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Cheap Car Rental Kuopio, Finland

Cheap Car Rental Kuopio

Kuopio, on the shores of Lake Kallavesi and with a 1,500-acre recreational area in the center of town, is one of the top five vacation spots in Finland. The Finns know a good thing when they see one. In the summer, the lake is dotted with sail boats, canoes and powerboats, swimmers and sunbathers populate the shores and local artisans and performers practice their crafts. In winter the focus moves to the Puijo Recreational Area with cross-country and downhill skiing and snowshoe trails. The Kuopio region is a patchwork of lakes and forest and is well worth exploring. With modestly priced car rental locations in Finland, plus all over Kuopio and a large variety of discount rental cars, there is no better way to tour Finland than by car!

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Kuopio was founded in 1653 and declared a city in 1775 by King Gustav III. The mid 19th century brought a period of rapid growth due to improved transportation and communications. In 1889 the railroad arrived and Kuopio's trade was no longer hindered by winter weather. The Old Kuopio Museum consists of eleven buildings dating from the 18th to late 19th centuries. Exhibits depict the lives of different families from laborers to merchants. Also of interest are the Masuuni Brunou Museum in Juankoski, and the Riuttala Farmhouse Museum in Karttula, both of which illustrate the history of the region and are easily reached with a Finland rental car. If you have any questions about driving in Kuopio, visit Kemwel's driving information page for the answers.

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Kemwel offers exceptionally high service at exceptionally low prices! Visit our website and begin to book your cheap car rental in Kuopio. Kemwel has designed a page specifically for frequently asked cheap car rental questions. You may also call our helpful and knowledgeable staff toll free at 1-877-820-0668. We look forward to helping you begin your great vacation!