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Car Leasing Locations in Europe

Car-2-Europe Lease LogoLease a new automobile in Europe at a fantastic low rate when you book a car with us today. Kemwel works together with Citroën, DS Automobiles and Peugeot to provide an outstanding fleet of brand new cars with features unavailable for rental cars in Europe. In addition, Kemwel is able to guarantee the exact make and model so our consumers know exactly what to prepare for when they land to collect their short-term lease.

5 Reasons to Lease a Car in Europe

  • Open to all non-EU residents aged 18 and older with no maximum age.
  • Brand new, low mileage vehicles.
  • Comprehensive insurance with no collision or theft deductible.
  • Travel to many European countries with no restrictions.
  • Exemption from E.U. Value Added Tax (VAT).

At Kemwel, we offer our clients a variety of traveling alternatives, we go beyond common rental cars in Europe. Our company has been using the services of short-term lease suppliers for years to place our clients in new vehicles for the extent of their visit to such locations as Paris, Munich, Amsterdam and more. For you to be eligible for Kemwel's lease program, vacationers must reside outside Europe. Continue reading to get more info on the benefits associated with a car lease in Europe.

Inside France
Basel-Mulhouse - Airport
Bordeaux - Airport
Brest - Airport
Calais - Port
Geneva - Airport
Lyon - Airport
Marseille - Airport
Montpellier - Airport
Nantes - Airport
Nice - Airport
Pau - Airport
Toulouse - Airport

Paris Locations:
Porte De Saint-Cloud - Town
Charles de Gaulle
Orly - Airport
Outside France
Amsterdam - Airport
Barcelona - Airport
Brussels - Airport
Frankfurt - Airport
Lisbon - Airport
Madrid - Airport
Milan Linate - Airport
Milan Malpensa - Airport
Munich - Airport
Porto - Airport
Rome - Airport
Vigo - Airport