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The Best Wineries to Visit in Tuscany

Best Wineries to Visit in TuscanyWine isn’t just a drink to enjoy with local cheese and cold meats; it’s a way of life in Italy. You simply cannot visit Tuscany without spending at least an afternoon in one of the region’s many wineries. Famous for Chianti wine and many other now internationally popular varieties of wine, some of the wineries in Tuscany have been in operation for centuries.

Tuscany is the idyllic wine country. The climate, proximity to the coast, and rural landscape has produced some of Italy’s best wines, including Chianti Classico, Nobile di Montepulciano, Vernaccia di san Gimignano, and Carmignano. Almost every winery in Tuscany offers a tasting tour and some history about Tuscan wine and the region. Many of the wineries are not only filled with delicious wines for you to try, but also with Tuscan passion, history and inspiration.

Here are the top five wineries to visit in Tuscany:

5. San Guido Sassicaia (Bolgheri)

San Guido

Situated in the Bolgheri region of Tuscany on the Etruscan coast, San Guido Sassicaia is world famous for its high-end wines and its breathtaking scenery. The winery originally opened in the 1920s, but served wine only to family and friends until its public opening in 1968. Try the Sassicaia and Ornellaia labels that the winery is known for and enjoy a day exploring the estate’s natural trails and ancient architecture.

4. Capo d’Uomo (Argentario)

Capo d'Uomo

This hand-worked winery is located on some of the most spectacular terrain in Tuscany. Located on the end of the Argentario peninsula and close to Mediterranean scrub forest, the vineyards are lined across small, narrow terraces and produce distinctive red and white grapes. The small winery is still run by the founding Grimaldi family to this day, and its famous wines are some of the most unique in the region, including the Africo, Maisto and a Tuscan mix of Cabarnet, Sangiovese and Merlot.

3. Antinori (Chianti Classico)


Set in the heart of the Chianti hillside, the Antinori and its slick interior is a must visit while in Tuscany. If you love wine and architecture, then this is the spot for you. Enjoy a dazzling display of vineyards and modern steel and glass that make up the enormous Italian winery. Founded in 1385 by Giovanni di Piero Antinori in Florence, some years later this Chianti winery is still going strong.

2. Villa Pomona (Chianti Classico)

Villa Pomona

This typical Tuscan estate is as classic as the Chianti Classico it produces. Surrounded by olive trees, woodland and farmland, the winery feels like a traditional location and yet its current owner, Monica Raspi, has only been producing Chianti Classicos since 2007 after inheriting the business from her mother. The traditional methods Monica uses are make her creations ensure the wines retain classic chianti tastes and flavors.

1. Valle delle Corti (Chianti Classico)

Valle delle Corti

This artisan winery is all about the authenticity of Tuscan wine. Producing just three wines, the winery is dedicated to creating real Tuscan wine, including a 100% sangiovese chianti classico and an intense riserva, if the harvest is good. Unlike some of the other wineries in the region, Valle delle Corti has never mixed its wine with international grapes, as was the common idea in Tuscany throughout the 70s, and sticks to creating chianti the old-fashioned way.

Planning an Affordable Tuscany Wine Tour

The Tuscan wine region offers a fantastic opportunity to taste some of the best wines in the world while immersing yourself in a scenic bliss. The rural farmlands and stunning panoramic views are a sight to behold, but many are inaccessible by public transportation. If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to take your Tuscany wine tour to its full potential, look no further than Kemwel for a great value on car rentals in Italy. Having your own vehicle will give you the chance to visit as many vineyards and wine tastings as you like and the comfort of traveling in privacy is less than you might have thought when booking with Kemwel. We offer some of the best travel deals available and would love to help you host the tour of Italy you truly want and deserve!

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