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Cheap Car Rental Bruges

Cheap Car Belgium Burges

Kemwel has several cheap car rental locations around Bruges to make your rental experience as seamless as possible. Thanks to our partnerships with suppliers downtown as well as those at the Bruges Railway Station, there are many discounted rental car types in Belgium to choose from over our booking engine. This way, you won't have any issue finding the vehicle that is right for your travel. Enjoy the canals as you navigate the bridges, or slip out of town for the afternoon to enjoy the surrounding villages. Rent with Kemwel in Bruges and make the most of your travel time.

Tour with a Cheap Car Rental in Bruges

This city is a wealth of medieval architecture and culture. Bridges connect streets over many canals, and at night the water reflects streetlights onto the sides of ornate buildings. The Market Square houses a wonderful example of Brugge's impressive architecture with the Cloth Hall, originally built in the early 1200's as a cloth-manufacturing factory, and topped by a well-known and visited bell tower. Visit the Church of Our Lady to see the sculpture of Madonna and Child, which is said to be the only one of Michelangelo's sculptures that was taken out of Italy while he was alive. In addition to artistic and historic sights, Brugge has several great breweries, the most well known being De Halve Maan, take a tour and sample the product. If you have questions about driving in Brugge please visit our driving information page online. A Kemwel rental car is the perfect way to make your Brugge vacation all you want it to be!


Cheap Car Rental in Bruges with Kemwel

Book a car online with Kemwel today and explore this historic city, often known as 'the Venice of the North' for it's stunning canals and waterways. Between museums, day tours from the city, and the fun and charming atmosphere of Bruges and its citizens, you'll never lack for a destination. Book a cheap Kemwel rental car online, or call us at 1-877-820-0668 with questions. You may also visit our frequently asked questions page, designed for your convenience.


Choose the Best Cheap Car Rental in Bruges for Your Trip

Economy Car Rental Bruges

Find a cheap in Bruges. An economy car is a great choice for couples who travel light or simply need a car to zip from site to site around the city.Save money by renting a small car that gets great gas milage.

Compact Car Rental Bruges

A compact car rental in Bruges is the best way to stay under your budget while still driving in style. Compact cars are small enough for the more narrow Belgian streets but typically has more legroom and trunk space than an economy car.

Midsize Car Rental Bruges

A midsize car rental in Bruges is perfect for those who want the extra room for passengers or car seats. If you want a vehicle to drive around Belgium without having to worry about public transportation, a cheap midsize car rental is for you!

Luxury Car Rental Bruges

A luxury car rental in Bruges givesyou the chance to drive your dream car. Our luxury fleet provides superior comfort and performance. Make an impression as you cruise down the streets of Bruges.

Van Rental Bruges

Renting a minivan or larger 9, 12, or 15 passenger van in Bruges makes group travel a snap. Comfortably travel with your entire party along with your luggage when traveling with family, friends, school groups, and bands!