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Rent a Portable GPS for Your Trip

GPS RentalsKemwel offers cheap GPS rentals for your next trip to Europe or worldwide. Our portable GPS units are the latest Garmin models, and a must-have when traveling by car in Europe. The GPS units come with a dash mount but can be removed and taken into a villa or hotel room to plan the next day's trip or to find a particular restaurant or museum. Included with your GPS rental is a routing map for your rental country and a dash mount for hands-free navigation. Request your GPS Rental Today >

Current Offers*:

  • When renting a midsize car or above the daily GPS Rental rate is FREE for the duration of your car rental period. For mini, economy & compact rentals the GPS Rental rate is $2/day for the duration of your car rental period. A $40 shipping fee will be charged (which covers FedEx 2-day shipping both ways) for all rentals. Outside of the car rental period, the GPS rental rate is $1/day for extra days after your car rental is over.
  • When leasing a Peugeot through Kemwel, a GPS Rental is free, and shipping costs are waived.
  • Insurance is available for the GPS units at $1 USD per day and reduces the deductible from $300 USD to Zero liability in the event of damage or $100 in the event of loss or theft. Please select this option on your request form or speak with an agent for more details.
* Terms: 
  • GPS Offers are valid for citizens residing in the United States only and for rentals in coverage area. Shipping is $40 for two day priority FedEx, no Saturday or Sunday deliveries. Five Day advance notice required to qualify. Offers can change at any time and is subject to availability while supplies last.

Rent a GPS from Kemwel in 3 easy steps:

  1. After completing your car rental booking, submit our GPS request form and wait for email confirmation.
  2. Receive your GPS rental at your home prior to departing for your trip.
  3. Send the GPS rental back when you return from your trip.

Call 877-820-0668 or book your GPS rental online today! Visit our current specials page to find the best deals on GPS rentals for Europe travel and worldwide. Many assume they can rely on their cellphones to navigate through the winding roads of Europe. All too often they find themselves lost when their cellphone coverage cuts out and come home to astronomical phone bills. 

Rent a GPS with Kemwel and you won't get stuck paying high rates at the pick up desk! Our price, including shipping, will be far less expensive than GPS add-on options from local car rental suppliers. You won't be charged any GPS one way fees with Kemwel either, and our low-cost insurance option can save you hundreds in the event of lost or damaged equipment.


    Kemwel GPS Map Coverage

    Here are the locations within Europe and North America currently covered by our GPS Units:
    Europe GPS Rentals CoverageNorth America GPS Rentals Coverage

    Use Your GPS Rental to Take the European Road Trip of Your Dreams!

    Kemwel offers the best rates on cheap car rentals in Europe and worldwide! Make this the time you finally visit all the European locations you've always dreamed of. There's no better way to take in the sights at your own pace than with a cheap vehicle rental in Europe with Kemwel.

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