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Galicia Travel Guide for Spanish Car Rentals

Road trip across Galicia's major cities with a Spain car rental from Kemwel

Rent a Car in Spain

Celtic culture, fresh squid, hilly landscapes reminiscent of Ireland, and picturesque estuaries known as rías. These may be some of the images that come to mind when the word “Galicia” comes up in conversation. Snugged in the northwestern corner of Spain above Portugal is this autonomous community known for its revered ancient churches, melting pot of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and let's not forget ethereal landscapes. Fortunately for travelers, all of these attractions are easily explored behind the wheel of your very own discount Spain car rental available on Kemwel!

Linguistically and culturally, this remote region shares more ties with neighboring Portugal than the rest of Spain. Considered to be one of the Celtic nations based on its lineage, Galicia has its own distinctive language known as “galego” that’s spoken by over 2.4 million people predominantly in the provinces of A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense, and Pontevedra. Although this region is rather isolated compared to other parts of Spain, it's certainly worth a visit with top destinations including the Camino de Santiago and the medieval holy city of Santiago de Compostela.

Whether you’re planning to visit the region to attend a Celtic music festival or go surfing in the Atlantic, the following cities are some of the most trending travel destinations in Galicia over the Kemwel booking engine!

Cheap car rental Vigo

Rent a Car in Spain

Engulfed in maritime charm, Vigo is the most populated city in Galicia with over 295,000 residents. Geographically, it's located in the Pontevedra region and lies at the southernmost point of the Rías Baixas, a series of four estuarine inlets found along the Atlantic coastline of Galicia. With its very own Ría de Vigo, others include Ría de Muros e Noia, Ría de Arousa, and Ría de Pontevedra. Affluent for its bustling fishing port and French Citroën automotive factory, the scenic hub of Vigo also showcases a growing tourism sector due to its many beautiful beaches that both tourists and locals adore.

Replete with various sandy urban promenades, travelers who choose Kemwel can leisurely drive their Vigo car rental to some superb beaches such as Praia de Samil, Praia de Vao, among others. Local camping and gorgeous hiking can also be done around the Cies Islands found north of the city. This chain of three of islands is part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park where visitors can admire whales, dolphins, orcas, among other wildlife. There are also a handful of other historical attractions, such as the archaeological remnants at the Castro de Vigo (fortress) and Museo Quiñones de León.

  • How far is Vigo from Madrid in car: 5 hrs, 48 mins (596 km/370 mi)
  • How far is Vigo from Barcelona in car: 10 hrs, 43 mins (1,153 km/716 mi)
  • How far is Vigo from Lisbon in car: 4 hrs, 17 mins (462 km/287 mi)
  • How far is Vigo from Porto in car: 1 hr, 37 mins (153 km/95 mi)

Cheap Car Rental A Coruña

Rent a Car in A Coruña Spain

As the second-largest community in Galicia with a population of over 245,700, the port city of A Coruña (La Coruna in Spanish) hosts numerous tourist destinations, such as an ancient Roman lighthouse dating back to the second century known as the Tower of Hercules, the oldest Roman-age tower still in use today. Celebrated for its expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean, A Coruña is also home to a collection of prime beaches such as Praia de Orzan, Praia das Lapas, plus Praia de Riazor. There is even the interactive human body museum, Domus.

From A Coruña’s harbor promenade, visitors can also appreciate the city’s signature glass-enclosed balconies known as “galerías” that encompass up to six-story buildings. Outside of local attractions like Plaza de María Pita and the Castelo de San Antón archaeology museum, newcomers can also drive their A Coruña car rental to the nearby cliffs of Vixía Herbeira close to Cape Ortegal. Excellent hiking can also be done in Camariñas where O Camiño dos Faros (the Way of the Lighthouses) awaits visitors.

Cheap Car Rental Santiago de Compostela

Rent a Car in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Don't be surprised if it feels as though you've stumbled through a vortex upon arriving at Santiago de Compostela. More often than not, travelers get this sensation while wandering the ancient labyrinth and one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Folks from across the world end up in Santiago de Compostela after hiking the Camino de Santiago, a primordial pilgrimage route that traverses France, Spain and Portugal. Meaning the Way of St. James, this tradition began as a commemoration of one of the original 12 apostles who is believed to be buried in the city, which is ultimately the final destination for hikers.

