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Cheap car rental Kerikeri Airport (KKE)

Cheap car rental Kerikeri AirportOfficially known as the Bay of Islands Airport, all of your cheap Kerikeri car rental needs can be fulfilled at KKE through the Kemwel booking engine. Only a 10-minute drive from downtown Kerikeri, not only is this airport a gateway to the sublime Northland region but also an undeniably effective place to coordinate your New Zealand car rental. Ever since debuting in the 1930s, the airport now handles up to five daily flights connecting Kerikeri to Auckland, which is only a 40-minute flight away. On the premise are also an aero club, private aircrafts, hangars, Coastguard facilities, pilot training courses, not to mention sky-diving operators!

Being the largest town in the Northland region of New Zealand, Kerikeri is among one of the most popular travel destinations in the North Island, especially when it comes to its cultural heritage paired with gorgeous scenery. Among one of its nicknames is “Cradle of the Nation” due to being the site of the first permanent mission station in New Zealand. All the while, one of the town’s sayings is that Kerikeri is “so nice, they name it twice.” Moreover, the town of Kerikeri holds a special place in New Zealand’s wine heritage since it was the first place where grapevines were planted in the early 1800s. To achieve the best form of mobility and experience all of these attractions, a Kerikeri Airport car rental will do just the trick!

Cheapest KKE car rentals with Kemwel

By reserving your Oceania car rental through Kemwel, you’ll see that there’s no shortage of options in terms of cheap New Zealand car rentals. Also available over the Kemwel booking engine are the guaranteed lowest car rental prices in Wellington and Auckland, including both of their airports! What this means is that one could definitely plan a one-way car rental from Kerikeri Airport and drop it off at the Wellington Airport or Auckland Airport, all while enjoying the enchanting scenery found in between. In the process, you can anticipate no hidden fees and free cancellation within 72 hours of scheduled pick-up!

Better yet, Kemwel clients don’t just have access to standard rental cars but also various specialty models. While this may depend on the nature of your trip to Kerikeri, whether it be for work, study or leisure, these include sleek luxury sport car rentals as well as multi-passenger vans and motorhomes! All in all, we’re confident that you will find the model that best fits your needs and interests. In the meantime, be sure to take a look at the Kemwel travel blog for some potential travel inspiration!

Locate car rental suppliers at Kerikeri Airport

Our goal at Kemwel revolves around simplifying the often frustrating and confusing booking process for international car rentals. Determined to end the disappointments between hidden fees or poor customer service, the Kemwel team has collaborated with the most well-known car rental suppliers in the industry to showcase real-time rates and availability. With that said, travelers heading to Kerikeri Airport can look forward to picking-up or dropping-off their car hire with our partner Hertz, conveniently located at the arrivals hall.

While the car rental suppliers furnish the vehicle, those who reserve their New Zealand car rental over the Kemwel search engine have other perks to look forward to, such as the ability to pay for foreign car rentals with a debit card! To effectively navigate across New Zealand or maybe even for Australia car hire next door, we also offer affordable travel items like booster seats for children that can be added to your reservation! Call us night or day at +1-877-820-0668 in case of any questions or concerns!

Hertz car rentals Kerikeri Airport Hertz car rental at Kerikeri Airport
3 Wiroa Road,
Kerikeri, New Zealand 0293

+64 9-401 6470
Hours of Operation:
Sun - Sat: 8 AM - 1 PM and 3 PM - 5 PM

Local attractions around Kerikeri Airport

Something to definitely include on your Kerikeri travel agenda is Rainbow Falls, also known as Waianiwaniwa in the local Maori language. Around this stunning 27-meter cascade are impressive trails to go hiking, many of which lead to Kerikeri’s famous historic buildings. Some of these include the Stone Store, Mission House, St James Church, Rewa's Village, as well as Kororipo Pa, an ancient Maori fortress. On most weekends, there are also bustling farmers markets near the Post Office as well as Old Packhouse Market. Everything from provisions, arts, crafts and vintage goods can be acquired at these locations.

KKE contact information
Bay of Islands Kerikeri Airport
218 Wiroa Road
Kerikeri , New Zealand, 0293

Latitude: 35.15′46″S
Longitude: 173.54′43″E

General Information: S
ince opening in the 1930s, today KKE handles up to five daily passenger flights connecting Kerikeri to Auckland, which is only a 40-minute flight away. On the premise are also an aero club, private aircrafts, hangars, Coastguard facilities, pilot training courses, plus sky-diving operators..

Phone number: +64 9-407 6133