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Date of publication: September 28, 2020

Health, safety, cleanliness; nowadays these are words that travelers want to hear before renting or entering any car hire, whether that be a van rental from London Heathrow Airport or hopping in an Uber. As health concerns and social distancing guidelines dissuade many to travel by air, we at Kemwel are pleased to announce that car rentals are quickly becoming the preferred mode of transport in today’s COVID world.

Road trips over plane rides

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Kemwel - While flying first-class won’t be going away anytime soon, our car rental partner Enterprise recently conducted a “Renter Sentiment” survey showcasing Americans paradigm shift towards “safe travel” where more people felt comfortable driving over flying.

Between April and May of 2020, approximately six out of 10 people from the survey deemed car rentals to be the safest form of travel amid COVID where flights permit passenger loads of up to 15 percent and airports are eerily empty. The number came out to about 59 percent of respondents specifically choosing rental cars over airfare, ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft, taxis, not to mention public transportation. Here’s the breakdown, according to Travel Pulse:

  • Airfare: 59 percent
  • Ride-hailing apps: 13 percent
  • Taxi: 8 percent
  • Public Transport:6 percent

This COVID safety development comes after Enterprise implemented heightened sanitation measures as part of the “Complete Clean Pledge” for the safety of their employees and customers. Many of the estimated 42.5 million Americans who traveled over Memorial Day weekend earlier this month surely appreciated the boost in confidence.

New sanitation procedures at Enterprise Rent a Car

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Perhaps you have seen the recent YouTube ads but Enterprise has revamped its car sanitation procedures in hopes of achieving higher levels of trust and reliability during COVID. This is part of Enterprise’s novel “Complete Clean Pledge” for various portfolio brands including Enterprise-Rent-a-Car, National Car Rental, as well as Alamo Rent a Car, to assure travelers that the company is taking health and safety precautions in curbing the virus. Along those lines, Enterprise employers have even received new training aligned with the U.S. Travel Association’s “Travel in the New Normal”guidelines for improved procedures within vehicles, shuttles, plus branch locations.

How does Enterprise clean vehicles?

Part of this new COVID safety relief effort in embracing the “new normal” entails that every Enterprise rental unit receives a thorough clean between each lease aligned with current health regulations and best practices. This includes major washing, vacuuming, full wipe down, as well as a deep sanitation with a strong disinfectant, especially at 20 “high-touch” points such as steering wheel, door handles, shift stick, mirrors, etc.

Not only does this new standard apply to Enterprise car rentals but also shuttle buses where only a limited number of passengers can enter at any given time with one-way entries and exits. Employees have also applied higher levels of diligence at various branch locations where surfaces are regularly being disinfected.