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Responsible Freedom Camping with New Zealand motorhome rental

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Mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, beaches, plus a gamut of low-cost RV motorhome rentals. Whether you book a New Zealand camper on North or South Island over the Kemwel booking engine, travelers can’t go wrong with our specialty caravans for some scenic outdoor adventures! This is especially true in New Zealand with its national “Responsible Freedom Camping” policy that permits individuals to pitch a tent or park a camper at over 500 spots. That is, as long as they don’t leave behind any trace!

Tourism officials in New Zealand have actually released apps such as CamperMate and WikiCamps to assist thrill-seekers in experiencing these outdoor gems. Time to take out the hiking shoes and find a GPS! Continue reading this travel blog to learn more about Responsible Freedom Camping and the variety of places one can explore with a New Zealand motorhome rental from the Kemwel team! Call us today at +1-877-820-0668 to book your very own today!

What does “Responsible Freedom Camping” mean?

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While some may know New Zealand as the “free camping nation,” travelers aren’t bereft of any responsibility when it comes to this special privilege. Kiwis (New Zealand nationals, not the bird) define Responsible Freedom Camping as “camping in a tent, camper van or motor vehicle on public land, on a site with minimal or no facilities, such as toilets or showers.” Four rules come along from this:

  • 1. Dispose of waste properly: Being an environmentally-conscious nation, New Zealand requires campers to leave no trace during their stays. This means properly disposing of all waste that accumulates, so whatever comes in must come out.
  • 2. Don’t go to the bathroom outside: It’s important to use public toilets or facilities within your camper during your time in New Zealand. Thanks to the Camper Mate app, people should always be able to find the nearest location!
  • 3. Recycle: To further protect the environment, the Department of Conservation promotes recycling as much as possible. Recycle bins are found in national parks throughout New Zealand to make this easier for travelers to do.
  • 4. Dispose of waste at proper sites: Specifically for those renting a motorhome in New Zealand, it’s crucial that people empty the toilet and waste water at designated dump stations. Signage throughout parks will point you in the right direction.

Under section 10 of the Freedom Camping Act 2011, New Zealand allows folks to camp in any local area unless it’s specifically prohibited, so it’s best to do your research before you just make fort. Camping is permitted on any land administered by the Department of Conservation besides special protected areas for flora and fauna.

Motorhome camping on North Island

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On top of the North Island motorhome planner should definitely be Tongariro National Park with its many snow-capped peaks and towering waterfalls. For those renting a motorhome in Auckland, this travel destination is less than four hours north on State Highway 1 and provides ample powered sites for any “glamping” excursion in summer or winter. Tongariro is New Zealand’s oldest national park and home to Mt. Tongariro, Mt. Ngauruhoe, as well as Mt. Ruapehu.

Blue Lake at Top Holiday Park with your Rotorua camper rental is another must-see attraction nestled into the foothills of this area known for its geysers and geothermal activity. Here is where excursionists will find the twin lakes of Tikitapu (Blue Lake) and Rotokakahi (Green Lake) serving as the backdrops for their New Zealand RV caravan getaway. Powered sites come with all of the amenities.

Let’s say that you also intend to check out the scenery with a Wellington caravan rental. Then the Kaitoke Regional Park deserves a spot on your itinerary! Camping is available 365 days a year with tranquil grounds situated along the Pakuratahi River. While there are six power sites at this location, there aren’t any dumping sites to be found here.

Motorhome camping on South Island

Take your Christchurch motorhome rental on South Island to the splendid Paparoa National Park that’s only 3 hours and 45 minutes away on State Highway 73. When it comes to coastal landscapes, this destination is by far one of the best with its jagged limestone formations known as the Pancake Rocks and views of New Zealand’s west coast! Ideal for short or long hikes, terrains range from glaciers, snowfields, mountains, valleys, as well as many wildlife habitats.

Next up on your New Zealand camping itinerary could be the Lake Taylor Campsite located at Lake Sumner Forest Park in the Canterbury Region. Also accessible with a Christchurch camper rental from Kemwel, this conservation area is full of alpine lakes, hot springs and prime hiking spots around the Lewis Pass. It’s also an ideal place for mountain biking with many well-groomed paths.

For Queenstown RV rentals, visitors ought to visit Mount Aspiring National Park in the Wanaka/Makarora area. With one of our rental options, travelers will be able to camp at the Pleasant Flat conservation area. From the grounds people can look forward to great views of Mt. Hooker as well as fishing in the nearby Haast River.

Tour New Zealand with a Cheap Car Rental from Kemwel

When it comes to eco-tourism, New Zealand is a country full of natural wonders and epic landscapes waiting to be explored with a specialty car rental from Kemwel, whether that be a New Zealand motorhome rental or rugged SUV. From exploring foggy valleys, mountain ranges, caves, rain forests, coastal beaches, cliffs and islands off shore, New Zealand will never leave you with a lack of beauty. As part of our global network of 20,000 pick-up and drop-off locations, we at Kemwel ensure the best car rental rates in New Zealand at the following airports:

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