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Cheap car rental Bruges Rail Station

Cheap Belgium car rental KemwelOperating since 1838, the Bruges Railway Station has historically been an active transportation center and popular Belgium car rental location among Kemwel customers. Located in the legendary West Flanders region, the town of Bruges is one of Belgium’s busiest rail hubs due to its thriving tourism scene. The small Belgian town even has a nickname- Venice of the North!

Undergoing some facility renovations in 2014, today the modern space provides ample space for passengers, small shops, as well as multiple Bruges car hire options available over the Kemwel booking engine! If you're arriving to Bruges with your Brussels car rental, keep in mind that it's only 1 hour and 20 minutes away! As you plan your vacation, business trip or study abroad in Belgium, don’t hesitate to call us at +1-877-820-0668 if any questions or concerns pop up!

What to see around Bruges

All in all, Bruges is the quintessential charming European town with a spectrum of historic landmarks to see and appreciate both downtown and outside the city. While you will definitely want to walk around the Markt central plaza and gaze at ornate art or flying buttresses at the Church of Our Lady Bruges, there are also many attractions to see in the vicinity. These include the sand dunes and beaches in the resort town of Zeebrugge, 13 kilometers north of Bruges. Being a prominent port city, Zeebrugge attracts many visitors seeking some sun rays during their stay in Belgium.

Also accessible with a Bruges car rental is the Zwin Nature Park, about 4.5 hours away via the N374 highway. This ecological wetland nature reserve straddles the Belgian-Dutch border along the North Sea coast. Geographically unique, the area came into existence after a major storm along the Flemish coast in 1134. As a result, this created a tidal channel spanning 15 kilometers inland. Since it became a nature reserve in 1952, the area has become known among bird watchers and outdoor enthusiasts, especially with the area’s unique flora and fauna between sea lavender as well as white storks.

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Airport and Rail Station Car Rentals
Where to locate Bruges Railway Station car rental suppliers through Kemwel?
When the time comes to retrieve or leave behind your Bruges Railway Station car rental, you will conveniently find all of the nearby suppliers located at the following address:
  • Car Rental Dispatch near Bruge Railway Station
  • Avis
    Bevrijdingslaan 37
    Bruges, Belgium 8000
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Your Vehicle Rental Options at Bruges Railway Station
What car models does Kemwel offer?
Whether you’re en route to Bruges to study abroad, work temporarily, conduct business or just have an unforgettable vacation, the Kemwel team has just the vehicle for you! Thanks to our unrelenting partnerships with the most renowned rental companies, our booking engine allows you to easily reserve specialty car rentals for a fraction of the cost compared to other channels. From lavish sports cars to spacious vans or versatile RV motorhomes, learn more about these specialty models by clicking the links below:
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What supplier is best for your trip?
Simply put, both Kemwel and its associates are fully committed to streamlining the international car rental industry. Considering that we’re a leading virtual car hire broker, we ensure the lowest rates and superior customer service while our partners furnish travelers with the actual car model. Therefore, once you arrive at the Bruges Railway Station to dispatch your Belgium car rental, be on the lookout for the following companies. What’s more, simply click on the logos below to learn more about these reputable partners with some of the most diverse car fleets available in Belgium!

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 Avis Car Rentals at Bruges Railway Station

Bruges Rail Station contact information

Bruges / Brugge Rail Station
Stationsplein 5
Brugge, Belgium 8000

Telephone: +32 2 528 28 28
Latitude: 51.1972 N
Longitude: 3.2172 E

General Information: Located in the city center, Bruges Railway Station is the main station providing service to the city of Bruges and the surrounding metropolitan area. The station is one of the busiest transportation hubs throughout Belgium and operates on the NMBS/SNCB Rail Line.

Common Questions about International Car Rentals in Belgium
What’s the minimum age for Belgium car rental?

While the minimum rental age to rent a car in Belgium is 21 years, ultimately this varies among rental suppliers and car categories. Similarly, a young driver surcharge could apply to drivers between the ages 21 and 25. With some partners in Belgium, there may also be a maximum rental age of 75, which also depends on the supplier and car category. In order to be prepared upon arrival, the partner will need to see a valid driver's license, credit card and passport.

Can I pay for an Belgium car hire via debit card?

While this truly depends on the car rental supplier, the succinct answer is yes, travelers planning to rent a car in Belgium can use a debit card. In hopes of making this as simple as possible for travelers, we know which companies accept debit card payments for car rentals!

Must I apply for an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) in Belgium?

No, it isn’t necessary to apply for an IDP in Belgium. Your national driver’s license with adequate experience will suffice.

What is the Belgium speed limit?

The speed limit on most highways is 120 km/h (72 mph). However, the highway speed limit is only posted on roads leaving major airports and at the borders of the country. In congested areas, the max speed is 50 km/h (31 mph) and suburban areas 90 km/h (55 mph).