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Cheap Car Rental Northern Ireland

Cheap Car Rental Northern IrelandVisit the Giant's Causeway, the Mountains of Mourne, or many of Northern Ireland's famed castles that dot this impressive landscape with your UK car rental from Kemwel. With many cheap Kemwel rental car pick up locations throughout Northern Ireland to choose from, the traveler is sure to find a convenient rental option. Kemwel also offers a variety of inexpensive rental car types to choose from, so no matter what your travel plans are, a rental car is always possible with Kemwel. With an affordable Kemwel rental car and discount flights to Northern Ireland, your visit will be complete. Even better, rental vehicles are also available in EnglandScotland and Wales!

Airport Pick Up Locations in Northern Ireland

Plan a Northern Ireland car rental adventure

Northern Ireland is a land rich in backdrop and history. Parks, mountains, and resorts make for adventure all year round with hiking and camping in the summer, and skiing and snow sports in the winter. Renting a car in Belfast or Londonderry will offer the visitor a wonderful array of art, shopping, cuisine and nightlife with an architecturally fascinating background. Notable personalities to come out of Northern Ireland include musician Van Morrison, writer C.S. Lewis, and actor Liam Neeson. Renting a car in Northern Ireland allows the traveler an independent and flexible schedule. Please visit Kemwel's convenient driving information page with any questions about driving in Northern Ireland.

Bargain Car Rental in Northern Ireland with Kemwel

Northern Ireland contains an amazing landscape as well as an in depth city and cultural life to explore. We use such world class suppliers as Europcar to ensure a seamless rental process. Book a cheap Kemwel rental car online and see just how convenient and inexpensive touring Northern Ireland can be. If you have questions about booking online, please visit our frequently asked questions page. Our staff is also available at 1-877-820-0668 to assist you with any questions you may have.

Northern Ireland Driving Overview

General Information
We here at Kemwel want to make sure our clients have the safest car rental experience in Northern Ireland. Below you will find detailed information pertaining to renting and operating a vehicle in North Ireland. If you have any questions regarding any of the information you find below, please feel free to contact our friendly staff at 1 877 820 0668 or email us at

In order to rent a vehicle in Northern Ireland you must be a minimum age of 21, however minimum age restrictions can vary depending on rental supplier. Many suppliers in Northern Ireland have a maximum rental age of 75 as well. Drivers who are between the ages of 21-24 and 70-75 maybe subject to an additional surcharge of approximately $15-$29 USD per day depending on the rental supplier. Children younger then 3 years are prohibited from traveling in the front seat and are required to be in a car seat appropriate to their size. Children who are between 3 and 12 years and smaller then 1.5 meters are required to use a car seat or safety belt and are permitted in the front seat of the vehicle. In Northern Ireland talking on a cell phone while driving is permitted only when a hands free device is being used.

Speed Limits
The standard legal speed limits in North Ireland are as follows: Highways 112 km/h (70mph), major roads1-lane 96 km/h (60mph), major roads 2-lane 112 km/h (70mph)

Rules of the Road
In Northern Ireland vehicles are required to travel on the left side of the street. When on a highway in Northern Ireland vehicles are required to travel in the left hand lane and pass on the right.

Gas and Diesel
Many of the gas stations throughout Northern Ireland are open from 7am until 11pm, however some stations located on the highway are open 24hrs. International credit cards are a widely accepted form of payment at most stations.

Tolls are charge on various motorways throughout Northern Ireland.

Most cites in Northern Ireland have parking meters usually with a 2 hour parking limit. Pay-and-display parking areas are also popular, meaning you have to purchase a ticket and display it on the vehicle dashboard while parking.

Northern Ireland Car Rental Insurance Information

General Information
When renting a car in an unfamiliar country it is always a good idea to find out what forms of insurance are required in the particular country you are traveling to as it can vary from country to country. The insurance guidelines of the country where you pick up the vehicle will be in effect for the duration of your rental even if the rental is returned to another country.

A car rental in Northern Ireland through Kemwel will always include third party liability and fire insurance. Collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft protection are optional and are included on our inclusive rental rates in Ireland. Specific details regarding the insurance on your car rental will print the terms and conditions area of your rental voucher. You may want to decline the CDW and theft protection in order to take advantage of coverage provided by your credit card, in this event please contact your credit card company to learn of the specifics of your coverage.

For rentals commencing in Northern Ireland the following guidelines will apply:

Required Coverage
For rentals commencing in Northern Ireland third party liability and fire insurance are required. Kemwel includes both forms of insurance on all basic rental rates in Northern Ireland. Third party liability provides insurance coverage to people and property that may be injured or damaged outside of the rental vehicle. Fire insurance provides coverage to the rental vehicle in the event it is involved in a fire.

Optional Coverage
Collision damage waiver (CDW) and Theft protection are optional for rentals commencing in Northern Ireland. These two forms of insurance are included in all Kemwel’s inclusive rental rates in Northern Ireland. It is highly recommended that you purchase CDW and theft with Kemwel, as most credit cards will not cover rentals commencing in Northern Ireland. Most car rental suppliers will have a deductible ranging from $540 USD up to $1390 USD depending on the car category that you will still be responsible for in the event of collision or theft of the vehicle. Super CDW is a supplementary insurance that can be purchased locally with many suppliers to help reduce the amount of the deductible. In Northern Ireland the cost of super CDW can range from $14-$32 USD per day depending on supplier and car category. Personal Accident Insurance is available with some suppliers locally for a cost of $10-$20 USD per day depending on the car category.

Rental Restrictions in Northern Ireland

General Information
Most rental suppliers will allow select vehicles to travel into Southern Ireland, United Kingdom and most Western European countries. Additional surcharges are likely to apply to any vehicle being taken to the UK, continental Europe or southern Ireland. Not all vehicles categories are permitted.

Note: If planning to take a vehicle from Ireland to continental Europe it will be set up for left lane driving. Many countries in Europe drive on the right not the left like in Ireland and the UK.

Restricted Countries
Many of the vehicles rented in Northern Ireland can travel anywhere in Ireland without any restrictions. Some vehicle categories, due to insurance regulations may have limitations on travel in certain countries; these categories include luxury vehicles, large vans and automatics. We ask at this time for you take a moment to make sure the vehicle you are intending to rent is suitable for your travel needs.

One-Way Rentals
International one-ways are available to select locations in Southern Ireland for an additional fee. Domestic one-way rentals are also available and most have additional surcharges. Not all vehicles are permitted and minimum rental lengths may apply.

Useful Terms for Travelers to Northern Ireland

  • ATM - hole-in-the-wall
  • Battery - accumulator
  • Breakdown lane - lay-by
  • Convertible top - hood
  • Dashboard - fascia or facia
  • Fender - wing
  • Glove compartment - cubby box
  • Car hood - honnet
  • Muffler - silencer
  • Outlet - power point
  • Overpass - flyover
  • Oil pan - sump
  • Parking lot - car park
  • Rotary - roundabout
  • Sedan - saloon
  • Tire - tyre
  • Traffic jam - tail back
  • Trailer - caravan
  • Truck - lorry
  • Trunk - boot
  • Tractor-trailer - articulated lorry or artic
  • Very large truck - juggernaut
  • Windshield - windscreen