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Travel Reviews: The Best GPS for Europe

Finding the best GPS in Europe can be difficult, just as it can in most other places. For travelers, it may be a better idea to opt for a GPS rental rather than making an outright purchase. That way you will have it for the time that you need it without the extra costs that are associated with the initial purchase. With GPS units regularly costing hundreds of dollars, the savings is astronomical. Beyond that, rentals are usually very inexpensive in comparison, usually coming with rental vehicles at a very low cost. Unfortunately, when they come at such a cheap rate they are often damaged or do not function properly because they have been used by so many travelers before you.

Free GPS Rental

To help ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck – and the most reliable GPS unit – here are a few factors that come into play when finding a good GPS rental:

  • Look for the latest units. Often, you will find older units at a discount but they will not have the full functionality that you might be able to find on units of newer make.
  • Ask about the quality of the casing. The higher quality the screen is and the better durability on the casing, the less likely your GPS will stop functioning if you end up dropping it.
  • Readability is key. You want a unit that is going to be easy to read and will not pose problems for you when you are on the road. If you are confused when it is giving you directions on the screen, you could easily become lost. Look for a unit that has very clear directions that are simply and easy to understand.
  • Portable. A lot of units are not as portable as one would like. You want one that you can mount in your vehicle and also take down should you find the need to look at something in your home or if you want to protect it from theft. This is also good for planning the route ahead of time or outside of the vehicle.
  • Volume is a big concern with units. Units that do not have a high volume will present problems for you when you are trying to drive and listen at the same time. This can make navigation especially difficult.

GPS Reviews & Comparisons

Are you searching for the best GPS unit to take to Europe? In order to help you make the most informed decision possible, here are some of the premier GPS Europe brand comparisons:

  • TomTom Via 1505 – The TomTom Via 1505 can be a great choice with regard to GPS Europe. There are lifetime free map updates which keep the user apprised of any changes to the roads that they may be traveling on. With a split screen function, it is easily possible to make sure you do not miss any exits on your trip. With the include point of interest function, you can easily navigate to gasoline, groceries, or anything else you might need to find on your journey. Finally: There is the build in IQ function which updates travel estimates in real time. The only issue here is the prohibitive cost.
  • Magellan RoadMate 5045T – Made by Magellan, this unit provides high end comfort but that comes at the expense of some of the features on it. It has lifetime maps but the readability is a bit lacking. The screen is large but it goes dim at times, which can cause issues. Users have regularly reported problems with the maps on this unit not being up to date or taking too long to update with new information. That can cause a problem, especially if you are in unfamiliar territory.
  • Garmin Nuvi 270  – *WINNER* This is a great unit made by Garmin. It does not require any antenna to be flipped up and has a smaller screen than most units. While that may seem like an issue, it is so clear and easy to read that it does not prove to be a problem. There is full coverage of both Europe and the United States on this unit and you can store your map data on a flash memory unit which is internal to the device itself. The volume is wonderful for the size and more than makes up for anything that the maps themselves lack (which is not much, in truth). The small size makes it perfect to fit right into your pocket when you are off the road and out of your vehicle as well, making this unit perfect for people who wish to choose their routes ahead of time. It also features travel tools such as a world clock and picture viewers to further help with your travels.
  • Garmin Nuvi 2455 LMT – This unit is good for the money but it does have some problems associated with it. The volume is loud but not quite as well designed as the Nuvi 270, also made by Garmin. It features a park position recall feature so that you can find your vehicle where you left it, but that requires you to carry around the unit, which is not as small and compact as it probably could be. The big issue here is that it does not always have traffic features, though it does purport to. Many users have found that there are no traffic listings for their area if they are outside of a large or metro area, which is a significant issue if you are trying to avoid traffic in smaller areas during your travels.

 GPS Rentals for Europe


Recommendation: Best GPS for Europe

The best GPS for Europe is probably the Garmin Nuvi 270. If renting a car from Kemwel, this GPS unit comes free to car rentals which qualify. With that being said, you will still have to pay for shipping. We will  send the unit directly to your house before you leave for Europe. This allows for easy inspection of the unit (to ensure proper functioning) and allows you to map out your entire route prior to leaving your home if that’s something you’re interested in. No matter where you’ll be traveling on your next vacation or business trip, the benefit of being able to plan your route out and save it into the unit is something that simply cannot be overstated. Choosing the right unit can be difficult, but the Garmin Nuvi 270 has you covered on all fronts. Learn more about the best GPS for Europe by calling us toll-free at 1-877-820-0668.

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