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Cheap Car Rental Leeuwarden

Cheap Car Rental LeeuwardenLeeuwarden is located in northern Netherlands in the province of Friesland. The town has a history as an industrial center that manufactured gold and silver along with clothing and food products. The streets of Leeuwarden are lined with historic buildings and landmarks. Choose a rental vehicle from Kemwel's cheap car rental locations in the Netherlands to ensure that you see all the great sites that Leeuwarden has to offer. With a large variety of discount car rentals available we can assure you that we have the perfect vehicle type to make the most of your vacation!

Tour with a Cheap Car Rental in Leeuwarden

In Leeuwarden you will find a modern city set against a backdrop of historic architecture. The city dates back to the year 1435, but there is evidence that it was occupied since the second century. A car rental is the most feasible way to see all the sites that span the city. The Oldehove Tower is reminiscent of the leaning tower of Pisa as it started to lean shortly after its construction began. The Frisian Museum of Natural History exhibits the history of the animals, people and landscapes of Leeuwarden. Visit Kemwel's driving information page for information on driving in the Netherlands.

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Kemwel offers exceptionally high service at exceptionally low prices! Visit our website and begin to book your cheap car rental in Leeuwarden. Kemwel has designed a page specifically for frequently asked cheap car rental questions. You may also call our helpful and knowledgeable staff toll free at 1-800-820-0668. We look forward to helping you begin your great vacation!