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Dare to Compare: Venice vs. Amsterdam, Canals and Car Rentals

Venice vs. Amsterdam: Canals and Car Rentals

In our lifetime, we will barely graze the surface of understanding the interwoven layers of Europe’s exciting history and culture which span millenniums, but with a sense of wonder and curiosity, we will continue to try! One thing that is abundantly clear is that travelers looking to unlock the mysteries of these inspiring destinations will find more avenues open before them with a Kemwel car rental

Why settle for visiting one remarkable European city, when you can visit two? Venice and Amsterdam offer some of the most sought after sights and escapades on the European continent, and the best part is, it’s cheap and easy to get a one way car rental in Europe. The cities are often compared for their most prominent feature, their extensive canal systems, offering travelers romance and entertainment at turns. If you have yet to explore these exceptional cities, consider exploring one or both for your next trip to Europe. Learn many further interesting factoids and potential parallels of culture on a two-city tour.

A Brief Introduction

The “City of Canals,” “Serenissima,” and “City of Masks,” these are just a few of the sobriquets associated with Venice, Italy. For all its vivacious personality, Venice is in fact quite a compact city that allows sightseeing even if your time is short – for instance, you can take in three major sites at one location with a visit to the Piazza San Marcos, also called “Europe’s Living Room.” From this location, you’ll be able to take in St. Mark’s Basilica, the former legal center of the city in the Doge’s Palace, and the Torre del Orologio, a magnificent clock tower built in the late 1400s. Including the renowned Bridge of Sighs, there are hundreds of bridges and a vast canal network offering many scenic viewpoints in Venice.

More than one hundred kilometers in length with about ninety islands and over 1500 bridges, far eclipsing those of Venice, the canals of Amsterdam are truly a magnificent attraction and engineering marvel to take in. Amsterdam is often referred to as “The Venice of the North.” Originating in the 17th century, the initial plan by the early settlers of Amsterdam was to have a number of canals forming concentric circles. The purpose of some of the canals was to spur residential development; outer rings were used for commerce and defense.

Notable Cultural Sights

In addition to the edifices in the piazza you’ll have a whole host of museums and exhibits to visit in Venice, many containing some of the finest art ever created. The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, which in direct contrast to the old masters, contains one of the world’s most brilliant collections of modern art, featuring artists like Picasso, Calder, and Pollock. Michelangelo’s “David” and many other masters from the Tuscan region are on view at the Galleria dell’Accademia.

When it’s time to take in area culture, among the great prospective activities in Amsterdam is to stop by the city’s most popular museum, the Rijksmuseum, an unparalleled collection of paintings and cultural objects. Additional attractions worth spending time at are the Van Gogh Museum, with the world’s largest collection of one of history’s most famous and prolific artists. History buffs will want to stop at the Anne Frank House, where two Jewish families hid from Nazi persecution during World War II. Family member Anne Frank, in her young teens at the time, penned her famous diary detailing the family’s experiences during this time. A fun fact about Amsterdam museums, is based on the size of city, Amsterdam has more museums (51!) than any other city in the world.

Local Fare

When it’s time to eat, and it seems like it’s always time to eat in Italy, the ocean proximity provides residents and visitors to Venice, with the freshest of seafood fare, expertly prepared. A common side dish is often polenta, once known as “food of the poor,” today it sits in an elevated place with Venice cuisine. The Italian version of happy hour is called “apertivo time,” where locals gather for drinks and snacks at canal side bistros and taverns. Venice is situated in one of Italy’s finest vineyard regions, regarded on the same level as Tuscany and Piedmont. Your dining experience wouldn’t be complete without a delicious and refreshing gelato, made only as the merchants of Venice know how.

While in Amsterdam, you’ll want to try some of the local foods the area is known for. “Bitterballen” are savory, breaded fried ball-shaped pastries, surrounding bits of chopped beef, broth, herbs and spices. Another similar snack is the “croquette” or “kroket”, generally stuffed with cheese. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with “Stroopwafel,” which is two thin cookies bound together with a sugary syrup, best served hot and fresh from roadside shops. Another very traditional food is “Hollandse Nieuwe Haring” or raw herring with chopped onions, eaten with slices of fresh baked bread.

How to Travel with Kemwel

While I’m offering only the briefest of glimpses into some of the more obvious aesthetics and travel opportunities in Amsterdam and Venice, there is so much more awaiting you! Pack up your car rental for a one-way adventure between these dynamic destinations. Kemwel can provide you with your appropriate mode of transportation whether it be a Peugeot in Amsterdam, or a cheap car rental in Venice. You can contact a Kemwel reservation specialist at 1-877-820-0668, or reserve your vehicle of choice using our online booking engine, today!

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