Emphasized by the grandiose stone cathedrals, Santiago de Compostela is also one of the three original holy cities of the Catholic Church. From the Casco Antiguo to the ornate Parque de la Alameda, not to mention spacious plazas full of outdoor markets, visitors may feel totally enamored while touring this city or its surrounding villages and municipalities. Some of the most historic and prettiest villages to explore with your Santiago car rental are Muxia, Ezaro, Combarro, among other hamlets!

  • How far is Santiago from Madrid in car: 5 hrs, 52 mins (602 km/374 mi)
  • How far is Santiago from Barcelona in car: 10 hrs, 13 mins (1,088 km/676 mi)
  • How far is Santiago from Lisbon in car: 5 hrs, 12 mins (546 km/339 mi)
  • How far is Santiago from Porto in car: 2 hrs, 34 mins (237 km/147 mi)

Cheap Car Rental Pontevedra

Rent a Car in Pontevedra, Spain

Advanced urban planning, religious architecture, and a deep-rooted maritime heritage are ubiquitous in Pontevedra, one of the oldest cities on the Iberian Peninsula. Massive monasteries such as Santa María da Armenteira and the Ruínas de San Domingos dating back to the 14th-century are some of the most frequented destinations in Pontevedra. While this city is among one of the most walkable in the world thanks to its pedestrian-friendly infrastructure and minimal car traffic, some outlying destinations in the countryside are still best reached by car.

For a weekend road trip with your affordable Pontevedra car rental, As Catedrais beach in Ribadeo near Lugo is a local favorite and must-see. To experience towns outside of Pontevedra, we also recommend traveling to Baiona where Christopher Columbus’ ship La Pinta docked in 1493! This is where you will find Monterreal Castle built right along the sprawling bay. On the Minho River by the Portugal border is also the town of A Guarda renowned for its lobsters and Monte de Santa Tecla hilltop fortress dating back to Celtic times.

Cheap Car Rental Lugo

Rent a Car in Lugo, Spain

None other than Lugo is the only city in the world surrounded by a fully-intact Roman wall. Protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this landmark includes 71 towers, 10 gates and a 2,117-meter (6,946 ft) circuit that can be easily done in a day. Part of the enclosure also goes over the Minho River with a gorgeous restored Roman bridge. Also known for being a pilgrimage site dating back to the Middle Ages, this city is where travelers will find the Camino Primitivo of the Camino de Santiago, far less crowded than other routes.

Historically, Lugo was once an area of Celtic tribes until the Romans arrived thousands of years ago. Today, Lugo warmly embraces its Roman heritage, especially during the annual Arde Lucas festival towards the end of June. Beginning in 2000, residents have taken to the streets to celebrate the Roman walls' designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site all while parading through town in period costumers ranging from warriors to druids. Sometimes there are even battle reenactments! Other local attractions include Rosalia de Castro Park and the Domus Oceani (House of Mosaics) dating back to Roman times. Road trips outside of the city with your Lugo car rental can also be done at the Ribeira Sacra Region saturated with green meadows, lush forests, vineyards, plus other outstanding outdoor scenery.

  • How far is Lugo from Madrid in car: 5 hrs, 4 mins (499 km/310 mi)
  • How far is Lugo from Barcelona in car: 9 hrs, 45 mins (995 km/618 mi)
  • How far is Lugo from Lisbon in car: 6 hrs, 19 mins (609 km/378 mi)
  • How far is Lugo from Porto in car: 3 hr, 33 mins (303 km/188 mi)

Cheap Car Rental Ferrol

Rent a Car in Ferrol, Spain

North of A Coruna is Ferrol, home to one of the most essential naval bases in Spain and the starting point of the Camino Inglés (English Way) path on the Camino de Santiago. Like other Galician cities, Ferrol is well-known for its large harbor and classical architecture, such as the San Felipe Castle and the Igrexa Castrense de San Francisco neoclassical church. Equipped with your reliable Ferrol car rental outside of the city, be sure to also visit the quintessential Galician fishing village of Redes and others such as O Freixo, O Pieiro, O Confurco, among many other small and charming rural communities. To begin this adventure in Galicia, call Kemwel today at +1-877-820-0668 to book your car rental in Ferrol or any other of these incredible cities in Galicia! No matter where you go, you're going to love the freedom of having your own vehicle in Spain!

  • How far is Ferrol from Madrid in car: 5 hrs, 48 mins (605 km/376 mi)
  • How far is Ferrol from Barcelona in car: 10 hrs, 9 mins (1,099 km/683 mi)
  • How far is Ferrol from Lisbon in car: 5 hrs, 50 mins (629 km/391 mi)
  • How far is Ferrol from Porto in car: 3 hrs, 13 mins (320 km/199 mi)

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