleys to cross country skiing or snowmobiling; this blog will showcase some of the most beloved winter attractions in Lapland’s largest cities where Kemwel offers bargain car rentals in Finland. After all, public transportation and intercity trains are less prominent up in this neck of the woods, meaning having your own personal vehicle is essential if you want to tour Lapland comfortably!

What is there to see in Lapland?

Rent a Car in Finland

Right off the bat, let’s see where Lapland exists on the map; directly below the Arctic Circle! While Lapland is the northernmost region in Finland and by far the coldest, the area actually boasts a temperate climate due to its proximity to the North Atlantic Current, the Baltic Sea and the Gulf Stream. Ultimately, this means that Lapland offers something special during every season, but the point of this blog is to embrace the imminent arrival of winter and how reserving a rental car in Finland will be the best route!

For starters, this northern hinterland is a renowned area to witness the otherworldly Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) that appear about 150 times throughout the year and occur when there are charged particles from the magnetosphere caused by solar wind. Some of the best months to see this natural phenomenon are September, October, February and March. So much vast wilderness in Lapland means you can drive pretty much anywhere with your Finland car rental to see this magical event, whether that be a snow-capped mountain or tundra.

Another name for Lapland is the Land of the Midnight Sun based on the three months when the sun doesn’t set due to the position of the earth’s axis. The result is in 24-hour daylight between June and August in high-altitude areas north of the Arctic Circle. So much extra sunlight entails people enjoying the great outdoors into the early morning such as hiking, sailing, fishing, etc. Next door in Sweden is also a great place to take advantage of the extra vitamin D!

Are you planning on renting a car in Finland to tour Lapland this winter? If so, be sure to check out these convenient Lapland car rental locations on the Kemwel booking engine! From Rovaniemi to Kemi, not only do these four rustic cities offer exceptional winter touristic activities from ice fishing to sledding but also unbeatable prices on Finnish rental cars available today on our evolving platform!

Rovaniemi Car Rental

Rovaniemi, Finland car rental

As the capital and largest city in Lapland, travelers en route to Finland should certainly consider renting a car in Rovaniemi to prepare for all of the adventures in store. On top of your Finland car rental agenda should be a tour of the official Santa Claus Village amusement park that is open year-round and always festive. It has been operating since 1985 and attracting thousands of annual visitors between its petting zoo, cottages to rent, tours led by packs of huskies, among other iconic Lapland pastimes such as backpacking in Urho Kekkonen National Park.

Ivalo Car Rental

Founded between two mountain ranges up in northern Lapland, the geographic isolation of Ivalo will certainly warrant a sturdy car rental in Finland through Kemwel's booking platform! This small town with a population of around 3,000 known for its former gold rush is about 160 miles north of the Arctic Circle, meaning this is truly the Land of the Midnight Sun with over 40 days of sunlight. Like other parts of Lapland, booking an Ivalo car rental allows visitors to partake in multiple winter sports ranging from downhill and cross-country skiing to reindeer sledge riding, not to mention plenty of ideal camping spots like Ukonjarvi to see the Northern Lights.

Kittila Car Rental

The subarctic municipality of Kittila is calling your name and beckoning you to arrive with your car rental in Finland! Kittila is so far north that on average the sun doesn’t go down between May 30 and July 15, 47 days in total. This way, you will have plenty of sunlight with your affordable Kittila car rental from Kemwel to travel and perhaps go snowshoeing throughout the glistening white landscapes. Moreover, Kittilas is home to one of Europe’s largest gold mines in addition to a thriving artist community who come to find inspiration in the immense nature.

Kemi Car Rental

Come tour the City of Snow and Sea by the Bothnian Bay with your bargain Kemi car rental in Finland from Kemwel! Here is where visitors can tour the city’s famous Snow Castle, the world’s largest snow fort that has been being rebuilt every year since 1996. From dog sled trips to hopping on an icebreaker cruise out on the Baltic Sea; there’s no better time to travel in Kemi than the winter. This is especially true with nearby national parks such as Pyhä-Luosto and Lemmenjoki for more quality rest and relaxation in nature.

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