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Lausanne is located in a wine-growing region in the French speaking part of Switzerland, on the banks of Lake Geneva. With a population of around 130,000 inhabitants, Lausanne also houses the headquarters for the International Olympic Committee. Some of the geography of the town is very interesting, notably the ancient river that once flowed through the center of the old town, which was covered up in the 19th century, and now forms a gorge in its place running through town. With cheap car rental locations all over Lausanne and a large variety of  discount rental cars in Switzerland, there is no better way to tour Lausanne than by car!

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Lausanne is the site of over 15 museums, including the Olympic Museum, a zoology museum, and an architectural museum, to name a few. There is one building that is home to many of these museums, the Palais de Rumine, which is based on an Italian Renaissance design, and is home to 5 of these museums. Also of note is a vibrant nightlife that occurs in Lausanne, where there are numerous nightclubs and bars, amongst may fine dining establishments. If you have any questions about driving in Lausanne, visit Kemwel's Switzerland driving information page for the answers.


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