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Original date of publication: August 31, 2020

Rent a Car in Portugal

Portugal releases new travel insurance plans as rising COVID-19 cases threaten its placement in UK travel corridor

Kemwel - As Portugal is one of our most frequented car rental destinations affected by COVID-19, travelers thinking about renting in Lisbon or leasing a vehicle in Porto can expect some positive changes regarding worst-case-scenario travel insurance. That’s to say, Portugal recently announced a whole new set of insurance policies for international travelers as the nation of over 10.28 million tries to stay off of the United Kingdom “quarantine list.”

Is Portugal on the UK quarantine list?

Current data is showing that Portugal has once again surpassed the acceptable 20 cases per 100,000 people threshold in accordance with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). What this means is the FCO has enforced UK citizens to quarantine for two weeks once returning from countries with higher rates, such as Portugal with 21.1 cases per 100,000 people. Despite recent success coming back on the list, the average number of coronavirus cases rose within the seven days leading up to August 30 compared to 19.4 on August 29.

Still without any official FCO response, car rental companies, hotels and other businesses in tourist hubs like Algarve are reportedly in panic-mode as the seven-day rate has yet to decline. Since British vacationers represent the bulk of international tourists in Portugal, however, the country recently premiered novel insurance packages to essentially provide extra reassurance to travelers, including car renters! This way, British holidaymakers in particular can be less worried about isolating for 14 days upon returning back to the UK.

New COVID-19 travel insurance in Portugal

For those hoping to rent a car in Lisbon or embark on a road trip from Porto to Coimbra, this new initiative coordinated by RNA Seguros de Assistência (Assistance Insurance) strives to provide travelers with COVID-19-specific protections. The travel insurance company supported by the national tourism board, VisitPortugal, led this effort to instill trust in prospective tourists. If all goes according to plan, Portugal will remain within the UK travel corridor and sustain the industry, at least for the time being.

With rates beginning at €37.20 (US$44.38) newcomers to Portugal can purchase various types of plans to have comprehensive coverage and unlimited access for any unforeseen circumstances, not to mention peace of mind while traveling abroad. This entails airline refunds in case of cancellations or delays, which will be exceptionally useful in case you’re intending to coordinate a Portugal car rental from the Lisbon Portela Airport or Porto Airport.

“We are all adapting to the ‘new normal’ and for tourists to have guarantees of a smooth trip is essential at this time,” said VisitPortugal Director Celina Tavares. “Thus, our insurance provides for special coverage related to an event derived from COVID-19 and has the purpose of guaranteeing more peace of mind to those who have a scheduled trip to Portugal.”

Unlimited access to tourism assistance

Under this falls everything from general health advice to online consultations. Doctors can even come to a hotel or tourist resort, depending on the situation of course. Along those lines, travelers will have access to information about nearby hospitals, clinics and professionals, plus the ability to request urgent medications. For worst case scenarios, this level of protection also ensures lost luggage assistance as well as emergency transportation services to hospitals plus potential repatriation back to the country of origin.

Coverage for unforeseen circumstances

In case of COVID-19 complications, this stipulation ensures that medical, surgical, pharmaceutical as well as hospital costs will be covered in Portugal, including follow-ups for hospitalizations with transportation and accommodation. This even includes return tickets home and repatriation to the point of origin in case of injury or death. Other features are hotel extensions, childcare, plus help in case your passports or identification cards go missing in Portugal.

Safety and reassurance

Ultimately, quality reassurance lays at the center of this new campaign to assist Portugal is maintaining its travel industry. In line with this also comes affordability for various rates. For example, plans for up to 10 days cost €37.20 per person. After that, between 10 and 15 days will cost €43.20 per person. Following suit, 16 to 30 days for 48.20 per person and 30 to 60 days for € 65.20., according to the official website.