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Cheap Car Rentals in Colombia

Cheapest car rentals in Colombia with KemwelConsidering that tourism in Colombia generated over US$5 billion in 2016, not to mention creating over 550,000 jobs, the economic sector yields immense potential in this trending South American travel destination. From visiting the variety of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Cartagena to swimming in the radiant beaches of Tayrona National Park, those wanting to rent a car in Colombia can take advantage of both urban and ecological treasures throughout this bio-diverse country. With a variety of biospheres, visitors can do everything from exploring the Amazon region, scaling peaks in the Andes, soak up the sun rays on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, not to mention traverse around the Tatacoa and La Guajira deserts.

All the while, our clients will have immediate access to luxury car rentals in Bogota, cheap van rentals in Cali, in addition to the most affordable motorhome rentals in Medellin. At the end of the day, rental cars purchased through Kemwel will ensure unlimited freedom as well as a streamlined booking process without any hidden fees or trivial confusion! See for yourself by making an inquiry on our three-part booking engine located at the top of the page. All it takes is a few clicks of a button to acquire bargain car rentals in Colombia!

Where can I rent a car in Latin America with Kemwel?

Situated at the crossroads of Central and South America, visitors to Colombia can certainly encounter other mesmerizing parts of the region during their time south of the equator. Why, may you ask? Well, over the past 60 years, Kemwel has been forming a growing network of deliberate pick-up and drop-off global locations for car rentals. By now, we have reached over 20,000 spots, many of which exist in this vibrant region of the world! From Colombia, tourists can effortlessly cross the nearby Panama Canal to rent a car in Panama or potentially road trip to Ecuador!

For escapades further down south, newcomers can also obtain the most affordable car rentals in Peru, drive around in a low-cost sports car in Brazil, or even hop in an SUV rental in Chile. Other continental travel possibilities are easily achieved by leasing a midsize car in Argentina or booking a mini car rental in Uruguay! No matter where you’d like to go after wrapping up your adventure in Colombia, there will be plenty of road trip ideas to consider!

Who partners with Kemwel in Colombia?

Being the leading car rental aggregate, we at Kemwel can provide the guaranteed lowest car rental rates and diverse options thanks to our partners such as Localiza in Colombia. At the end of the day, we only join forces with the most trusted car rental suppliers to make sure that our clients are in good hands. As they distribute the actual vehicle, our team offers award-winning customer service that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Besides our varied leasing options, another perk of renting a car through Kemwel is having access to non-costly add-ons also available through the search engine. This includes personal driver services throughout Colombia! Other less prominent cities with car rentals in Colombia include Santa Marta, Pereira, Ibague, Cucuta, Tunja, as well as Vilavicencia.

Can I rent an automatic transmission vehicle in Colombia?

Some countries like the United States and Canada are more accustomed to automatic transmission vehicles. The reality of the situation, though, is that these aren’t as common in Europe and Latin America. Luckily for you, prospective car renters can conveniently browse through our both automatic and manual transmission vehicles over the Kemwel search engine. While each supplier is different, we make it easy by showing which vehicles within their fleets come with automatic transmission. Our customer service team is only a phone call away at +1-877-820-0668! No matter the time of day, they can provide some useful tips and tricks when it comes to renting a car abroad!

Do I have to apply for an International Driver’s Permit in Colombia?

Even though obtaining an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) is relatively easy as long as you have a valid driving license, luckily Colombia doesn’t require car renters to have one. The following countries enforce an IDP to rent a vehicle: Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Serbia, United Arab Emirates. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information regarding your IDP.

Why reserve cheap car rentals with Kemwel?

As you prepare for an exhilarating adventure in Colombia, perhaps you’re now considering renting a car for easy mobility and comfort. Despite a wide range of options available on the web, we at Kemwel boasts an incredibly competent and attentive customer service team! Also for the sake of easier accessibility, we also accept debit card payments for international car rentals for extra reassurance! Unlike our competitors, we also supply 24/7 customer care in case of any questions or doubts in the interim!

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Purchase your Specialty Car Rental in Colombia

No matter your reason behind traveling to Colombia, the Kemwel team allows you to take advantage of everything from luxury cars to vans and motorhomes! Simply follow the links below to reserve your specialty rental vehicle through our search engine today and save more!

Luxury Car Rental Colombia

Cheap Luxury Car Rental in Colombia

Whether you want to lavishly drive around in a Mercedes or Fiat, we prove that driving in style can be affordable and not complicated whatsoever! Especially in cosmopolitan cities like Bogota and its Cali, a luxurious sports car may sound appealing as you’re driving down the mesmerizing sandy coastline of the Pacific Ocean!
Motorhome Rental Peru

Cheap Motorhome Rental in Colombia

Although we adore convenience and optimal rates, Kemwel is especially fond of international road trips! For the past 60 years, we have become a leading experience in affordable RV motorhome rentals across the world! This is especially appealing for anyone who would like to go camping in South America and be surrounded by some of the planet’s most impressive landscapes and scenery!
Van Rentals in Colombia

Cheap Van Rental in Colombia

When it comes to international travel, space and comfort are two things that should never be sacrificed with a car rental! Knowing this, Kemwel can guarantee some of the most diverse and spacious van rentals for your Colombian getaway! Whether in a 12 passenger model or something more industrial, you will be able to bring friends, family members and souvenirs along wherever you go!
Car Rental in Colombia