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Cheap Car Rentals in Brazil

Cheapest car rentals in Brazil with KemwelConsidering that Brazil is the fifth-largest country in the world and the sixth-most populated, it's safe to say that it's a global powerhouse both economically and culturally. Not only was it the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics but this South American nation is also known for major carnival festivities and an undeniably vibrant Portuguese-speaking culture. All the while, the country famous for samba music is also known for its passionate soccer fandom, immense Amazonian rain forests, pearly white beaches, some of the clearest tropical waters in the world, not to mention a gamut of major tourist attractions. Safe to say that it is by far one of the most popular travel destinations in Latin America, especially in terms of renting cars in the region! From the shores of Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro to the surreal conglomeration of skyscrapers in São Paulo or the island metropolis of Vitória, this giant country is easily explored with an affordable car rental through Kemwel


Where can I go in Brazil with a car rental through Kemwel?

Over the years, we have developed an all-encompassing network of over 20,000 well-placed pick-up and drop-off locations for car rentals across the world. Thanks to the our strong partnerships with some of the most renowned suppliers, we have a growing presence in Latin America with diverse car models easily available through our search engine! If you see yourself taking a road trip across Argentina or enjoying a luxury car rental in Uruguay, then we have you covered. Visitors south of the equator can even rent an economy car model in Colombia, perhaps rent an economy car in Ecuador, or find the lowest-cost car rentals in Peru with 30% discounts compared to our competitors!

Who are Kemwel’s partners in Brazil?

For us at Kemwel, leading the pack of international car rental aggregates means collaborating with the most reliable car rental suppliers throughout the industry, particularly in Brazil with partners such as Movida, Unidas and Localiza. While they provide high-quality models, we guarantee the lowest prices available through our booking engine located at the top of the page. On top of the most affordable car rentals in Brazil, Kemwel can provide personal chauffeur services if you’d like somebody else to do the driving!

Movida Car Rentals Localiza Car Rentals Unidas Car Rentals

Can I rent a car with automatic transmission in Brazil?

While the United States and Canada predominantly use automatic cars, these types of vehicles aren’t nearly as common in Europe and Latin America. Despite this difference, our team at Kemwel knows firsthand which suppliers offer vehicles with automatic transmissions. Simply browse through our listings over the search engine or give us a call! We will be able to offer you some tips and tricks when it comes to renting a car in Brazil.

Do I need an International Driver’s Permit to rent a car in Brazil?

Brazil is one of the countries that doesn’t require an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). The following countries require an IDP to rent a vehicle: Portugal, Italy, Iceland, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Serbia, United Arab Emirates. In case of any concerns or questions about applying for your IDP, feel free to contact us for more information at +1-877-820-0668.

Why reserve a Brazil car rental with Kemwel?

As you excitedly prepare for your trip to Brazil, the last step typically involves booking a car rental. While many options are available over the web, we at Kemwel can ensure the highest-level customer service, not to mention the guaranteed lowest rates and even debit card payments for international car rentals! Our customer care team is available Monday to Friday from 2 a.m. to 9  p.m. and Saturday to Sunday from  8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in case of any questions or doubts along the way.

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Book your Specialty Car Rental in Brazil

Whether you’re seeking a car rental for a family vacation or business trip in Brazil, Kemwel is proud to offer diverse rental vehicles in Brazil from our car providers. Follow the links below to reserve your specialty rental vehicle from us today and save more!

Luxury Car Rental Brazil

Cheap Luxury Car Rental in Brazil

Whoever said that driving around in opulent style costs a fortune has never heard of Kemwel! Due to our long-lasting partnerships with companies such as Localiza and Unidas, we can certainly assist when it comes to acquiring the best-priced sports cars, whether they be a Mercedes GLA, Fiat Toro, Jeep Compass, plus so many more!
Motorhome Rental Brazil

Cheap Motorhome Rental in Brazil

As far as cross country road trips across new territories go, Kemwel is an expert resource within the affordable automotive rental industry. Easily explore Brazil comfortably seated in an RV rental with Kemwel. Contact us to discover more about renting one of these robust vehicles to effectively tour Brazil and its gorgeous outdoor scenery, particularly if you're intending to hop from one beach town to another along the Brazilian coast such as Natal or Recife.
Van Rentals in Brazil

Cheap Van Rentals in Brazil

Depending on the nature of your trip to Brazil, you may want to consider renting a vehicle with plenty of room for friends and families, not to mention luggage, or who knows, hefty souvenirs. Regardless of the need, vans will make any road trip all the more comfortable. Some of the most cozy models range from a Fiat Doblo for up to seven passengers as well as a Chevrolet Spin, many of which come with unlimited mileage! 
Car Rental in Brazil