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Cheap car rentals Guatemala

Cheap car rentals Guatemala Did you know that Guatemala means "land of many trees" in the Maya-Toltec indigenous language? With such a poetic name matched with astounding natural scenery, Guatemala is one of the most exciting travel destinations in Latin America for cheap car rentals! Bordered by Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador, tourists come to this Central American nation to experience its Caribbean and Pacific coastlines full of scenic beaches and mystical Mayan ruins at Tikal National Park. Whether you intend to wander through the historic streets of Guatemala City or spend time with wild moneys near Petén Itzá, renting a car through the Kemwel booking engine is the guaranteed best method to avoid complicated and unpredictable public transport in this beautiful land! 

Airport Car Rentals in Guatemala 
Guatemala City Airport Guatemala City Airport

Book a cheap Guatemala car rental with Kemwel

For us at Kemwel, our main priority is that you feel safe and comfortable during your stay in Guatemala equipped with one of our affordable car rentals! In just a matter of three clicks, you could have your very own set of wheels to explore Central America and the splendor of Guatemala. Some of the top destinations include Semuc Champey natural monument full of warm pools of turquoise waters, as well as plenty of mountains for hiking and lakes for viewing such as Atitlan. All the while, visiting Guatemala is like walking through an open-air museum with vestiges of its Mayan ancestry scattered across the country. Famous ruins include Tikal and Yahxá. With so much to encounter, touring Guatemala via car rental certainly deserves a few weeks at the very least!

What car rental companies operate in Guatemala?

Present in over 20,000 global locations, we at Kemwel work alongside the industry's top-performing car rental companies to provide the best-priced vehicles to our customers. As our partner Alamo distributes the actual vehicle, Kemwel ensures the lowest car rental rates on the web, not to mention unparalleled customer service! Begin comparing our rates with Alamo by using our search engine located at the top of the page!

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What specialty car rentals are available in Guatemala?

Cheap luxury car rental Guatemala
Cheap Guatemala luxury car rental - Who wouldn't want to enjoy the Guatemalan scenery from the comfort of their very own cheap luxury car rental? You may be surprised but this is actually quite affordable over the Kemwel booking engine where we provide rates for the most reputable brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, among others!
Cheap van rental Guatemala
Cheap Guatemala van rental - It won't be necessary to sacrifice passengers' comfort to make extra room for luggage during your travels in Guatemala. Take a look on our search engine to look through diverse and spacious van rentals with room for up to 12 passengers!

Common questions about Guatemala car rentals

Can Kemwel guarantee the exact car make and model reserved in Guatemala?

Neither Alamo nor Kemwel can guarantee with 100% precision that you will receive the exact car model reserved over our booking engine. What Kemwel can ensure is the transmission and the car class, whether that be a luxury car, van, RV motorhome, SUV, compact vehicles, etc.

Is there a fee for cancelling Guatemala car rental with Kemwel?

Kemwel doesn’t charge any fees for cancellations made within 72 hours of pick-up, meaning customers will receive a full refund. Cancellations made with fewer than 72 hours will receive a refund but with a US$75 fee deducted. Last but not least, cancellations made after the designated period of usage won’t be reimbursed. Contact Kemwel to cancel your car reservation rather than calling the provider!

Can people use a debit card to pay for Guatemala car rentals?

Although many companies require credit cards to pay for the vehicle, the Kemwel teams know which car rental suppliers accept debit cards! Follow this link to find out who they are or simply give us a call at +1-877-820-0668 to speak with one of our customer service representatives!