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Car-2-Europe DS: Leasing a Car in Europe

Car-2-Europe with DS AutomobilesA Great Alternative To A Standard Low Cost Car Rental

Kemwel has formed a partnership with DS Automobiles to provide our customers seeking a high quality vehicle lease for their extended stay in Europe. Not only is DS known for their Car-2-Europe vehicle leasing program, but offer great additional, benefits that you won't find from a traditional rental car, like no additional fees for additional drivers, as well as no fees for drivers under the age of 25 (as long as they are 18+ years old). The Car-2-Europe program was made to provide customers with a factory new vehicle for parties interested in exploring the ins and outs of Europe for 3 or more weeks at a price that is comparable, if not less than a traditional rental vehicle. Did we mention the vehicles are factory new? All of the cars and SUVs available are from the latest model range, making it the obvious choice for those wishing to take in all that Europe has to offer. So do not wait a single moment more to reserve your automobile from DS at one of their convenient 27 locations across the continent like Spain, Germany, Netherlands and France for instance.

What are the Benefits of Temporary Transit with DS in Europe?

Whether you have a car load of drivers all wishing to shoulder the burden of sitting behind the wheel and don't wish to pay additional driver fees, interested in leasing a vehicle from a reputable and luxury focused company, planning on racking up the miles on your journey and in need of unlimited mileage, or are just looking for the newest model of vehicle in your rental, a DS Automobile lease is the perfect choice when you need a car for your 3+ week vacation in Europe. Below are just a few examples of the benefits offered to those using their Drive-2-Europe program, including:

  • Car Rental Insurance Included
  • Road Side Assistance Included
  • Unlimited Mileage
  • No Additional Driver Fee for Families
  • Available for Licensed Drivers 18+ (No Young Driver Fees)
  • Shuttle Service from Airport to Car Lot

What Options Come With My Car-2-Europe Lease?

Below you will find information regarding DS Automobile's modest, yet bold fleet of cars. Don't let the smaller assortment of vehicle types dissuade you, as their vehicles are top notch with custom interiors, roadside assistance and all of the cutting edge amenities you would expect from a factory new luxury vehicle, let alone a leasing program. Follow the link below for a more in depth look into the offerings of DS Automobiles and experience the difference of reserving your extended lease through Kemwel today!

Temporary Transit with DS Automobiles

Citroën DS 7 Crossback
DS Automobiles

Models Available to Lease in Europe:
DS3 Crossback, DS7 Crossback (pictured left)

Find our DS vehicle specs here.

Discover more information regarding alternate vehicle leasing options throughout Europe with our additional partners Peugeot and Citroën.

How Can I Save Money with the Temporary Transit Program through DS and Kemwel?

Sometimes it feels like traditional cheap car rental companies have a fee for everything, like young driver fees, additional driver fees, mileage overages, etc...on top of the price that you are already having to pay, not to mention the additional insurance fees. All of these and more are covered when reserving a long term lease through Kemwel with DS Automobiles, making it less of a hassle, easier on your wallet and leaves you with a sense of the way things should be. Not to mention every location offers customers the ability to be picked up by their concierge (greeting and transfer) service. So why wait? Reserve your low cost long term vehicle lease with DS Automobiles and Kemwewl today and save more for the things you and your companions want to experience, while abroad!

DS Automobile Lease Pick Up Locations Throughout Europe

DS Lease Location Pin Amsterdam Airport DS Lease Location Pin Calais Terminal DS Lease Location Pin Madrid Airport DS Lease Location Pin Nantes Airport
DS Lease Location Pin Barcelona Airport DS Lease Location Pin Frankfurt Airport DS Lease Location Pin Marseille Airport DS Lease Location Pin Nice Airport
DS Lease Location Pin Basel-Mulhouse Airport DS Lease Location Pin Geneva Airport DS Lease Location Pin Milan Linate Airport DS Lease Location Pin Porto Airport
DS Lease Location Pin Bordeaux Airport DS Lease Location Pin Lisbon Airport DS Lease Location Pin Milan Malpensa Airport DS Lease Location Pin Downtown Paris
DS Lease Location Pin Brest Airport DS Lease Location Pin Lyon Airport DS Lease Location Pin Montpellier Airport DS Lease Location Pin Orly Airport
DS Lease Location Pin Brussels Airport DS Lease Location Pin Rome Airport DS Lease Location Pin Munich Airport DS Lease Location Pin Pau Airport
DS Lease Location Pin Charles de Gaulle Airport DS Lease Location Pin Toulouse Airport DS Lease Location Pin Vigo Airport