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Cheap Car Rental Turku, Finland

Rent a Car in Turku, Finland

In regards to best places to rent a car in Finland, Turku is definitely one of them! The river Aura runs through the city and is a beautiful addition to the landscape of Turku, with charming gardens lining the bank in the summer and creative, cheerful lights in the darker months. With convenient cheap car rental pick up locations at the airport and downtown, renting a car with Kemwel is as simple as can be. We also offer our customers many  inexpensive vehicle types throughout Finland to choose from. Rent with Kemwel and be on your way to a great Finnish vacation!

Road trip around Turku

Turku is the oldest city in Finland, and offers an array of eclectic and impressive architectural monuments the traveler will not want to miss. The Cathedral of Turku is located in the city center and, although it has been rebuilt several times over the centuries, still retains its original charm. Turku Castle is another great stop along the tour. Turku offers the traveler the usual array of cinemas and theaters, as well as a philharmonic orchestra. The recently renovated Turku Art Museum houses a collection of contemporary Finish art. In the summertime Turku is especially charming, hosting a range of outdoor music festivals, a renaissance fair and more. Ruissalo Island, a national park, has beautiful wooded areas, paths and resorts for exploration or relaxation. If you have questions about driving in Turku or the surrounding countryside, please visit Kemwel's helpful driving information page.

Cheap Car Rental in Turku with Kemwel

With Kemwel's easy to use website,  booking a rental car in Finland  online is easy. We have a frequently asked questions page for any questions you may have about the rental or rental process. We are also available toll free, at 1-877-820-0668 if you would like to speak directly with a representative. Whether you are interested in the friendly and alluring atmosphere of the city, or exploring the surrounding areas, Kemwel will make your vacation plans come to life.