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Cheap Car Rental Biel

Cheap Car Rental Biel

Biel, also known as Bienne, is the largest bilingual city in Switzerland. Around one third of the population speaks French, with the remaining two thirds speaking German. With a population of around 52,000 people, there are about 150 nationalities represented here. Biel is located 30 kilometers southeast of Bern, on the banks of the Lake Biel. With cheap car rental locations all over Biel and a large variety of  discount rental cars in Switzerland, there is no better way to tour Biel than by car!

Tour with an Affordable Rental Car in Biel

The city of Biel features a Gothic church which dates from 1451, and a town hall which dates from 1534. The city itself was settled as Belenus by the Celts, and the town was built in the 11th century. In it's history, Biel has had numerous conflicts with the Bishop of Basel. In 1815, after the collapse of Napoleon, the city became a part of the Canton of Bern. Don't let the rich history of Biel fool you, there is plenty of beauty and adventure to seek out. With a  discounted rental car in Switzerland, visit the beautiful Parc Elfenau or spend the day at Lake Biel. If you have any questions about driving in Biel, visit Kemwel's driving information page for the answers.


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