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Cheap Car Rental Vaxjo

Cheap Car Rental Vaxjo

Vaxjo is a city in Southern Sweden with a population of around 62,000 inhabitants. It is one of 134 towns in Sweden that possess the historical Swedish city status. The origins of the city's name points to some of it's history. It is believed that the city's name is a combination of the Swedish words "vag" and "sjo", or road lake translated. This is in reference to the road over the frozen lake nearby that farmers used to take to get into the marketplace, which became the city. With cheap car rental locations in Sweden and a large variety of discount rental cars, there is no better way to tour Vaxjo than by car!

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Vaxjo has some unique sights for anyone traveling to Sweden to enjoy. It is home to the only glass museum in the country, and it is home to the Swedish Emigrant Institute, which details and has records on the 1.3 million emigrants that left Sweden between 1846 and 1930, most of the to go to America. The records are extensive and are available on microfiche for anyone tracing ancestry or are interested in the topic. There is also the remains of the 16th century Kronoberg Castle to the north of town, and was used to revolt against the Danish king, who had seized this region during that time. If you have any questions about driving in Vaxjo, visit Kemwel's driving information page for the answers.

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