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Kemwel Car Rental Terms & Guidelines

Kemwel's goal is to make your driving experience a pleasant and informed one. The price guarantee and general conditions & guidelines below serve to clarify some questions that you may have regarding our car rental policies.

Price Match Guarantee

In the event that you find a lower price from any other major USA car rental operator, Kemwel guarantees to beat that price. This offer applies to prepaid car rental reservations made up to the date of travel. This guarantee is not applicable after the start date of the car rental. Kemwel may have to verify the conditions applicable to the lower rate to ensure that an accurate comparison is being made. Once verified, your new lower price will be confirmed. This offering may not be combined with any other promotion or discount and must be requested at time of international car rental booking.

Terms and Conditions

Kemwel and its agents exercise every reasonable effort to fulfill their obligations to the client. However, we cannot be responsible for breakdowns, accidents, road conditions, acts of God, strikes, work stoppages, or events beyond their control. Kemwel acts as a car rental broker for the contractor and as an agent for the client, and in no further capacity. Kemwel and its agents shall be discharged from all responsibilities once delivery of the car rental has been completed. Upon delivery of the rental car, the client will sign an agreement with the contractor who is actually providing the car rental and the conditions contained therein will prevail. In addition, all international car rental bookings are subject to the terms and conditions contained on our invoices and/or vouchers. All prices are subject to change without notice.

What's Included in Your Kemwel Rental

Kemwel car rentals include unlimited mileage and value added tax (VAT) on prepaid charges. Other inclusions vary from country to country. For specific information, please check details when making your international car rental booking. The option to purchase & prepay collision damage waiver (cdw) and theft protection (TP) may not be available in some countries as it is mandatory in certain locations.

What's Not Included in your kemwel rental

Personal Accident Insurance

This will be offered to you as an option when picking-up your rental car. You may want to check your personal health or auto insurance policy at home prior to your travel date to determine if you already have coverage.


A full tank of gasoline is provided at the time of car rental. It is the renter's responsibility to fill the gas tank before returning the rental car. If the rental car is not returned with a full tank, the renter will be charged for the gasoline used at the prevailing rate by our local supplier.

Garage fees, parking charges, traffic tickets, road fees, vehicle license fees & airport surcharges.

These items are the responsibility of the renter.

Additional Driver Charges

All drivers must be listed on the car rental contract and must meet the qualifications regarding age and drivers license requirements. If applicable, these charges are payable locally.

Underage Driver Surcharges

Most car rentals cover drivers between ages 30 to 65. If a driver is not within this age range, please inform our customer services staff at the time of the international car rental booking. Some age restrictions may apply in certain destinations and in some cases there may be an additional charge. If applicable, these charges are payable locally.

Taxes on Extras Purchased Locally

Yes, the value added tax (vat) is included in our guaranteed low cost car rental rates. Other taxes on any extras purchased or charged locally are not included. Any additional items purchased at the international rental locations are subject to the VAT changes for that country.

Special Requests & Options Not Included by Kemwel

Child Seats
The seats are mandatory in most countries and must be requested at time of car rental booking. However, child seats may not be available at all European and international locations and child seats charges may apply and are paid locally. For older children, it is recommended that you take your own booster seats.

Ski Racks and Snow Chains
These items are available in some, but not all, European and international locations and should be specially requested at the time of car rental booking. Charges for their use may apply and are paid locally.

Pick-up (Collection) & Delivery Charges
Pick-up is normally at the airport or a local office location. In some international locations, deliveries can be arranged to other delivery points during normal office hours. If you would like your rental car to be delivered to you at a specified location, full address, phone number, and delivery time must be given at the time of car rental booking. Additional charges may apply and are payable locally.

Off-Hours Charges
In most international locations, flights will be met and rental cars supplied outside of normal office hours. However, there may be an additional charge, payable locally, for this service. This charge will be quoted to you when you advise us of your flight times.

Driver's License

Renters/drivers must produce a valid United States driver's license or a valid international driver's license (issued by your country of residency) held for at least one year. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that he/she has the appropriate driver's license.

Rental Documents

The name and contact details of the local car rental supplier are included in the rental voucher. The voucher must be presented to the car rental supplier when picking up your rental car. Kemwel cannot be held responsible for car rentals rejected if a voucher is not presented. It is recommended you retain your rental documents for a minimum of 28 days after returning home.

Late or Early Return

To avoid higher local charges, it is important that you advise Kemwel (1-877-820-0668) of any anticipated delays in returning a rental car. A partial refund may be made if a car rental is returned early. Some restrictions may apply.

Flight Information

For international airport pick-ups, it is essential that Kemwel be given the correct flight number and arrival time before departure. If this is not available at the time of international car rental booking, please ensure that you inform us of this at least 7 days prior to departure. If the information is not provided in time, no responsibility can be accepted or compensation allowed for a failed car rental.

Rental Car Security Deposit

When the rental car is picked up, all clients must produce a valid credit card, in the name of the driver as a form of security deposit. Debit cards are not accepted and cash deposits are rarely accepted. Deposits against damage are required in some European countries and a major credit card can be used for this purpose. Deposits vary by destination.

Car Type/Category

Kemwel cannot guarantee a particular make or model of car. However, if an automatic car is requested, transmission is guaranteed. The rental car shown on your voucher represents a car type/category therefore car makes & models may be substituted for either a similar or an upgraded car type (at no extra cost). If you are dissatisfied in any way with the standard of the rental car, you must advise the local supplier immediately and Kemwel in writing within 28 days of your return. Kemwel cannot accept liability where this procedure is not followed. If you choose to upgrade your rental car upon arrival in Europe, you will be charged at the local supplier's rates.

Number of Passengers

Our rental cars are insured for a maximum number of passengers. Please speak with one of our qualified customer service agents if you are unsure of the right size rental car for your needs. Kemwel cannot accept responsibility if the rental car is not large enough to fit all passengers and luggage on arrival if details were not supplied at the time of booking.

Driving Restrictions

Restrictions are applicable when crossing country borders. Please advise our customer services department at the time of booking if you plan to drive out of the country of the vehicle pick-up location. When crossing country borders, charges may apply locally for extra insurance.

Mechanical Difficulties/Accidents

In the event of any mechanical difficulties or accidents involving your rental car, it is important that details are reported to your local supplier within 24 hours. You must also complete an accident form by the end of the rental period. Local police should also be notified in the case of accidents and a signed police report obtained. Full details of third parties should also be obtained. Authority to repair or replace a rental car must be given by your local supplier, whose name and contact details are shown on our voucher and rental agreement. You should retain copies of all rental documentation in the event an insurance company is involved. Compensation cannot be considered when this procedure is not followed. A checkout form must be signed on return of the rental car. Failure to do so may delay the investigation of disputes regarding insurance excess charges.


Kemwel aims to resolve complaints within 28 days of receipt, however some complaints may take longer due to the nature of the issue and information provided. All complaints should be submitted to Kemwel within 90 days of the completion of the car rental.