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Mallorca attributes lack of British tourists to hotel closure

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Original date of publication: August 13, 2020

Kemwel - Recent UK quarantine measures in response to escalating COVID-19 cases in Spain have reportedly ravaged the Balearic island tourism industry, not only in terms of Mallorca car rentals with Kemwel but also hotel bookings in Spain. Case in point: the acclaimed Fergus Style Soller Beach hotel in Mallorca will reportedly shut down for the summer because of the shortage of British holidaymakers.

"Due to the latest COVID-19 measures taken by the British Government, we have no choice but to close the hotel this season,” said a hotel spokesperson in a recent statement.

Earlier this summer, Spaniards were able to travel to the UK without going through mandatory quarantine. However, as of July 25, Spain is no longer an exempt based on a resurgence of COVID-19 transmissions. Now, Spanish citizens must go through a 14-day quarantine upon arriving, which Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez called "unjust" although total cases exceeded 25,900 this past week compared to 8,272 the week prior. Despite enacting various sanitation, health and security provisions with "enthusiasm and desire," Balearic hospitality officials are rather dismayed over the British legislation.

'We are devastated and we know that many of you will be too,” said Maria Frontera, the head of the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation. “We hope you all keep safe, positive and looking forward to come as soon as things get better, if not this year, the next one."

If this four-star hotel in Puerto de Soller won’t be opening until February 2021, we at Kemwel can only imagine how long it’s going to take to revamp our network of Spain car rentals in the Balearic Islands.

Why aren't the British traveling to Mallorca this summer?

As reported by TravelMole, an estimated 90 percent of British reservations have been scrapped once the UK revised its policy. Other sources claim that total occupancy at the Fergus Style Soller Beach hotel won't exceed 34 percent while foreigners continue to cancel reservations daily.

Not able to compete with "COVID-friendly" Greece and Turkey within the British travel corridor, more Spanish hoteliers will likely close their doors for the rest of the season. Others are remaining optimistic that the British will gradually come during the cold months.

"We trust that the quarantine will be reversed so that the tourist activity, which had been restarted, with encouraging results, can be reactivated for the winter campaign," said tourism councillor José Gregorio Martín Plata in Costa del Sol where approximately 90 percent of British reservations have been axed.

While Spain enforced one of the world’s strictest lockdowns in the spring, it’s currently grappling with over 500 outbreak clusters throughout the nation, hence no British tourists flying into Mallorca Airport and ongoing travel regulations. Meanwhile, transmissions rates have been lower in the Balearic and Canary islands with approximately 5,000 accumulative cases between them. Both have also proposed exemptions from the UK travel ban based on fewer cases compared to mainland Spain.